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While maintaining a skincare routine can be a fun way to pamper oneself, there is no denying that doing so can cost quite a fortune. We don’t use just one product now, do we? We layer creams that promise different results, and often, the really effective ones can come with a hefty price tag. Plus, we’ve heard dermatologists’ warnings about using too many products on our skin.

A practical way to get around this is to use those that are multi-purposed: a moisturizer that also shields you from the sun, or a serum that repairs the skin as well as keeps it from aging. But would you believe us when we say that you could have all in one product? That is exactly what 37 Actives is all about. It serves as a moisturizer, serum and repair cream all in one, corrects aging skin and protects it from any future damage. At a time when actives are making their appearance in the market, you can top them all with 37 Actives, which uses 50 of the best anti-aging ingredients and does not rely on toxic preservatives.

The creator behind the game changing product

The brain behind 37 Actives is a doctor, a scientist, and a full-fledged overachiever that goes by the name of Macrene Alexiades. Dr. Macrene has three degrees from Harvard University, holds a rare Double-Board Certification in both the United States and in Europe, is an assistant clinical professor at Yale University School of Medicine, and is an attending at New Haven Hospital and West Haven VA Hospital of Yale University, as well as Lenox Hill Hospital. For a time, she was a dermatologist and a skin care expert for L’Oreal as well as Lancôme USA, leaving a legacy with the acne skin care line she developed for the former. Her record also boasts of being published multiple times in scientific journals. Later on in her career, Dr. Macrene started her own skincare research company she called NY Derm.

Practicing dermatology in Manhattan, she often heard complaints from patients that it was hard to keep up with the new regiments that are hitting the market. She was also concerned at the toxic preservatives that they had to apply by layering solutions. Urged by family and friends, Dr. Macrene developed a product that is all-in-one and free of toxins, and she was in a good position to do so because she is both a dermatologist and a scientist that studied cells, a Derm-Scientist® if you will (yes, she has patented the term). This is important because doctors sometimes rely on solutions that don’t do significant work, and scientists formulate creams that can have irritating ingredients. The work of Nobel Prize awardees Drs. Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar on DNA repair molecules guided Dr. Macrene in her formulation of 37 Actives.

Her work boded well for her and her practice as it has resulted in recognition through inclusion in the Best Doctors List in NY Mag and a Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, which is reportedly given out to only 100 people a year. It also became a solution readily embraced by customers who are tired of trying out multiple products to repair their skin.

An all-in-one product proven to work

Dr Macrene 37 Actives Anti-aging Cream

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Dr. Macrene truly raised the bar with 37 Actives, creating a product that can replace cleansers, serums, creams, moisturizers and lip treatments, removing the need to layer multiple treatments. It addresses a myriad of skin concerns, from age spots to blotchy skin, and dry skin to wrinkles. The work does not stop at repairing, however—37 Actives doubly functions as protection from further skin damage, maintaining the skin even after it has healed.

Backed by scientific research, 37 Actives claims to be very potent too, as its antioxidant activity is still at its prime six months after opening the container and three years after the date of manufacture.

Care for your skin without feeling guilty

A point of pride for 37 Actives is its being environmentally friendly. All its ingredients are sourced locally, in the United States, and are USDA-certified. As opposed to other skin products, it doesn’t rely on toxic preservatives, opting mainly for plant-based alternatives.  Dr. Macrene says that her creation is the only product that is free of paraben, animal-derived substances, plastics, propylene glycol, talc and sulfates. Even the jar it comes in is designed to prevent waste. The packaging is made out of recyclable glass jar as well as paperboard.

Undergone rigorous testing to prove its potency

Dr. Macrene and 37 Actives made the record of being the first of its kind to undergo post-market testing. Besides the actives remaining 100% powerful six months after opening the jar, third party tests also show significant improvement on patients with certain skin problems. The studies show that it has resolved acne, redness, pigmented skin, sun damage, wrinkles and all other signs of aging during weeks of continuous use. What’s even special is that there has been no indication of irritation on the different types of skin that have been tested, proving that it is effective across the board.

Dr. Macrene really came up with a powerhouse in 37 Actives, shortening the amount of time allotted on skincare routines and reducing the money spent to solve skin-related concerns. The all-around product is proudly made in the US, too, and is completely safe both on your skin and for the environment.  She advices though that the product be used daily, as with all other skincare solutions, for the effects to be long-term.

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