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Everyday our skin is exposed to different environmental conditions like intense heat from the sun, abrasions, pollution and detergents that can irritate the skin. These causes a breakout and even weakens the structure of our skin. Therefore, it is imperative that we develop a consistent skin care routine. However, no matter how much we try to take care of our skin it still becomes vulnerable to damage with today’s weather and varying environmental condition. We need something more helpful so that our skin is able to face these challenges.

Achieving a good looking skin may mean pampering ourselves with the most luxurious skin care product we can find in the market. We always have to trust the experts and that corresponds to getting the best and well-researched brand available like the 111SKIN.

Dr. Alexandrines’ brainchild

Dr. Alexandrines - Founder of 111skin

Photo: Courtesy of 111SKIN

111SKIN is a luxury skin care brand established in Harley Street. It was founded by a brilliant plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexandrines, a man with an extensive surgical knowledge and backed up by excellent team of professionals. The idea for 111SKIN rooted from the doctor’s deep concern for his patients who keep on complaining. The common issue is that some of the skincare products they use were too harsh for their delicate skin after undergoing a treatment. Since then, Dr. Alexandrines dedicated his time on research and development of a skincare product that would address his patients’ skin care issues.

Through his arduous research, the doctor found out that the skin is more susceptible to damage and ageing when in space. Such discovery led Dr. Alexandrines to collaborate with space scientists to help him create a product that would be able to hold up and counter extreme environmental conditions. At the same time, the formula should also help improve an astronaut’s well-being while in a mission in space.

NAC Y² formula—a space serum and 111SKIN’s success

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Through hard work and perseverance, plus a lot of research and experimentation, the NAC Y² formula was born. The cool thing about this formula? It battles the ageing process and effectively reverse the damage made to the skin. The NAC Y² formula consists of a key ingredient especially created for astronauts so that they can stand up against extreme conditions that hastens ageing when in space.

It also offers protection from everyday exposure to pollution, heat and even stress—elements that prompt the fast aging of skin cells. Dr. Alexandrines started applying this serum to his patients in just small amounts. Surprisingly, the demand for the flagship serum skyrocketed because of the positive results it had on the patients. It even became known as the “Dramatic Healing Serum”, which resulted to several retailers requesting Dr. Alexandrines to make a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products based on the composition of the NAC Y² formula.

High-end products for a youthful skin and beyond

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This started the journey of 111SKIN, a brand committed to its clients’ skin healing and vibrantly beautiful complexion, yet at the same time giving it a maximum protection from environmental damages. The success of NAC Y² formula led to the creation of 111SKIN’s high-end collection. The line combats the ageing process, repairs and heals any damages made to the skin.

Its ingredients effectively strengthen the skin’s outer layer, heal and stop further damage, protect and maintain its glow, and lastly, stimulate and enhance the skin regeneration process, which ultimately slows down ageing. To target specific concerns and issues of the skin, 111SKIN released their items in four collections: Intensive, Reparative, Regenerative, and Clarity.


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The collection’s highlight is the Celestial Black Diamond, a result of groundbreaking research from the brand’s medical team. This line consists of black a diamond, a very rare earth mineral that enters the layer of the dermis and prevents ageing and promotes skin regeneration.


Developed from the original Dramatic Healing Serum, the collection works its incredible power to scars and repairs skin tone damage. With its effects spanning beyond just skin healing, the brand created other items under the collection that give a plump skin, a revitalzied complexion, and an overall youthful glow. This collection is suitable for all skin types.


The Regenerative is the only collection that provides the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy, a medical procedure that lessens soreness and restores the skin. It was specifically created by 111SKIN to sculpt, tighten and tone the skin, the same effects one would get from the real cryotherapy, but for just a portion of the price and in the comfort of one’s home.


Clarity is a collection of skincare regimen that boosts and promotes a healthy radiant skin complexion that is almost, if not entirely, perfect. The line offers a comprehensive skin care routine that makes the skin flawless, refined and clear. Like this medical breakthrough, the brand offers skin care products with cutting edge ingredients and were made through advanced cosmetic manufacturing process. to provide the market with products that can counter in-clinic treatments at home.

111SKIN truly understands the importance of having a beautiful skin, and it is dedicated to give its clients the perfect regimen tailored to meet their skin needs. It goes without saying that 111SKIN is one of the most trusted brand nowadays when it comes to skincare. Celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, Mary Greenwell, Kirsten Dunst, Priyanka Chopra and many others have been amazed by the result it had made on their skin. So if you’re looking for a skin brand, 111SKIN should be on the top of your list.

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