Top 7 Balenciaga Men’s Casual Shirts in 2018

Top 7 Simple Yet Luxurious Balenciaga Men’s Casual Shirts

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When you put a man and a woman’s closets side by side, we can see a huge difference in a lot of aspects. For one, the space probably differs with a man significantly having a smaller one, and the amount of clothes are probably overflowing in a woman’s closet.

For whatever reason, men just have it easy when it comes to fashion. Pick any two clothes that make a set of top and bottom, and they will almost always go together. The key, it seems, is in having staples: polo shirts, basic t-shirts, suits, and the coveted casual shirts. When it comes to uniform dressing, the last one definitely fits the category the most. It suits almost every kind of occasion when others are limited by their formality or informality. In your next shopping spree, create a collection of these Balenciaga shirts, so your classic jeans and trousers will have new stylish pairings.

  1. Balenciaga Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Twill Shirt

Balenciaga Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Twill Shirt

Price: US$595.00
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When you’re aiming for a casual shirt that could go with most if not all of your bottoms, steer clear of the ones that involve super trendy designs. This black button-down shirt with discreet white logo prints can be considered a classic that you can wear over and over again.

  1.  Balenciaga Bal Profile Collar Shirt

Balenciaga Bal Profile Collar Shirt

Price: US$525.00
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We can notice how quickly this generation is maturing and one of the best ways in expressing that is through fashion. For men, dad styles are quickly becoming the norm, and this pinstriped Bal Profile shirt, which then would just be an office top, can now take its place as a regular going-out shirt.

  1. Balenciaga Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Balenciaga Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Price: US$495.00
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Getting tops that go with a lot of your bottoms doesn’t necessarily mean just get ones with drab colors. You can still incorporate a pop of color every once in a while. Maybe this bold red version of Balenciaga’s classic button-down could do you a favor in making yourself be seen. And the short sleeves can be an even more casual option if you’re not up for long-sleeved shirts.

  1.  Balenciaga All Over shirt

Balenciaga All Over shirt

Price: US$615.00
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The All Over shirt calls for a modern twist on the traditional look of Balenciaga’s signature logo shirt. If that included white patterned label, this blue font makes it more hidden from afar, and therefore make a silent statement when viewed up close.

  1. Balenciaga Slim-Fit Stretch Cotton-Blend Poplin Shirt

Balenciaga Slim-Fit Stretch Cotton-Blend Poplin Shirt

Price: US$350.00
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What man wouldn’t have a crisp white button-down shirt? In this day and age, it’s as much a necessity as a pair of black trousers is, not only because they go together as a time-honored professional outfit, but the white shirt is the most versatile piece a man could own. Not only that, Balenciaga’s shirt includes modern styles like a thinner cuff, removable collar stays, and a tapered seam at the back for a flattering slim fit.

  1.  Balenciaga Extreme Hem shirt

Balenciaga Extreme Hem shirt

Price: US$345.00
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Smooth cotton blend, refreshing sky blue color, and an expertly-tailored fit: this dress shirt alone brings a clean and fresh vibe that is so satisfying to see in a man. It’s always nice to see someone take time to fix themselves up and this shirt only really requires quick ironing to nail it.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Twill Shirt

Balenciaga Oversized Button-Down Collar Printed Cotton-Twill Shirt

Price: US$595.00
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The fit dictates whether a shirt can be apt for casual or formal events. In many cases, dress shirts can be used for both, but this staple Balenciaga logo shirt with an oversized fit is more suitable for date nights and other situations where you want to dress up but toned down a bit.

For a man, it’s wiser to stick to the basic vocabulary of men’s clothing than to branch out to different styles because dressing is so much easier and faster that way. Also, it’s lucky that you can get away with wearing it multiple times without self-consciousness about repeating an outfit. Polos, for the longest time, have been staples in men’s closets and if you haven’t had a collection yet, Balenciaga is the best place to start.

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