4 Must-have Balenciaga Black Leather Jackets for Men in 2018

4 Must-have Balenciaga Black Leather Jackets for Men

There’s a reason the leather jacket is so deeply ingrained in the culture of rock n roll. Do we even have to elaborate? If we unearth all the pictures of the most famous rock stars wearing their favorite staple from the ‘50s up to the present, we’d have enough to fill up a whole museum dedicated just for it.

All the grungiest references in history probably had to do with the popularity of the jacket and its tough reputation among men and women alike. Nowadays, though, we’d see it everywhere from your local indie band gigs, the streets to high fashion runways. That says a lot about what it has become, and if you’re not sure where to start, these Balenciaga leather jackets will hint at your need for them.

  1. Balenciaga Printed Shearling Bomber Jacket

Balenciaga Printed Shearling Bomber Jacket

Price: US$4,500.00
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Shearling lining. If not for the shiny exterior, that should be enough to tempt you. First and foremost, jackets are made specifically for warmth and this jacket certainly lives up to its purpose. It overlaps the hem to make a cool popping element, and the same material graces the collar with a logo printed on it.

  1. Balenciaga Printed Leather Biker Jacket

Balenciaga Printed Leather Biker Jacket

Price: US$4,900.00
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Leather jackets and buckles go together like bread and butter. With a printed logo down the right sleeve and a signature creased leather material, this is definitely a Balenciaga creation that only gets better with age, which is the intention of creative director Demna Gvasalia.

  1.  Balenciaga Sheen leather jacket

Balenciaga Sheen leather jacket

Price: US$2,700.00
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This goes to show that leather jackets can be designed in such a way that makes it look more formal and professional than its usual grungy look. The Sheen jacket, with its shiny calf leather and notched lapel collar, makes a case for men to wear leather when they want to make a good impression and not just to look like a bad boy chick magnet.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized Printed Leather Biker Jacket

Balenciaga Oversized Printed Leather Biker Jacket

Price: US$4,690.00
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When leather jackets are known to be more snug and slim-fitting, this oversized jacket will set it apart from the rest in your wardrobe. It allows more room for other layers of clothing and has a quilted lining to keep up the structure. It has the same buckle and hardware elements and a graffiti-inspired logo at the back as a biker jacket normally does.

Winter’s ending, but there’s never really a better time to wear a leather jacket than fall or during transition period, which we’re just going into. These jackets are versatile enough to either be pared down with a slouchy, oversized graphic tee or dressed up with a shirt. Also, quality and longevity won’t be a cause for worry because knowing Balenciaga, those are just as much a priority as style and design.

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