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Adidas Superstar Review

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Adidas Superstar Sneakers
Adidas Superstar Review
We love the Adidas Superstar for its timeless design that looks great all-around. You can pair them with almost anything and still end up stylish. Want to wear them everyday, everywhere? No problemo, as the sneakers are very comfortable and have space for some toe wiggling. Grab yours as soon as you can though; with the affordable price tag and the classic design, stocks usually run out.
Value for Money

The Adidas Superstar needs no introduction. They’re ubiquitous that the mention of the name automatically conjures to mind the shoes that are distinguished by their stripes and shell toes. While it was originally designed to be used on the hard court and was the first to feature an all-leather upper, the Superstar grew to become among the most beloved lifestyle shoes around, found on the feet of the most famous of celebrities even. The appeal has fluctuated since its inception, but we find that the classic shoes are sought every after few years or so. From the feet of basketball legends and groundbreaking rap stars all the way right on yours, the Adidas Superstar is among the most iconic of shoes you can ever have, especially with the toe and the stand out three-striped exterior.

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Release date: 1969
Price: US$75 – $110


We’ll say it right away, the Adidas Superstar is a classic. The appearance may not strike you as attention-grabbing, but the design is sleek and neat that you can easily pair it with anything. Plus, if history is any proof, the shoes are the kind that will just never go out of style, and can be worn by both sexes. They reportedly can be sported for a very long time due to them being very durable; pairs often last for as long as two to three years with rigorous use.

Another plus for the sneakers that make them beloved shoes everywhere is that they offer great comfort, just what you need from a pair that you would want to wear everyday. The materials used are noted for their softness and breathability, making them shoes you would want to be in all day. If you’re the type to walk leisurely for long periods of time, then this is especially ideal because of the reliable cushioning and snug fit, and the shell toes offer enough space so there wouldn’t be any pinching toes. No need to worry if you’re about to wear them fresh from the box as there is little to no need for breaking in. The price is especially attractive; you can have a classic pair of sneakers without burning a hole in your pocket.


We’ve noted the sleek appearance of the Superstar, but while it is a classic, it is a shoe that would not appeal to everyone, especially those who like a louder design. For those who like to be a little more unique when it comes to their choices, the Adidas Superstar may not be the best bet as they’re spotted everywhere. Also, there have been complaints that they just weren’t made as durable back in the day and that they aren’t easy to find; the common sizes are usually sold out. While originally made for ball, the shoes do not provide adequate support for playing. Other sneakers are better designed for athletes.

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