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Air Jordan 9 Retro Review

Air Jordan 9 Retro Sneakers Review

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Air Jordan 9 Retro Sneakers Review
Air Jordan 9 Retro Review
While the Air Jordan 9 Retro will easily gain you the envy of your friends for its top look, the material of the shoes does not complement it—the shoes feel rather cheap despite the premium appearance. But its redeeming qualities include enough support and comfort. However, we don’t think it justifies the price, though. If you’re looking to find shoes for sports, there are plenty better options with more updated technology and a more reasonable price.
Value for Money

It may have his name on it, but Michael Jordan never wore an Air Jordan 9 on the court. Instead, it has the distinction of being the very first Air Jordan that was released in the market after MJ first announced that he will be retiring from the NBA. Designed by Tinker Hatfield during the brief time MJ played baseball,  the Air Jordan 9 takes after some of the characteristics of the cleats Jordan wore, which is why it is slightly different in appearance compared to other pairs launched by the line.

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Release Date: November 2012
Price: US$175.00

The Air Jordan 9 Retro, released during the latter half of 2012, recaptures the magic of the iconic shoes with a more interesting colorway.


The first thing you’ll notice about the kicks is also the first that will draw you into it—the Air Jordan 9 Retro is very eye-catching, directing everyone downwards to view it in all its glory when worn. We cannot be blamed for that, though—the contrasting combination of black, metallic gold and white is absolutely stately.

The Air Jordan 9 Retro features the same traction surface that has been used on other models, which means that it has just about the same amount of mobility which is a plus. The cushion may feel a tad rough when breaking in. It isn’t the best among the Air Jordans, but eventually it eases up and feels responsive and bouncy, especially right at the heel. Even though the Air Jordan 9 Retro relies on a technology that has been used for more than two decades now, the pair still is still remarkable for its support and still feel fantastic. It is also comfortable around the feet, especially with the inner bootie.


The Air Jordan 9 Retro’s material could be improved as it feels a little cheap and clunky compared to the other models. In totality, it provides adequate support, but the shoes do not feel as if the materials are going to hold up in the long run, so it might not be the best shoes to use out at the court. The outsoles are also noted to be the first to give out.

While the inner bootie feels cozy on the feet, the shoes can still be a bit uncomfortable because of a little pinching sensation at the sides and on the forefoot. It might be a good idea to get a slightly bigger size than what you usually go by to avoid pain and blisters.

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