A Beauty Glam Must-Have: 7 Most Luxurious Light-Up Makeup Mirrors


We’ve all had that one experience when you’ve glammed up for an event, putting on your full makeup in front of your regular vanity mirror and then finding out later that you actually look like a kid did your makeup. What a shame, right? But believe us, it’s not your makeup skills—it’s mainly your lighting’s fault that this happens…and you could easily prevent it from happening again.

Your makeup application’s friend is natural lighting. When you’re in a dim room, creating a naturally gorgeous makeup look can be quite difficult.  But thank goodness for light-up mirrors! You’ve seen them in TV shows’ backstage, behind-the-scenes in fashion shows, and on celebrities’ glam rooms. But what if we tell you that you can have that celeb/model/professional makeup artist experience at the comfort of your own home? That would be awesome, right?

Most-Luxurious-Light-Up-Makeup-Mirrors-2 Most-Luxurious-Light-Up-Makeup-Mirrors

Say buh-bye to those clown-looking makeup mistakes and hello to the perfect makeup looks that will leave jaws dropping and hearts falling… for you. Do yourself a favor and take a pick from these Luxurious Light-Up Makeup Mirrors.

Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Light Tabletops ($289.99)


Buy: $289.99

Only a gorgeous-looking makeup mirror like this one could ever pass up for a make-up artist’s vanity mirror. Chende created this mirror with a sleek round shape that wins the aesthetic category. But aside from that, it has LED bulbs with 2 extra pieces—and its brightness can be changed with a switch. If you’re need to juice up your gadget while putting on makeup, this one got you covered with an outlet installed on the side of it. Isn’t that fantastic?

White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror ($402.85)


Buy: $402.85

If what you’re needing is the perfect lighting for your makeup application (and let’s admit it, selfies too), then White Vanity Girl’s Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror is the perfect mirror you can add to your makeup room. It is attached with a total of 13 large bulbs of top notch quality, a perfect addition to the gorgeous-looking mirror. The white light that the bulbs give off have that perfect softness in it that flatter the face and making it easy to see how your face actually looks after putting on makeup products.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror 8″ Round ($200)

SimpleHuman-Sensor-Mirror-Round SimpleHuman-Sensor-Mirror-Round-1

Buy: $200.00

Your first priority when putting on makeup is to find natural sunlight to achieve makeup perfection. But if that can’t be possible, you should have SimpleHuman’s Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror is the perfect alternative to give you that natural light with its Tru-Lux Light System, an exclusive technology patented for the brand. With this mirror, you’re assured of no makeup mishaps when you step out of the door.

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror ($34.90)


Buy: $34.90

If you aren’t too comfortable using just one lighting mode, Jerdon gives you more options with its Lighted Makeup Mirror. Although quite smaller than your average vanity mirror, this one is two-sided, which gives 5x magnification. As for the lighting options, the settings give you 4 choices for home, office, day and evening, that wouldn’t disappoint with their proven accuracy.

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror ($195)


Buy: $195.00

If you need a light-up mirror for your workplace or your car, Glamcor’s thin mirror is the perfect product for you. Aptly named Skinny Mirror, this one is surely much thinner than your laptop—maybe even your iPad—which doesn’t take away from its functionality as a light-up mirror. It has LED lights that has 5 levels of brightness, the maximum one giving you an ultra-bright shine. Here are some bonuses: mini-mirror that magnifies and a phone mount for beauty vloggers.

Absolutely Lush Lighted Makeup Mirror ($26.93)


Buy: $26.93

Another two-fold mirror in this list, this Lighted Makeup Mirror by Absolutely Lush is a sleek-looking mirror that will impress you. It was manufactured well, with an attachable base that you can use when setting the mirror up on a table, or opt not to add when you will transport the mirror with you. The light that outlines the central mirror adds an apt light that’s perfect for your glow up any time of the day.

ReignCharm 6-Smart LED Light Bulbs Hollywood Vanity Mirror ($399)

ReignCharm-6-Smart-LED-Light-Bulbs-Hollywood-Vanity-Mirror ReignCharm-6-Smart-LED-Light-Bulbs-Hollywood-Vanity-Mirror-1

Buy: $399.00

If you want that old-school Hollywood vibe mixed with modern tech, ReignCharm’s vanity mirror is the way to go. This contains a total of six Smart LED Light Bulbs that are arranged just like how Hollywood mirrors are designed, but the surprise comes in the light settings of the bulbs. Out of 4 settings, the most surprising would be the “Strobe light”, which can never be complete without some music right? ReignCharm got that covered too, with the Bluetooth speakers added on to the mirror. Ah, what a treat!

We hope we satisfied your inner makeup-artist glam feels, with this wonderful selection of luxurious mirrors you can use daily. After all, we are all rooting for perfect makeup application, no matter what look we prefer. So next time you’ll worry about looking like an amateur, turn up the brightness of your light-up vanity mirror and slay that makeup game.


Image credits: Unsplash, Chende, Vanity Girl Hollywood, Simple Human, Beth Bath & Beyond, Makeup Kitz, Beautylish, eBay, ReignCharm.

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