8 of the Best High-End Shampoo Bars You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019


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It’s high time for everyone to be more mindful of taking care of the environment. Even in the beauty world, we’ve seen a lot of efforts directed towards caring for nature or at least trying not to contribute to its further deterioration. Packaging is a huge part in this endeavor, especially because it is composed mostly of plastics that aren’t often recycled. And with plastic pollution increasing hugely each year, it’s imperative that we do our part in trying to help lessen it in any way we can.

Shampoo bottles, being a significant part of the plastic problem, is actually something we can immediately resolve. We know we’ve all grown accustomed to those fancy bottles in all sizes that pumps out our favorite hair shampoo, but an alternative to what we’re used to can make a difference for the environment. Shampoo bars aren’t that much popular, but their fame is rising, especially as people see the practicality they bring, as well as less impact to the environment.


Ready to do some changes to help the environment? You’re just one decision away from doing that—and to help you, we’ve listed out the best high-end shampoo bars you shouldn’t miss.

Lush Avocado Co-Wash ($15.95)


Avocados aren’t only meant for toasts, millennials! They’re great for the skin and your hair, too. Hence, Lush created a shampoo bar containing the benefits of the avocado to your hair and that gorgeous green hue as well. From cleansing, restoration and nourishment to taming frizz and defining curls, the Avocado Co-Wash got your back.

Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar ($22)


Christophe Robin incorporated a mix of glycerine, aloe, and castor oil that works wonders in your driest hair season ever. It cleanses gently but effectively, and it can be dual purpose too—it can serve as a body soap as well.

Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar ($19)


Not only would you contribute less plastic to the earth, but you’ll also have a healthy lather on your locks with Chagrin Valley’s Shampoo Bar. Made from natural ingredients this shampoo bar is totally safe for your hair, plus you’ll have a variety of options to choose from, from Ayurvedic Herb to coffee and marshmallow.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Clay Shampoo Bar ($9.99)


A vital part of shampoo-ing is taking out the gunk buildup on the scalp, and Shea Moisture ensures that it’s well performed through this shampoo bar. The Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing bar is clay-based, making it perfect for gentle exfoliation without drying out your scalp. It keeps the moisture in and the dirt out.

Lush #BeCrueltyFree Shampoo Bar ($11.95)


Another item from one of the OG brands in the shampoo bar department is the #BeCrueltyFree Shampoo Bar. Lush created this best-selling bar for charity, with a part of its proceeds going to a campaign against animal testing. Since it’s from Lush, you’re assured of its quality, for sure.

Friendly Soap Natural Shampoo Bar Lavender & Geranium ($7.51)


The deep conditioning offered by the Friendly Soap Natural Shampoo Bar comes from its key ingredient: castor oil. This bar creates such a beautiful lather on the head, complete with hydrating effects, and of course a wonderfully scented hair afterwards.

J.R. Liggett’s Tea Tree and Hemp Bar Shampoo ($7.49)


If you’re more into unscented products, J.R. Liggett‘s shampoo is right up on your alley. This Tea Tree and Hemp Bar would last like a 24 oz. bottle of shampoo would, and it performs excellently like it as well. It will get rid of oiliness in your scalp, thanks to its tea tree content.

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar ($15.50)


Ethique highlights the power of a bar by packing it with 3 bottles worth of liquid shampoo. It is also safe for colored hair and ensures that it keeps the oils in your scalp down to a minimum without removing the needed moisture from it.

By buying one of these shampoo bars, you’re not only able to do your part in saving the earth, but you’re also able to discover the wonders of new kinds of products. Who would’ve thought that these things can work like your usual shampoos, right? Go ahead and check them out so you can be amazed yourself.


Image credits: Little Miss Fii, Buzzfeed (Pinterest), Amazon, His & Hers Magazine, Friendly Soap, Skin So Deep, Lush, Rebecca Hale/National Georgraphic.

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