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7 Lovely And Adorable Anya Hindmarch Bags You Should Own in 2018

7 Extremely Lovely And Adorable Anya Hindmarch Women’s Bags

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On days when you’re hit with a bad case of stress and melancholy, instead of crying onto your pillow while lying in bed all day, try scouring the web for Anya Hindmarch’s bags. Trust us, you’ll be delighted. You’d probably be lying if you said pets and retail therapy don’t make instant pick-me-ups. Anya Hindmarch combined the two to make the most interesting and sweetest bags that, at the very least, will push up the edges of your lips into a grin, even if you haven’t done it for days.

If you need a little push, look through these 7 bags from Anya Hindmarch that will surely paint a smile on your face.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Mini Eyes backpack

ANYA HINDMARCH Mini Eyes backpack

Price: US$1,397.00
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Anya Hindmarch’s bags all have character; some figuratively, and others literally, like this shearling backpack. This reminds us of the backpacks we all used to have as kids that have bears and all kinds of stuffed toys attached at the back. The uncoordinated eyes make us swoon in adornment, but its neutral gray color and gold zip make it more suitable for us grown women who want to bring out the kid in us. The soft sheep skin material is just an extra indulgence.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Mini Orange Leather Fox bag

ANYA HINDMARCH Mini Orange Leather Fox bag

Price: US$695.00
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If you thought this was a bear, you’re not the only one. But the significantly more friendly and cute fox face also induces an “aww” reaction that we try hard not to sound. It has an orange leather material worn with the long shoulder strap so it could just sit nicely on your hip. You’re doing yourself a favor for adding a quiet charm to your outfit, but also everyone else’s for letting them see and appreciate such a piece.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH mini black leather fur Smiley cross body bag

ANYA HINDMARCH mini black leather fur Smiley cross body bag

Price: US$895.00
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If the first 2 bags failed to incite a smile on your face, this shoulder bag will do it for you. A furry and bright yellow smiley face pops out a bit from the black leather bag that slings from your shoulders and over your body. Its size provides a space just enough for your basic essentials, which is a call to take a little walk in the park. Maybe after wearing this out while passing through nature and cheerful people picnicking, you’d have a clearer mind to get back on track.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Shag Shop wool shopper

ANYA HINDMARCH Shag Shop wool shopper

Price: US$795.00
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Is it just us, or do you see that smirk? It’s like this bag has some evil, mischievous plan hiding behind its wool exterior; good for keeping prying hands away from your things. As part of Anya Hindmarch’s Resort 2018 collection, the ‘Shag Shop’ bag takes from her vintage inspirations, particularly shag carpets from the ’70s. It comes with a leather handle and shoulder strap that you can detach depending on your preference.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Stack leather tote

ANYA HINDMARCH Stack leather tote

Price: US$1,250.00
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Doesn’t this remind you of old-school lunchboxes? Only your favorite cartoon characters on the side are missing, but the color and the outer appearance nailed it, if not made it better. It’s crafted with soft leather and suede to fit your womanly clothes now that you’ve grown, and has spacious storage and plenty of pockets inside to fit your office supplies. Without fail, you’ll soon walk into your meeting looking businesswoman chic with a hint of girly charisma.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Extra Small Bathurst Heart Shoulder Bag with Leather and Suede

ANYA HINDMARCH Extra Small Bathurst Heart Shoulder Bag with Leather and Suede

Price: US$847.00
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Here’s a bag to let you remember the heart cutouts you used to make with colored papers. We all did this, whether for a school project or for our own afternoon entertainment. Now we see it manifested into Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Bathurst’ shoulder bag where a huge heart is holed through the fold-over enclosure and heart motifs are attached to the straps. The navy blue leather and suede tones it down a bit to still match our more mature personalities.

  1. ANYA HINDMARCH Rose Pink Bucket shoulder bag

ANYA HINDMARCH Rose Pink Bucket shoulder bag

Price: US$1,595.00
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It’s not everyday that we can walk out of the house with smiley faces or googly eyes attached on our bags. On days when you want to be discreet and in your incognito outfit, this rose pink shoulder bag blends you in with the crowd but still with a unique twist because of the heart-shaped opening. Nothing beats a delicately stunning detail.

Nostalgia can go both ways: it make you yearn for simpler times or happy in remembering those good days. Without doubt, Anya Hindmarch’s bags incite the latter, but also give you the chance to bring back some particulars from the past. Albeit looking different, in our opinion, they are better.

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