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7 Victoria Beckham Bags You Should Not Miss in 2018

Top 7 Luxurious Victoria Beckham Bags for Women in 2018

The final, contented glance at yourself in front of the mirror after dressing up in the morning is your first accomplishment of the day. For most of us though, that moment of bliss is followed by a frantic search for the right bag that completes everything. You pull out randomly from your closet and switch all of them in front of you as you try to take a pick, but nothing checks out. With no choice, you drag yourself to work with a less-than-perfect bag, and what you thought was going to be a good outfit day is ruined.

Don’t let that happen again. Check out these 7 options from Victoria Beckham‘s current roster of bags that you need to add in your collection for every occasion you can think of.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Vanity leather tote

VICTORIA BECKHAM Vanity leather tote

Price: US$1,910.00
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Inspired by the vanity cases of the ’50s, one of Victoria Beckham’s signature bags that continues to stand out this year is her boxy bag. It’s constructed with careful accuracy to exhibit what true modern vintage is, even going so far as to include an internal mirror in case of any makeup emergency you need to check while out and about. If not at a fancy event, strut this accessory when you enter the office looking your best for a more feminine suave.

  1. Victoria Beckham Black Small Simple Pouch

Victoria Beckham Black Small Simple Pouch

Price: US$345.00
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Have you ever felt frustrated at the fact that you don’t have a small enough bag or pouch for your basic essentials when you just want to get ice cream at the nearby store? We’ve all been there. That’s why it’s always handy to have a slim pouch such as Victoria Beckham’s Simple pouch that fits enough change and your phone for a quick snack run. It comes in small and large sizes depending on your needs.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM zip clutch bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM zip clutch bag

Price: US$556.00
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Lunch time at your town’s central business district is the best time to scout for fashionable office attires with plenty of employees walking around getting to their lunch meetings or just going out for a quick eat. You yourself at this time should be rocking your own office wear paired with a matching pouch that carries your needs. Sometimes it’s just a few bills and your phone, but when you need to bring your work in an iPad with you to lunch, Victoria Beckham made this color-blocked celadon and red zip handheld pouch to fit it in.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Leather Shoulder Bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: US$1,920.00
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Once in a while, you’re allowed a day of shopping at the mall. For such occasions, you need a small bag that represents your personality but at the same time fulfills its purpose. Another one of Victoria Beckham’s signature bags is her Half Moon Box Bag. Its name is derived from its shape of a boxed top and crescent bottom. Worn over your shoulder or arms, it’s a convenient and decent accessory to wear out to shopping.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Regiment Leather Shoulder Bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM Regiment Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: US$1,575.00
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In a slightly similar shape, the rounded Regiment shoulder bag, imitating a messenger bag with its dog clip closure, securely stores and grants easy access to your most important possessions. The black and green striped cotton strap is an offbeat detail that is attractive for its unsightly colors next to the brightness of the brown bag.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM relaxed oversized tote bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM relaxed oversized tote bag

Price: US$991.00
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Victoria Beckham was right to call this the Sunday bag; rightly fitting for its purpose as a weekend bag that you use while running Saturday errands or to bring to a slow Sunday stroll at the park. As if it wasn’t big enough, 4 collective pouches provide slip-in feature for your smaller items. It may be a part of the Pre Spring and Summer collection for this year, but be it winter, fall, spring, or summer, the mix of bright orange and a soft and slouchy nappa material makes it an all-year round bag.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM drawstring bucket bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM drawstring bucket bag

Price: US$2,321.00
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In your routinely walk at the park for some visual stimulation, seeing the same monotonous baskets and summer prints may incite a deeper creative block. Be your own inspiration with Victoria Beckham’s bucket bag that looks a tad bit different than everybody else’s. The designer applied one of the most effective creative strategies of reinvention as it featured a drawstring enclosure, but hides it with a structured exterior. The belt detail on top allows you to readjust it to imitate the drawstring on the exterior – quite clever but that makes the bag a much luxurious version of the typical bucket bag.

On your next work day, shopping marathon, walk in the park, or what have you, avoid the same panicky situation because of a lack of gorgeous bags. Instead, get yourself some before you completely lose all enthusiasm to dress up in fear of discomfort and the loss of self-confidence.

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