24 Black Loafers Worth Investing in 2018

7 Black Loafers Worth Investing for the Masculine Souls

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Black loafers are a must in any man’s collection, and that’s not a bold statement to make. Why won’t they be? They’re versatile, appropriate in even dressier occasions. Plus, black is a color that oozes power, mystery, sophistication, and thrusts masculinity, which is why it’s never out of fashion whatever the season may be. The color would never be absent in any man’s collection, especially for those who like to keep it to the essentials.

Read on for 24 black loafers that are worth every man’s investment.

  1.  Tod’s Leather Loafers with Shearling

Tod’s Leather Loafers with Shearling

Price: US$575.00
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Beginning the list is something traditional but impeccably made, thanks to Tod’s. The black leather is handsomely stitched together, a shearling lining not obvious at first glance is also included for a more premium feel. These loafers will pass as part of your office wear and be perfect for a more relaxed setting, too.

  1. Prada buckle loafers

Prada buckle loafers

Price: US$625.00
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Come and step in style with Prada, making a seamless pair of loafers in black. For the dapper man, the loafers are made with smooth, shiny leather. A buckle strap with Prada on it is tastefully included, even adding to the elegance of the shoes.

  1. Valentino Patent Leather Loafers

Valentino Patent Leather Loafers

Price: US$745.00
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If you think that tassels on shoes are an outdated feature, then you are sadly mistaken. The plump tassels on the already elegant Valentino is striking, especially when neatly tied and complementing the glossy black color. They’re also comfortable to the feet; the loafers have round toes so you can have some wiggle room.

  1. Gucci Driver shoes with Sylvie Web buckles

Gucci Driver shoes with Sylvie Web buckles

Price: US$590.00
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In need of driving shoes that are utilitarian and comfortable, yet stately? Gucci’s loafers come in soft leather, making breaking in effortless. Depending on your mood, the shoes can be worn with either the heel up or folded down. Gucci seals the deal by finishing the look with Sylvia Web colors.

  1. Jimmy Choo Black Velvet Loafers

Jimmy Choo Black Velvet Loafers

Price: US$750.00
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Looking to thrill the senses? Give your feet these Jimmy Choo loafers that are simple in design but come in fine, black velvet that are indeed a treat. Look even more sleek by partnering these with an all-black attire.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo strap detail loafers

Salvatore Ferragamo strap detail loafers

Price: US$417.00
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Update your collection by getting yourself these distinct loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo. Dress your feet in the manly crocodile embossed exterior well-balanced by the contrast tonal band. The stacked heel will also force you into a more confident posture.

  1. Marsèll Black Tost Loafers

Marsèll Black Tost Loafers

Price: US$890.00
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Add some edge to your ensemble with black distressed loafers courtesy of Marsèll. The supple leather works neatly if you’re going for a bit of a rugged but still refined look. With its quality leather and rubber, the loafers will be part of your shoe rack for a long time.

  1. Gucci Black Thesis Loafers

Gucci Black Thesis Loafers

Price: US$1,250.00
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Loafers with a full toe cap is so normal and expected. There’s no use wearing them if your aim is to stand out and be different. If that’s what you’re going for, Gucci’s Thesis loafers answers your needs. An interwoven effect is created by the cutouts, which means you can wear funky socks and have it exposed through the holes. The smooth leather is perforated as usual loafers do and Gucci’s bee motif is embroidered at the back.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN buckled loafers

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN buckled loafers

Price: US$2,109.00
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We always associate Alexander McQueen with edgy leather and macabre hardware detailing. This pair of loafers incorporates all the basic elements of the shoe: thick soles, round toes, and fringed detail in front. But the designer’s signature is seen in the silver-tone buckle, carved with intricately with small images of flowers, chains, and skulls.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA round toe loafers

DOLCE & GABBANA round toe loafers

Price: US$695.00
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Whether you experienced wearing uniforms in school or not, in one way or another, your favorite sneakers became somewhat of a uniform pair on days when you didn’t feel like going and just dressed on autopilot. That will happen a lot when you’re working, but don’t lose your professional look by having these basic patent leather loafers that can be your go-to for those specific moments.

  1. Loewe Black Convertible Penny Loafers

Loewe Black Convertible Penny Loafers

Price: US$790.00
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Loewe‘s convertible loafers are mainly made of smooth leather in front with a minimal penny strap for decoration. But you’ll find the differing factor on the heel counters. They’re made with grainy leather that’s flexible enough to flatten so the loafers become slides. However, when upright, the contrasting textures from front to back look like a sleek detail.

  1. TOGA VIRILIS strap loafers

TOGA VIRILIS strap loafers

Price: US$440.00
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The T-bar design is a symbol of childhood because of their schoolboy shoes look. Though we don’t really see them talked about much in the fashion world, that’s because they’ve earned a spot in the classics already. This Toga Virilis pair is suitable for formal occasions with its silver-tone buckles and serrated detailing.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Black Thunderbolt Kevin Loafers

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Thunderbolt Kevin Loafers

Price: US$695.00
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Loafers have come a long way from being shoes just intended for formal wear. We’re all glad we get to wear them in a casual setting and apparently, Giuseppe Zanotti thinks the same. This Kevin shoes are the epitome of a casual loafer because of their easy slip-on style. The brand’s signature thunderbolt is a minimal accent on the matte suede material.

  1. DORATEYMUR Harput loafers

DORATEYMUR Harput loafers

Price: US$415.00
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Dorateymur‘s Harput loafers may look more traditional than the last but its slip-on composition still makes it an easy choice for everyday wear. It provides a little boost on the height with its small heel and a circle buckle embossed with the brand’s moniker is front and center on the slimming toe design.

  1. JOHN LOBB Alwyn Polished-Leather Loafers

JOHN LOBB Alwyn Polished-Leather Loafers

Price: US$2,090.00
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The latest version of the Alwyn loafers from John Lobb is made with extreme care and expertise by specialists in collaboration with the Made to Measure atelier. The tailoring is sure to be flawless as every angle showcases the sharp lines, curves, and points on these shoes. Get your hands on a pair because this limited-edition shoes won’t wait for you.

  1. TOM FORD York loafers

TOM FORD York loafers

Price: US$890.00
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How many times have you had this particular design of loafer with the suede material and the gold chain across the vamp? This design is a common kind but we can’t always be sure with their longevity, especially since you most likely wear them often. Tom Ford‘s York loafers has the design and durability to last you long enough because classics are only classics when they can outlast many other shoes through appearance and sturdiness.

  1. HARRYS OF LONDON Downing Leather Penny Loafers

HARRYS OF LONDON Downing Leather Penny Loafers

Price: US$395.00
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Harrys of London‘s Vibram® technology is one of the reasons why it’s the best brand of shoes for comfort. The Downing loafers’s common penny strap design coordinates well with the rubber wave sole. It’s made for every type of activity or occasion men do, whether a business trip, weekender getaway, or errand runs.

  1. OFFICINE CREATIVE Ivy loafers


Price: US$590.00
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Some loafers have evolved along to contemporary cuts and designs, but nothing beats a loafer infused with a vintage feel but still made for the modern man. That’s exactly what Officine Creative‘s Ivy loafers are. The vamp is decorated with tassels while the very slight hint of brown makes it look lived-in to contrast the formality of the shoe.

  1. CHURCH’S Kingsley 2 Polished-Leather Tasselled Loafers

CHURCH'S Kingsley 2 Polished-Leather Tasselled Loafers

Price: US$620.00
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Church’s Kingsley 2 loafers may look the same as the previous Ivy loafers with the tassels but they’re so much different. This pair commits to the pitch-black exterior which makes it more modern. They’re set on durable and also replaceable Goodyear-welted soles, so it can match your suit and tie attires for a long time.

  1. Officine Creative Black Suede Mono 7 Loafers

Officine Creative Black Suede Mono 7 Loafers

Price: US$540.00
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These black Officine Creative loafers are made with handcrafted brushed suede that makes it look grayish in color. Combined with the rounded toe, the relaxed vibe is strong on this one. The tongue is elasticized underneath the suede material and a pull tab at the heel counter makes slipping them on fast and easy.

  1. O’KEEFFE Cambridge Leather Tasselled Kiltie Loafers

O'KEEFFE Cambridge Leather Tasselled Kiltie Loafers

Price: US$665.00
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Kiltie shoes have been around for a long time coming from golfing brogue roots. The Cambridge loafers keep the old-fashioned appeased with this pair which incorporates both the tassels and kiltie panels that make up a Scottish classic. Armed with the ability to re-sole them, these shoes have a strong staying power as long as your antique-inspired style remains.

  1. EMPORIO ARMANI logo plaque loafers

EMPORIO ARMANI logo plaque loafers

Price: US$406.00
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This sleek black suede loafers paired with chino shorts and shirts is a trending men’s outfit nowadays. It’s the perfect laidback ensemble for weekend day trips. Emporio Armani‘s eagle logo plaque replaces the cutout on the penny strap and appears quite discreetly on the heel counter. A tonal stitching outlines the shape and a gripped sole keeps you on your feet on any surface.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Highway Pelle Tessuta Penny Loafer, Black

Ermenegildo Zegna Highway Pelle Tessuta Penny Loafer, Black

Price: US$850.00
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As refined as their tailored suits, Ermenegildo Zegna‘s Highway Pelle Tessuta loafers are cut with a traditional look but made unique through the woven leather material that texturizes almost the entire shoe. The brand still has the “it” factor even after going through different Zegna generations.

  1. SANTONI penny loafers

SANTONI penny loafers

Price: US$664.00
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Men’s expectations for shoes must only be of the highest standard. Several pairs in this list would pass the test, and this Santoni loafers are not the least among them. It combines luxury materials—Italian calfskin leather—and a solid build through Goodyear welt construction to give a lasting pair that stands past the test of time and trends.

If you want to look dashing in formal clothes but still like to have your own spin of preppiness, then black loafers are your best friends. But the possibilities are endless—should you want to go the casual route, then pairing them with chinos, jeans and even shorts will work perfectly fine.

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