Best-selling Designer Shoes for Businessmen in 2018

Top 7 Luxurious Looking Monk Shoes for Businessmen

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

This is a list of the best-selling business shoes for men in 2018. This list includes Monk Shoes, Derby Shoes, Brogues & Oxford Shoes.

Monk Shoes

  1.  Officine Creative monk strap shoes

Officine Creative monk strap shoes

Price: US$431.00
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Officine Creative invites you to take a step back in time with their vintage-looking monk strap shoes. If you’re afraid they’re outdated, fear not! Quite the opposite, actually. This is what timeless is supposed to be.

  1. Santoni fringed detailed monk shoes

Santoni fringed detailed monk shoes

Price: US$561.00
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Put some variety in your collection by getting yourself these Santoni shoes that are not only strikingly beautiful with the dark brown leather but also meticulously done with fringes on the straps. You can be assured of its durability—Santoni carefully inspects and selects the leather that goes into their shoes.

  1. Saint Laurent Dare 25 monkstrap shoes

Saint Laurent Dare 25 monkstrap shoes

Price: US$795.00
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Go dashing with these exquisitely made Saint Laurent Dare 25 monk shoes. The design is slightly unique compared to most shoes categorized as monks, as it features buckled crossover straps. Saint Laurent is not hesitant to look different while still remaining smart-looking, thanks in part to its black color.

  1. Crockett & Jones formal monk shoes

Crockett & Jones formal monk shoes
Price: US$743.00
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Want your formal shoes to be a little more flexible? Crockett & Jones gives you the freedom to do so with their single-strap monk shoes. The pair is in lovely black suede, making it a little bit more casual than most, but still an acceptable accessory for a dressier event.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo double monk strap shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo double monk strap shoes
Price: US$819.00
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If you’re going to invest in monk shoes, pick something subtle and elegant, like these brown double strap monk shoes. Quality leather is as elegant as you can get in these shoes, plus, you’re assured of their longevity. Also, the stitching in these Salvatore Ferragamo pair is impressive, they’re hardly noticeable at all.

  1. Alexander McQueen Leather Loafers

Alexander McQueen Leather Loafers
Price: US$594.00
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Establish your brand as a young or exceptionally ingenious businessman with these knockout leather Alexander McQueens in black. These loafers that also fall into the category of monks are truly unique, coming lace-free (still) but with silvertone zippers instead of buckles. Fashion-forward, these babies can take you anywhere.

  1. Church’s punch holes monk shoes

Church's punch holes monk shoes
Price: US$554.00
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If you fancy intricate designs on your shoes, opt for these brogue monk shoes from veteran shoe manufacturer Church’s. Fair warning though, these are not for the easily daunted. Sticking with simpler footwear is the easy choice, but show your grit by donning these meticulously perforated shoes.

  1. BALENCIAGA Monkstrap evening shoes

BALENCIAGA Monkstrap evening shoes

Price: US$895.00
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A contemporary piece made vintage-looking, this Balenciaga evening shoes incorporate both in an effortless way to make a statement for the modern fashion-invested man. It’s given that monk shoes are considered one of the more “advanced” dress shoes, but this one gets its vintage appearance from the deep brown color matched by the gold-tone metal logo on the strap and classic crocodile embossing.

  1. SANTONI Vintage Doppel monk shoes

SANTONI Vintage Doppel monk shoes

Price: US$540.00
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We’re sure you have a collection of leather shoes in every style you can’t keep count of. Considering what you already have, the Vintage Doppel by Santoni is something that you most likely don’t have anything similar to yet. Suede is popular on monk shoes, and its blue color emphasizes a gradient effect throughout.

  1. EDWARD GREEN Fulham Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

EDWARD GREEN Fulham Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

Price: US$1,600.00
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In a shade called “Dark Oak,” the Fullham monk shoes achieve the sturdy wood’s durability and resemble its appearance through the darkening and lightening of the color in some parts of the shiny leather material. To add to the design, a pronounced stitching rounds the toecap also to break the smoothness of the exterior.

  1. TO BOOT NEW YORK Emmett strap monk shoes

TO BOOT NEW YORK Emmett strap monk shoes

Price: US$395.00
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Some of the most successful businessmen would have a uniform outfit for everyday. If that’s your style, To Boot New York‘s Emmett is the simplest monk shoes you can get to match whatever look you decide to wear on the daily. It fulfills the most basic requirement of a dressy monk shoe with its single monk strap and classic square buckle fastening.

  1. SAINT LAURENT Dare 25 monkstrap shoes

SAINT LAURENT Dare 25 monkstrap shoes

Price: US$795.00
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We know double monks to have two straps both facing toward the outer sides of your feet, but nobody ever said that’s the only way double monks should be made. Saint Laurent definitely gets the memo with this Dare 25 shoes with double monk straps that crosses to settle on opposite sides of your feet. The rest of the shoe is just a normal shiny and sleek leather to focus attention on the varying detail.

  1. O’KEEFFE Bristol Burnished-Leather Monk-Strap Brogues

O'KEEFFE Bristol Burnished-Leather Monk-Strap Brogues

Price: US$665.00
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All dress shoes, no matter how similar, are made different. But when you see a crossover between two styles, it’s instantly a perfect pair that you have to grab. Made with Para-Shine leather and a Goodyear-welted sole, Bristol from O’Keeffe marries the casualness of a double monk strap and the formality of an Oxford with a full brogue’s decorative perforations.

  1. BONTONI Brillatina monk shoes

BONTONI Brillatina monk shoes

Price: US$1,295.00
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Crafted with cognac brown leather, Bontoni‘s Brillatina minimizes the upper details with only half of a strap coming out from the V-shaped opening on the tongue but it retains the perfect fit on your feet with a more adjustable single monk strap. Visible stitching highlights the structure of the slightly pointed toes and adds a texturized appearance at the sides on top of the black soles.

  1. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO double monk strap shoes

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO double monk strap shoes

Price: US$875.00
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Since monk shoes don’t have lace fastenings, they are made with a wider tongue to tighten the shoes around your ankles. If your feet are on the small side and you struggle to find monk shoes that don’t have a wonky fit, perhaps this Salvatore Ferragamo pair will heed your need. It’s also made with a wider-than-normal double strap and two separated buckles to keep it attached throughout the day.

  1. RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Suede Monk-Strap Shoes


Price: US$695.00
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Marked by high-quality and classic tailoring, Ralph Lauren‘s menswear line, Purple Label, had been producing men’s apparel as one of the best in the industry for over two decades. Making a classic dress shoe is surely no difficult feat for them, but you’ll see the care and craftsmanship in this brown suede monk shoes that can go from professional and business in the morning to elegantly casual after office hours.

  1. HENDERSON BARACCO fringed monk shoes

HENDERSON BARACCO fringed monk shoes

Price: US$460.00
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These monk shoes from Henderson Baracco are the very definition of extra. Not only did the brand combine two classic dress shoes, brogues and monk shoes, in this pair, they’ve added fringes as an additional decoration. There are so many things happening in these shoes but it keeps simplicity with an all-black leather material.

  1. DOUCAL’S classic monk shoes

DOUCAL'S classic monk shoes

Price: US$381.00
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When monk shoes are perforated with the design of brogues, it’s usually elevated to match the formality of the latter dress shoe. This isn’t the case for Doucal‘s classic monk shoes. It joins the two together with a compromise. It only includes a quarter brogue, which is a step down from the formality of a full brogue but uses a wide-spaced and angled double strap to keep an elegant face.

  1. GEORGE CLEVERLEY Thomas Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

GEORGE CLEVERLEY Thomas Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

Price: US$700.00
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You’ll be sporting the best English gentleman look when you pair these Thomas shoes from British brand, George Cleverley, with your excellently-tailored black business suits. Visible stitching resembling a quarter brogue aids the shoe with subtle details as the rest of it is polished with smooth black leather and classic double monk straps.

  1. W.GIBBS classic monk shoes

W.GIBBS classic monk shoes

Price: US$437.00
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In a brown color that makes it look vintage, this W. Gibbs monk shoes is a pair that only gets better with time. Through the most attractive type of double monk straps, wide and angled, these shoes will speak a lot about your good taste in footwear. The quarter brogue stitches will aid in the aging of the shoes, not allowing it to be quickly worn down.

  1. EDHEN MILANO monk loafers

EDHEN MILANO monk loafers

Price: US$536.00
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Brogues aren’t the only style you can combine with monk shoes. As the latter already has no laces, it’s easier and makes more sense, design-wise, to be paired with the style of slip-on loafers. This Edhen Milano pair gives us a chic example with an all-black shiny calf leather, silver-tone accents, and comfy flat sole.

  1. BERLUTI Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

BERLUTI Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

Price: US$2,210.00
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Black will never go out of style where fashion is concerned. That’s why you have to try out other colors because when you get tired of them, you can go back to the abundance of black suits and clothes in your wardrobe. It will take a lot of time, though, because you wouldn’t want to switch out these Berluti monk shoes tinted with a hint of blue. Set on replaceable Goodyear-welted soles, these will last you a long while, so don’t be afraid to wear them often.

  1. PREMIATA slip-on monk shoes

PREMIATA slip-on monk shoes

Price: US$532.00
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Premiata‘s monk shoes are definitely on the casual side of the spectrum. The extremely soft brown calf leather is made intentionally like so to elicit a lived-in look. It also eases the experience of wearing them and doesn’t require breaking them in to feel comfortable. The heel counter can be collapsed on the insole to make it a full slip-on, just with double monk straps.

  1. HUGO BOSS formal monk shoes

BOSS HUGO BOSS formal monk shoes

Price: US$390.00
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Monk shoes may be more casual the full-on Oxfords but you can disregard that about these Hugo Boss monk shoes because these are made to be flaunted on formal events along with tailored suits. It’s set on a completely sturdy wooden sole and are to be worn for the most special occasions.

  1. JOHN LOBB William Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

JOHN LOBB William Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

Price: US$1,300.00
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In a world where almost everything is automated and made using machines, there’s something valuable and sentimental about a handmade item. The William shoes from John Lobb is one of those special things you’d take special care for. They’re a classic monk shoe made with pebbled grain leather, a perfect match for your smooth and crease-free black suits.

  1. MORESCHI classic monk shoes

MORESCHI classic monk shoes

Price: US$516.00
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Moreschi‘s brown monk shoes are like any other vintage-looking ones on this list, but its shade of brown is a lot different and gives off a distinct vintage vibe that’s unmatched by any other pair. It’s probably because of the grainy leather it’s set on, but this will give you an professional character you’d want to pull off.

  1. DSQUARED2 Hawaiian rocker shoes

DSQUARED2 Hawaiian rocker shoes

Price: US$900.00
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If you have too much spunk to be seen wearing these dressy shoes, you can still express your edgy style in a professional environment with these Hawaiian rocker shoes from DSquared2. It exceeds expectations by having three monk straps instead of just one or two and garish buckle fastenings that demand attention. The pointed toes also give off sophistication like no almond toe shoes can.

Derby Shoes

  1.  Ermenegildo Zegna Leather Cap-Toe Derby Shoe, Black

Ermenegildo Zegna Leather Cap-Toe Derby Shoe, Black

Price: US$595.00
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Now, now, don’t be daunted by the black color. Nothing says character like a shiny, classic pair of leather shoes that is a must in any man’s collection. And if you like a bit of variety, Zegna has brogue details on their rendition of a derby shoe. It’s sleek and fun both in and out of the office, and a delight to walk in thanks to the rubber outsole that comes with it.

  1. Eytys Kingston platform derbies

Eytys Kingston platform derbies

Price: US$430.00
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Would you rather go without the brogue? It definitely doesn’t hurt to have something with more subtle details on your shoe rack. If you often dress in a suit, then this would complement perfectly. This one’s actually a no-brainer, but if you need more before becoming sold on it, perhaps you can consider the thicker sole that can make you look tougher and give a stronger impression even when in a suit.

  1. Corthay Arca Contrast-Sole Derby Shoe

Corthay Arca Contrast-Sole Derby Shoe

Price: US$1,750.00
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If you need some twist to black derby shoes, Corthay offers quite a handsome alternative. It retains the exquisite feel of calf leather, but with the option of laces it comes with, the contrast insole, and the contrast flat stacked heel, there is an even increased possibility that you’re going to turn some heads whether you like it or not.

  1. DSQUARED2 two tone derby shoes

DSQUARED2 two tone derby shoes

Price: US$361.00
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We know that leather shoes in black and brown are safe choices, and it’s always handy to have a pair in neutral colors, but if you’re bored of your usual options, then why not go for something two-tone? DSQUARED2 goes with both a classic form and a more rugged design. The suede material and the ridged rubber sole is very ideal for a casual get-up.

  1. Giorgio Armani Perforated Suede Derby Shoe, Black

Giorgio Armani Perforated Suede Derby Shoe, Black

Price: US$545.00
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If you’re going to walk in your shoes all day, then might as well have these luxury Giorgio Armani derby shoes as your dependable buddies. What we love about these is that it comes in perforated suede, which allows your feet to have some room to breathe. Not ideal for a day in the office, maybe, but it might be when you have to go in on a weekend.

  1. Marni Grained Leather Derby Shoes

Marni Grained Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$292.00
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Do you usually go for shoes with a little more texture? Are you looking to add something to your shoe rack that may be not smooth but is still as sleek as your other dress shoes? These grained leather Derby shoes may just be what you need. The slightly higher heel will help you in projecting a more dignified stance, and the round toes can give your lower digits the freedom to wiggle.

  1. Hugo Boss Eden Suede Derby Shoes

Hugo Boss Eden Suede Derby Shoes

Price: US$345.00
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These handsome puppies from Hugo Boss are made from brown suede, so they need a little more of that extra attention. But in exchange of that additional care is the comfort they can give you, thanks to their rubber-trimmed soles. They’re perfect for a myriad of occasions, casual and smart alike, not to mention stunning with dark trousers, but they’re also available in blue if you want another pair.

  1. Givenchy hell counter derbies

Givenchy hell counter derbies

Price: US$595.00
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This shoe has all the makings of a classic Derby shoe, but the overall construction that Givenchy uses somewhat pushes it a little more into our century. The black seems bolder, and the folds sleeker. While it may not be obvious at first sight, a red line also is present on the heel. Is it the shoes’ emblematic push to becoming a modern man’s accessory?

  1. Vetements + Church’s Logo-Embossed Leather Derby Shoes

Vetements + Church's Logo-Embossed Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$1,235.00
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What do you get when you combine the avant-garde ideas of design collective Vetements and the classic and reliable construction of Northamptonian cobblers from Church’s? No need to wonder, right before you is the result. Hop into the logomania trend even with your shoes by getting yourself these derbies with the Vetements name all over. If you need more reason, it is of course made of quality leather that gives the appearance of a slightly worn-in shoe to complement the fashion-forwardness of the design.

  1. Prada classic derby shoes

Prada classic derby shoes

Price: US$1,050.00
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If you’re thinking of getting yourself a piece of some highly-coveted Prada, then make these derbies your first choice. We don’t see why not; the shoes are made in Saffiano leather, a Prada exclusive, and are handsome even without adornments. This pair from the AW17 collection is definitely for keeps.

  1. Red Wing Shoes Weekender Textured-Leather Derby Shoes

Red Wing Shoes Weekender Textured-Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$220.00
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Red Wing Shoes may be renowned for their all-around, high quality work boots, but that doesn’t make them shy away from delving in other styles. These derbies are worth a mention, because besides the quality the brand assures you, they are also lovely in a suede-looking material (in case you’re wondering, they’re made from roughout leather). Take ‘em right after the name, these will be your new weekend buddies.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana casual derby shoes

Dolce & Gabbana casual derby shoes

Price: US$795.00
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What better way to complement an everyday look than by finishing it off with a shiny, smooth, bold pair of Derby shoes? Fashion elite Dolce & Gabbana offers this Italian-made pair that’s all quality calf leather, perfect for every day of the week. Save for the branding on the sole, everything you see here is in black.

  1. Saint Laurent Liverpool Patent-Leather Derby Shoes

Saint Laurent Liverpool Patent-Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$895.00
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Be a little rebellious with this pair that has chunkier heels than your usual derbies. We’d say this is exactly something you’d expect from Saint Laurent, defiant but exciting, classic yet youthful. The fashion house’s SS18 collection is full of models strutting in them. Have your very own sleek pair matched with slim pants for a greater impression.

  1. A Diciannoveventitre distressed derby shoes

A Diciannoveventitre distressed derby shoes

Price: US$1,995.00
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We understand getting all tongue-tied pronouncing the label, or even describing the overall appeal of this pair, so we’ll spell it out for you. These shoes are distressed for the sake of fashion, the charm lies not in its perfection but in the irregularities and the worn-out look, but that’s not all—it’s hand-crafted by a true cobbler and artist who puts all his energy in creating a pair that has character.

  1. McCaffrey Suede Derby Shoes

McCaffrey Suede Derby Shoes

Price: US$535.00
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If you want each piece of fashion you own to have a backstory, then this has an interesting one: the pair was made out of necessity, after label founder Mr. Robert McCaffrey found it difficult to bike around because his shoes kept slipping. He thought of a way to improve the situation—by putting rubber soles that have a firm grip and having heels that feature convertible reflective tabs—and in the process produce something beautiful and flexible, shoes that are not in any way limited to biking.

  1. Doucal’s derby shoes

Doucal's derby shoes

Price: US$296.00
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We can’t stop gazing lovingly at these Doucal’s, and we know you can’t resist them, too! These Italian shoes are the standard for every shoe: stylish enough that no one would dare question or taunt your taste, and durable enough to stand the test of time. The pair made in calf leather may be clear-cut and appear a bit frigid, but don’t worry about breaking in.

  1. Yuketen Textured-Leather Kiltie Derby Shoes

Yuketen Textured-Leather Kiltie Derby Shoes

Price: US$350.00
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Have the charm of two—derbies and moccasins—in one purchase with these shoes from Yuketen. The Japanese footwear adeptly combines two of the most beloved casual shoe styles there are and details it with kiltie fringes that would appeal to your stylish and trendy side. No need to firmly hold onto the railings, too; the leather shoes that are handcrafted to appear like suede have rubber soles to keep you from accidental slips.

  1. Marsèll lace-up Derby shoes

Marsèll lace-up Derby shoes

Price: US$595.00
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We love all our featured shoes so far but we can’t deny the allure of a deviant. Aesthetic-wise, these puppies are a breath of fresh air because most of your derbies are in relatively darker colors; if you want something different and experimental, the force behind Marsèll makes the best of bets. They still have a similar construction and a sturdy make so you could keep them for a long time. So, yes, quality is not compromised for the sake of fashion. You get both.

  1. Officine Creative Durham Suede Derby Shoes

Officine Creative Durham Suede Derby Shoes

Price: US$575.00
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We know just what makes a shoe lover who also happens to be a fan of the vintage aesthetic tick: these lovely Derby shoes from Officine Creative. Made from Italy, they’re intentionally finished to appear as if they came from the past and are making their comeback decades later. But they’re not as fragile as they look—the suede is supple and everything else is crafted meticulously, so you could have the retro look for a long, long time.

  1. Hogan Derby shoes

Hogan Derby shoes

Price: US$450.00
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Hogan knows its target demographic: men who value style but do not want to look like they put more effort than necessary into it. So the label does the job for client instead, thoroughly inspecting and making pieces so one could achieve that luxurious but relaxed look. These Derby shoes are an embodiment of that tradition. Made in suede and leather, these shoes have an appeal that matches the durability of its rubber soles.

  1. Neil Barrett Embellished Leather Derby Shoes

Neil Barrett Embellished Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$450.00
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The bull ring may be a curious accent, but it also the perfect choice for these shoes from Neil Barrett. After all, the English designer is known for minimalist pieces that pack a punch, so the metal ring is a fitting touch. Our other first impressions include the smooth black leather that makes a nice contrast with the silver and the thick heel that sets a rebellious feel, which would definitely amp the cool of your graphic tee.

  1. Premiata distressed sole derby shoes

Premiata distressed sole derby shoes

Price: US$548.00
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Italian Premiata’s strength lies in its intensive research, a characteristic that’s sure to set it apart in a nation of artists that already have an innate sense of style. It makes sense of things that are already existing to produce something new and truly unique, and with this pair, it shows. Much effort is put in the design of these brown leather shoes so it could achieve a distressed look that would hold together and still be “in” years from now.

  1. George Cleverley Archie Cordovan Leather Derby Shoes

George Cleverley Archie Cordovan Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$850.00
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Hailing from the land of some of the most well-regarded shoes in the world are these George Cleverley derbies that come in a rich, enticing color of burgundy and smooth, strong cordovan leather. The lustrous leather rests on a Dainite sole that will resist wear and tear longer. If you’re wondering where and when to wear this, we’d say that it would amazing with a smart casual attire.

  1. Paul Smith Derby shoes

Paul Smith Derby shoes

Price: US$495.00
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With Paul Smith, you get what you pay for: the topnotch quality of the material, the shoes’ longevity, and a sense of quirkiness. There’s nothing objectively out of place with these Derby shoes. They’re shiny, smooth, and the color brown just pops out. But there’s a certain charm that it gives off with every step that just lights up your whole outfit, even when the shoes are way down from your line of sight.

  1. Santoni Pebble-Grain Leather Derby Shoes

Santoni Pebble-Grain Leather Derby Shoes

Price: US$1,020.00
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If you love yourself some shoes with Goodyear welts that have lovely Italian leather to go with it, then might as well check out these Santoni shoes. The pair in merlot-colored pebble-grain leather has a rich and deep enough color that will look fantastic with any of your pants. Just take a look at the pictured outfit where the shoes still stand out against the cuffed pair in toffee.

Black Brogues

  1. Dolce & Gabbana classic brogues

Dolce & Gabbana classic brogues

Price: US$651.00
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Each dollar you shell out for Dolce & Gabbana is worth it. The Italian duo is known for their masterful use of leather and attention to details, making each style unique. With these brogues, you have a piece of aristocracy right on your shoe rack; Besides the exquisite craftsmanship, the shoes are also Oxfords so often associated with British elites.

  1. Burberry Black Alvington Chelsea Boots

Burberry Black Alvington Chelsea Boots

Price: US$895.00
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British brand Burberry adds their own spin to the the classic Chelsea boots by using grained leather and applying broguing. The boots are inherently royal, made especially for Queen Victoria by her shoemaker to make walking and horse riding less tedious. You wouldn’t expect smart to come this easy.

  1. Church’s Burwood brogues

Church's Burwood brogues

Price: US$578.00
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Want to take the leap with brogues? Then do them with these Church’s brogues. They’re a little tricky to match with suits that are especially clean-cut, and would probably work best with smart casual, but you can brave it through and make your outfit more interesting with a light shirt.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Plain-Toe Leather Derby Shoe

ErmenegildoZegna Plain-Toe Leather Derby Shoe

Price: US$595.00
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Here’s a pair that limits the ornate designs to minimal, making men pick them with less apprehension. The Derby shoes are among the classier types of shoes, but you can step out with a more laid-back attire with these versatile brogues from Ermenegildo Zegna.

  1. Versace lace-up brogues

Versace lace-up brogues

Price: US$788.00
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Versace adds a modern spin to the classic lace-ups. The varied use of embossed leather that gives way for different textures makes the shoes more interesting, even glamorous. These brogues are attention-grabbing without trying too hardjust the right kind of bold.

  1. Thom Browne Classic Long Wing Brogue Shoe

Thom Browne Classic Long Wing Brogue Shoe

Price: US$690.00
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Longwings are at the more embellished end of brogues, but Thom Browne ease you into them. The texture of the pebbled leather makes the longwings less intimidating, and look more rugged. The brand is trusted in modern luxury menswear, so you know your feet are in good company.

  1. Gucci Leather lace-up with bee Web

Gucci Leather lace-up with bee Web

Price: US$890.00
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If you’re going to be more candid about your love for luxury, do it right. These Gucci leather lace-ups are clearly branded with the fashion house’s signature green and red colors, but they are done with tact.

  1. O’KEEFFE Algy Polished-Leather Wingtip Brogues

O'KEEFFE Algy Polished-Leather Wingtip Brogues

Price: US$615.00
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Brogue shoes are specially characterized by their perforations and differentiates it from other Oxfords. The Algy, a classic in polished black leather, is decked with swirly patterned holes with serrated edges that frame the laces and decorate the toecap nicely. The Goodyear-welted soles will make sure you enjoy these shoes for as long as you care to keep them.

  1. Grenson Black Archie Brogues

Grenson Black Archie Brogues

Price: US$310.00
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A Derby rather than an Oxford, the Grenson‘s Archie brogue has open lace fastening that can be adjusted according to preference. This version is a full English brogue that features a chunky Commando sole which has a good grip made for hiking, so you’re definitely safe and suited for strenuous activities with these shoes more than just formal events.

  1. OFFICINE CREATIVE Cornell Polished-Leather Wingtip Brogues

OFFICINE CREATIVE Cornell Polished-Leather Wingtip Brogues

Price: US$600.00
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Brogues are a classic shoe and they don’t normally carry eccentric designs, but Officine Creative‘s Cornell are longwing brogues that offer subtle changes. The patterned perforations here circle to the center seam of the shoe at the back instead of ending on top of the sole at the sides. To add on for show, the low heel are striped with tints of brown which makes a wooden effect.

  1. Prada Black Leather & Nylon Brogues

Prada Black Leather & Nylon Brogues

Price: US$780.00
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If you must know, brogues had long been used for sports activities and some of the famous ways people have worn them is for golfing. These Prada brogues are not weird, they’re just made for those old purposes. It’s crafted with leather on the exterior and nylon at the tongue for extra comfort on your feet while the laces are set on a gray rubber trim for durability. Prada makes a fashionable logo heel counter using rubber, a new detail only the fashion house can get away with.

  1. TOM FORD Formal Lace-Up Brogue Shoe

TOM FORD Formal Lace-Up Brogue Shoe

Price: US$1,650.00
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From the name alone, Tom Ford‘s reputation and entire brand vision is geared towards reworking modern luxury, so this brogue shoes are definitely coming from the right and expert hands. The sole is perfectly shaped to accommodate feet comfortably and the slightly pointed toecap gives enough space for a natural ease of walking. The lace-up fastening is set on a serrated-edged tongue for additional detailing.

  1. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Soul brogues

VALENTINO ValentinoGaravaniRockstud Soul brogues

Price: US$1,795.00
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Any classic is bound to be amplified in one way or another. Be glad this pair brogues is by Valentino because their Rockstuds are the perfect embellishments for the classic shoe. Gold-tone pyramid studs alternate with the perforations on the toecap and along the wingtips on their Rockstud Soul brogues. They also adorn the front of the shoes’ visible edges and the sides of the sole.

  1. GEORGE CLEVERLEY Henry Pebble-Grain Leather Wingtip Brogues

GEORGE CLEVERLEY Henry Pebble-Grain Leather Wingtip Brogues

Price: US$700.00
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Your professional office look doesn’t have to be ruined by harsh weather. Esteemed shoemaker’s eponymous brand, George Cleverley, constantly brings out shoes handmade with the highest care for details and sturdiness. A lot different from the polished leather brogues, the Henry is made with grained leather and is set on rubber soles made for walking along wet streets on rainy days.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN buckle brogues

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN buckle brogues

Price: US$2,107.00
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Conformity is not the strongest suit of Alexander McQueen‘s fashion house. It doesn’t exist in their vocabulary at all. This pair exhibits just that with an unconventional brogue design. In place of perforations, silver-toned crystallized embellishments sit on the lace-up detail and along the strap ending with a square buckle.

  1. PAUL SMITH Berty Leather Oxford Brogues

PAUL SMITH Berty Leather Oxford Brogues

Price: US$495.00
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Brogues have different variations depending on the level of extravagance you want on the perforations. Paul Smith‘s Berty sticks to the full brogue design yet takes a simple path with less holes on the wingtips and minimal ones on the toecap. Still, it makes a striking Oxford with luxurious leather and through the finest Italian craftsmanship.

  1. VERSACE classic brogues

VERSACE classic brogues

Price: US$625.00
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Versace‘s idea of a classic brogue takes form in this highly-modernized version. This fits a far wider category of events and occasions because of its sleek construction. No perforations are present in this shoe, but the wingtips make the brogue style recognizable, though with visible tonal stitching than holes. The front of the sole are rough edged for a textured appearance when viewed from above.

  1. KINGSMAN + George CleverleyEggsy’s Leather Oxford Brogues

KINGSMAN + George CleverleyEggsy's Leather Oxford Brogues

Price: US$925.00
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As part of the collaboration between the team at Kingsman: The Secret Service and George Cleverley care of Mr. Porter, this pair of quarter brogues are shoes that look handsome in real life as they have been on the big screen on Eggsy in the recent sequel. It’s made with a combination of George Cleverley’s handmade craftsmanship and the creative direction of the movies’ director, Matthew Vaugh, and costume designer, Arianne Phillips.

  1. PEZZOL 1951 low-heel brogues

PEZZOL 1951 low-heel brogues

Price: US$277.00
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Made with a cutthroat and unique modern design that resembles a low-ankle boot, this Pezzol 1951 brogues check almost every need for men’s ideal footwear. It passes for formal suits as its polished leather serve sleek looks while the Commando rubber soles make it suitable even for the harshest surfaces.

  1. BERLUTI Grigio Leather Oxford Brogues

BERLUTI Grigio Leather Oxford Brogues

Price: US$2,140.00
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Berluti‘s Grigio is a pretty straightforward brogue shoe that adheres to the classic style and doesn’t include any exaggerated or additional details. Perforations, lace-up detail, and creases on the leather are kept to a minimum while the toecap inches a bit towards uniqueness with its square shape instead of pointy or round ones.

  1. CROCKETT & JONES classic brogues

CROCKETT & JONES classic brogues

Price: US$902.00
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Crockett & Jones’ classic brogues epitomizes the shoe because of its extremely traditional looks, shape, and construction. Round toes and a slim rear give it an oval shape. It’s made only with the finest leather and Goodyear-welted soles. This is the best pair to wear with your tailored suits, as how the most successful men in business have done it.

  1. ALDEN classic brogues

ALDEN classic brogues

Price: US$1,313.00
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Alden‘s classic brogues are constructed wider, bulkier, and thicker than usual brogues, but it makes the sizable shoes more noticeable. It can only mean there’s more space for those who like their feet comfortable in stiffly-structured shoes, and who doesn’t? The lace fastening is also more pronounced as perforations and sleek leather take a step back to tone it down a bit.

  1. AIEZEN classic lace-up brogues

AIEZEN classic lace-up brogues

Price: US$308.00
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It’s been interesting to see how different brands interpret classic brogue shoes, and so far, we haven’t seen one quite like Aiezen‘s, thanks to their common but individualistic technique of combining smooth and pebble-grained leather. The materials are divided by the wingtips and tongue, as the rest of the shoe along with the thick ridged soles maintain a traditional look.

Brown Brogues

  1.  Church’s Shanghai Glace brogues

Church’s Shanghai Glace brogues

Price: US$668.00
Buy It

Begin with a classic that has put Church’s in everyone’s consciousness: the Shanghai. It was the shoe that British expats in the Far East pre-World War II preferred and currently, it is a luxury item, especially for the vintage lover. Of course, the ones Church’s sells today are not from the original batch they released in the 1920s, this one doing away with the tassel, but the avant-garde shoes have a vintage look thanks to the deliberate weathering of the material.

  1. Paul Smith contrast brogue shoes

Paul Smith contrast brogue shoes

Price: US$385.00
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Be colorful with the designer best known for incorporating quirky designs in the traditional British fashion sense. The playfulness of the rainbow-colored soles are contrasted with the classic brogue design, great for the modern man. These will serve as a fun conclusion to your entire outfit, even if you tend to veer away from multi-colored items.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Wing-Tip Brogue Leather Chelsea Boot, Cognac Brown

Salvatore Ferragamo Wing-Tip Brogue Leather Chelsea Boot, Cognac Brown

Price: US$995.00
Buy It

If you’re fond of the versatile Chelsea boots, then we’ve found you a match; This is the ultimate casual brogue shoes. Aside from the ease with which you can wear them, it’s also a full brogue. The rule is: more perforations, more suited for casual wear.

  1. Fratelli Rossetti classic brogues

Fratelli Rossetti classic brogues

Price: US$311.00
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The brogue does not make it minimalist, but the castana color makes it look simple and sophisticated. If you’re not ready to take the dip just yet, but really took a fancy on the design, then opt for this semi brogue pair that is more classic than loud.

  1. Santoni fringed brogue shoes

Santoni fringed brogue shoes

Price: US$374.00
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Love details? Italian luxury house Santoni sure does, and it shows with these shoes that not only feature brogue but fringes as well. Everything goes rather tastefully, especially when you add the rich brown color of the calf leather to the mix.

  1. Burberry Brown Aleighton Brogues

Burberry Brown Aleighton Brogues

Price: US$575.00
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Give your feet a modern edge by choosing these Burberry Aleighton brogues that come in a creamy chestnut brown. With its color, intricate design and almond toes, the shoes are undoubtedly a delight to the eyes.

  1. Prada lace-up brogues

Prada lace-up brogues

Price: US$969.00
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If your feet needs the amp, get it with this innovative design from Prada. Mesh your usual casual get-up with the more traditional brogues. The branded insoles and the the low wedge heel make walking a pleasurable activity.

  1. Grenson Archie Leather Wingtip Brogues

Grenson Archie Leather Wingtip Brogue

Price: US$310.00
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Grenson’s Archie leather wingtip brogues bring classic charm to every man’s wardrobe with its recognizable pattern and steadfast attention to detail. Crafted from fine burnished dark-brown leather with oversized eyelets, leather linings and Goodyear-welted rubber soles, this pair guarantees comfort and style. A footwear that can be worn both on formal and casual occasions, this brogue is your perfect go-to choice.

  1. Thom Browne Classic Long Wingtip Brogue In Brown Pebble Grain

Thom Browne Classic Long Wingtip Brogue

Price: US$857.00
Buy It

Bring your best foot forward with this classic long wingtip brogue from Thom Browne. A classic wingtip pair, these shoes look perfect in full suits. The W shape at the front of the shoe called the “wingtips” adds great touch and a more polished look to your outfit. So if you’re opting for a refined vintage style, this pair is an absolute must-have.

  1. Trickers Suede Wingtip Brogues

Trickers Suede Wintip Brogue

Price: US$645.00
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Tricker’s suede wingtip brogue springs vintage vibe on every looks. Made of brown suede with leather linings and rubber-crepe soles that ensures comfort, you can wear this piece pretty much with everything. Featuring a rounded toe shape, these shoes’ flexibility is all worth it. Having this luxury pair is a genius way to revamp up your casual wear. Surely enough, these shoes can be your perfect “wear every day pair”.

  1. Santoni Enrico Brougue

Santoni Enrico Brogue

Price: US$1,023.00
Buy It

A classic piece of footwear with its minimal and simple detailing, Santoni’s Enrico brogues are the pair you would want to own if you are going for the smart and elegant look. Handcrafted only by the best craftsman this sophisticated pair gives an antique feel. The brown coloured leather makes it easy to combine with any outfit and is wearable all year round. The design and style is undeniably here to last.

  1. Givenchy Drake brogues


Price: US$920.00
Buy It

So you want a sharp stylish look in any time of the day? Then get this Givenchy drake brogue, crafted with brown calf leather and leather linings. You can never go wrong in styling with this pair—its versatility can complement any business, casual and formal events. Featuring a full brogue style, this piece will certainly accentuate any look you’re going for.

  1. Officine Creative Princeton Burnished LEather Wingtip Brogues

Officine Creative Princeton Burnished Leather Wintip Brogues

Price: US$590.00
Buy It

Handcrafted by skilled craftsman, Officine Creative‘s Princeton pair is made of brown burnished-leather, with leather linings, pull tabs and rubber trimmed rubber soles it is designed to be a very versatile piece giving you a sleek look. The toned leather will highlight the sophistication of the outfit you’re wearing.

  1. Anatomia Brogues

Officine Creative Anatomia Brogues

Price: US$549.00
Buy It

Anatomia brogues from Officine Creative are crafted from calf and buffalo leather with leather linings and traditional punch holes designed to give a unique character to your style. Wear it with button down shirts and rolled up denim jeans for a casual yet subtle look. This brogue is suitable for a wide range of casual and formal events. Alternatively, you can match it easily with your outfit’s broad range of colours and materials.

  1. Fabi Classic Brogue

Fabi Classic Brogue

Price: US$216.00
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Crafted from calf leather, this classic Fabi brogue provides a timeless appeal to your outfit. The simple pattern for this quarter brogue made it a handy piece to any kind of occasions. They are easier to style than full brogues which most men seek in a shoe. You can keep your style casual but still on the smarter side. One option is matching your brogues with denims giving you that smooth casual vibe.

  1. Burberry Brown Aleighton Brogues

Burberry Aleighton BroguesPrice: US$575.00
Buy It

The patterned detailing of this piece will definitely add an edgy look to your style. A combination of functionality and versatility this footwear is an absolute must have. Crafted from Italy, this classic wingtip and almond shape brogue will pair nicely with suits, giving your style an equitably vintage feel. You may also spin your style into a more casual look by matching it with a simple cotton shirt, cashmere sweater and trousers. This simple yet stylish outfit will do just fine.

  1. Henderson Baracco Lace-up Brogues

Henderson Baracco Lace Up Brogues

Price: US$263.00
Buy It

Meticulously fashioned from brown calf leather by master craftsman, this lace-up brown brogue from Henderson Baracco is certainly an iconic piece. Featuring a full wingtip brogue, you can mix and match effortlessly with this classic pair since brown coloured brogues are easy to combine with any outfits.

  1. Crockett and Jones Classic Brogues

Crockett and Jones Classic Brogues
Price: US$805.00
Buy It

Crockett and Jones gives emphasis to quality and design that surely stood the test of time is one great way to spruce up your wardrobe. Crafted from the finest leathers, the label mixed comfort, style, durability and sophistication in this classic piece. From smart casual to formal attire this stylish dark brown brogues is a wardrobe staple to every man’s closet.

  1. Buttero Classic Brogues

Buttero Classic Brogues

Price: US$325.00
Buy It

Have your style upgraded with this pair of beige coloured brogue from Buttero. This piece can be worn freely on different occasions. Smarten up your jeans with this pair that will unquestionably add a touch of class to your gear.

Oxford Shoes

  1.  OAMC Patent Leather Oxfords

OAMC Patent Leather Oxfords

Price: US$435.00
Buy It

Kicking off our list is a pair that screams modern. We dare you to make a statement with these patent leather Oxfords that employ traditional design while incorporating contemporary accents. They’re busy, but they’re masculine, thanks to the brown leather and the silver-tone hardware. Expect a firmer grip too, courtesy of the thick rubber soles.

  1. Tom Ford Austin Cap-Toe Oxford Shoe, Brown

Tom Ford Austin Cap-Toe Oxford Shoe, Brown

Price: US$1,990.00
Buy It

There’s no need to be intimidated with these polished shoes from Tom Ford. They may look dressy, but the brogue detailing allows you more room to experiment with casual wear. Even then, you’re set to have a snazzy look, so there’s definitely more bang to the buck.

  1. Church’s oxford wingtip shoes

Church's oxford wingtip shoes

Price: US$351.00
Buy It

Another pair of Oxfords that come with brogue detailing make the list, but this one we owe to the English brand Church’s. If you’re becoming tired of smooth, polished leather, then these wingtip shoes in tan suede are definitely a breath of fresh air. Pro tip: Match them with a suede jacket in a similar color for a manly, casual look.

  1. Gucci Leather Bee Brogue Lace-Up Oxford, Brown

Gucci Leather Bee Brogue Lace-Up Oxford, Brown
Price: US$940.00
Buy It

If you want the punched holes in your Oxfords to be more subtle, Gucci has an alternative. The color even adds to the hushed vibe of the shoes. Fanciful designs in swirls and the Gucci bee balance the dynamic, however, but they still attract your attention without being too loud.

  1. Officine Creative woven oxford shoes

Officine Creative woven oxford shoes

Price: US$695.00
Buy It

Want to be truly unique in your style? We bet that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the same shoes. Look stately with these woven Oxfords from Officine Creative, famed for their captivating designs that have a vintage charm.

  1. Prada Runway Hybrid Wing-Tip Oxford Sneaker, Black

Prada Runway Hybrid Wing-Tip Oxford Sneaker, Black

Price: US$780.00
Buy It

Blend elegance with an always-on-the-run vibe by combining the straightforward Oxfords with the style of comfortable sneakers. Prada’s Oxford sneakers are highlights on the runway, with the shoes featuring elegant calf leather, dependable textile and stacked heel. Perforations famous on this list so far are also among the highlights of the pair.

  1. Henrik Vibskov Minime Oxford shoes

Henrik Vibskov Minime Oxford shoes

Price: US$192.00
Buy It

Want to be a stand out in a traditional design? Do it with textured, black-and-white leather. And if matching clothes with your girlfriend is the kind of thing you’d do, then these Oxfords are good news because they’re unisex, too.

  1. Thom Browne Blucher Combo Lace-Up Oxford

Thom Browne Blucher Combo Lace-Up Oxford

Price: US$1,290.00
Buy It

Win your friends’ approval with these Thom Brownes in mixed leather and velvet. They look (and feel) lightweight, with mesh-like material allowing the feet to breathe. And just so you know you’re dealing with a pro, you’ve got a pull tab in the signature colors of Thom Browne.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Oxford shoes

DOLCE & GABBANA Oxford shoes

Price: US$860.00
Buy It

Be reminded of sophisticated elegance through the creatively designed punch hole details of these Dolce & Gabbana Oxford shoes. Made from calf leather, these shoes will send eyes straight to you, thanks to the fine craftsmanship featuring gorgeous lace finishing, round toe cut, and low block heel for added height. Aside from casual meetups, you will definitely find yourself wearing these at work.

  1. Berluti Alessandro Eclair Whole-Cut Leather Oxford Shoes

BERLUTI Alessandro Eclair Whole-Cut Leather Oxford Shoes

Price: US$2,350.00
Buy It

If you’re opting for that muted but effortlessly stylish design, then you’ll love this Berluti black Oxford shoes. Can we just admire the out of the ordinary look of these Venetia leather-made, whole-cut Oxfords? The lace detail plus the pointed toe cut combined together look hella sexy! What’s more, you’ll surely find the shoe trees, that are made from wood, useful in keeping them in shape for many years to come!

  1. Lanvin classic oxford shoes

LANVIN classic oxford shoes

Price: US$625.00
Buy It

The great thing about Oxfords is that they pretty much elevate your look to something that’s smart and yet still casual. Lanvin knows that a great, wearable Oxford shoes don’t have to be adorned with embellishments to stand out. Keep it cool with these black leather ones that ooze timelessness and freshness, featuring these awesome deets: a warm round toe, a classic lace-up enclosure, a varnished touch, and a comfortable flat sole.

  1. John Lobb City II Leather Oxford Shoes

JOHN LOBB City II Leather Oxford Shoes

Price: US$1,340.00
Buy It

Shower some much needed upgrade to your wardrobe by getting something that will make dressing up for casual meetups so much easier and faster. These handsome John Lobb Oxford shoes do not only exude grace and confidence, but also genuine craftsmanship. The color and texture, made from blotchy but smooth brown leather, ensure you will have these shoes for more than awhile. From your office in the morning, you can head straight to your meetup at night with no fuss.

  1. Jimmy Choo Penn Oxford shoes

JIMMY CHOO Penn Oxford shoes

Price: US$850.00
Buy It

If you’re the type who always has limited time coming up with an outfit, then a statement oxford shoes fit right into your lifestyle. Jimmy Choo might just know men like you exist so the fashion house offers these black, shiny Oxford shoes. What makes this special is obviously the perforated stitching at the front and steel studs across the toe, offering that truly exclusive look. Aside from that, you’ll get Oxfords that have a square toe, lace finishing, and slim fit.

  1. Paul Smith Berty Leather Oxford Brogues

PAUL SMITH Berty Leather Oxford Brogues

Price: US$495.00
Buy It

Try being extra for a casual meetup and make people think that you know what you’re doing, fashion wise, with these Paul Smith Oxfords. Crafted from robust black leather, you will catch some attention with their gorgeous brogue detailing that still gives off a contemporary vibe. These shoes have comfortable rubber inserts on the sole and flat heels for that nice little touch.

  1. Alberto Fasciani Oxford shoes


Price: US$588.00
Buy It

When you’re stuck between wanting plain-looking Oxfords and something that’s a little bit more, you might want to consider these leather shoes from Alberto Fasciani. Yes, these are black and yes, these have the typical lace-up front, but the vintage look and feel of the leather as well as the strategically placed linings across the toe are what count. For a casual meetup, you can definitely style yours with chinos and less dressy shirt for that chill look.

  1. George Cleverley Charles Cap-Toe Leather Oxford Shoes

GEORGE CLEVERLEY Charles Cap-Toe Leather Oxford Shoes

Price: US$700.00
Buy It

Outshine everyone else with shoes that speak (for you and) for itself. You will definitely love the style and comfort these George Cleverley Oxford shoes bring to the table. Being handmade from black leather, you’re guaranteed there’s no two pair alike—think about how awesome that is! Embellished with great stitch detailing and pretty laces, you will find the included dust bags useful for storing these beauty for a long time.

  1. John Lobb classic Oxford shoes

JOHN LOBB classic Oxford shoes

Price: US$1,397.00
Buy It

Black will always be in fashion so whether this is the first time you’re going to get Oxfords or the tenth, you will always get your investment’s worth. Just be sure to spend those hard-earned cash with something that will stand the test of time such as these well-crafted black leather shoes from John Lobb. With comfy square toes, and tasteful lace-up front, going to your next casual meet up will be a breeze and no longer daunting (because you just prevented the “what should I wear” dilemma most people get) with these dope Oxfords paired with your beloved jeans or trousers, and sweater or shirt.

  1. Kingsman+ George Cleverley Leather Oxford Shoes

KINGSMAN+ George Cleverley Leather Oxford Shoes

Price: US$950.00
Buy It

If you’ve seen the movie, then you will know that the inspiration for these shoes is all about being refined and still able to be flexible moving around (i.e. fighting bad guys). Made from black leather, these George Cleverley Oxford shoes will be your next favorite for their hand-finished design, rounded toe shape, and lace-up details for that stunning overall look. Look sharp and tailored by styling these with a suit that screams pure fashion.

  1. Dsquared2 lace up Oxford shoes

DSQUARED2 lace up Oxford shoes

Price: US$670.00
Buy It

Imagine walking into the club, donning a sleek number of well-fitted slim black chinos plus a white t-shirt underneath a fine-looking blazer and of course, paired with these Dsquared2 Oxford shoes—looking cool, yeah? Made from calf leather of premium quality, these Oxfords have a small heel for subtle added height, a pointed square toe that elongates your legs, and classic lace up finishing that you can adjust to your liking.

  1. J.M. Weston 404 Claridge Whole-Cut Leather Oxford Shoes

J.M. WESTON 404 Claridge Whole-Cut Leather Oxford Shoes

Price: US$1,175.00
Buy It

Step out of your comfort zone and try a little something new and different once in awhile. Instead of getting the expected black Oxfords, why not challenge yourself into wearing these beautiful burgundy J.M. Weston leather shoes. Uniquely made in France, you may think that the color is all the charm you will ever need, but you will probably also love the chicness of the intricate lace up details, on top of basically nothing else which is a great way to focus on the overall uncluttred look of the shoes.

  1. Louis Leeman lace up Oxford shoes

LOUIS LEEMAN lace up Oxford shoes

Price: US$765.00
Buy It

Inspire awe and wonderment by simply working your own runway wearing these shiny, black Oxfords from Louis Leeman. Presented in calf leather, these lace up shoes scream power and attention, making you feel instantly confident and erasing any doubt about your fashion choices. Go for a streamlined look by pairing these with black slim-fit trousers and shirt.

  1. Trickers classic oxford shoes

TRICKERS classic oxford shoes

Price: US$489.00
Buy It

If looking rugged and a bit worn is your thing, then you better hit that buy button for this vintage-looking brown shoes from Trickers. Made from leather, you will notice and appreciate how elaborate the punch hole designs are, coming together to present a bespoke pair of Oxford shoes. These can easily work with denims and casual jackets for that super laidback look.

  1. Santoni classic lace-up shoes

SANTONI classic lace-up shoes

Price: US$902.00
Buy It

Love it or hate it, but the punch hole designs on these shoes are effortlessly your fast lane to looking trendy without being too much. Coming through in classic black color, these leather lace-up Oxfords from Santoni have square toe cut and chic tailored finishing that make it truly rare and extraordinary. And wearing these, you’ll most certainly be as well.

  1. Henderson Baracco classic oxford shoes

HENDERSON BARACCO classic oxford shoes

Price: US$437.00
Buy It

Ending this jam-packed list with nothing but awesome are these fashionable brown oxford shoes from Henderson Fusion. You’re guaranteed sturdiness because of the leather, as well as timelessness because of the dark brown color that work well with practically anything in your closet. For instance, wearing these with chinos and sweater will leave you looking so well-groomed and dashing given the chance!

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