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Our Predictions For What Will Be 2019’s Biggest Fashion Trends for Women


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New year, new look? Well, that may be the thought that some of you may have had, prompting you to click the link and check our predictions. Well, we’re preface this list with saying: you really don’t have to toss out the pieces you had in 2018. Yes, you read that right—we’ve already had glimpses of what is to come in the Spring and Summer 2019 collections from our favorite trendsetter brands, and it is highly likely that this year will only continue what we’ve loved previously, only now we’ve had more time to refine our style. The predictions are still worth checking though, so that we can make preparations in spending the year in style. Ready? Let’s begin:

Colors, colors everywhere


We already had a preview of this in the last year; it seems that fashion has tossed ‘safe’ out of the window, replacing neutrals and embracing all the colors of the rainbow. We had bright colors and pastels on the usually colorful garments, but also on tailored suits and pants. The oversized silhouettes they often accompanied allowed for a larger than life appearance.

…But Especially Coral

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In case you missed it, Pantone announced ‘Living Coral’ to be 2019’s color, so expect to find it everywhere. The pick is easy to the eyes compared to other pinks, which may be because it has the added charm of orange and gold. Its wide appeal will probably make you see it beyond company logos; it might be especially big for the ladies on street and athleisure wear.

Neon’s not dead


Here’s to taking it to the extremes—neon’s reinvention last year will likely continue this year, especially after it has trickled down from Prada, courtesy of Miuccia Prada, to other labels. The gutsy revel in its boldness from head to toe, but neutral-inclined fashionistas can spruce things up by injecting neon-colored accessories or select pieces.

Shorts, shorts, shorts!


Cycling shorts took an expected trendiness last year, courtesy of Kris Jenner’s spawns, but we’re hoping to see finer, tailored variations this 2019. They may be back in vogue especially in the warmer days, offering an alternative to the skirt-averse among us.

There’s no missing the shoulders


Puffy sleeves took on an entirely new level in 2018, becoming bigger more than ever. And everyone was on it, or at least we’re led to believe based on what we saw on the runway. Even if you aren’t too bold with your sartorial choices, you shouldn’t completely give up on ‘em; there are different ways to make the feminine fashion statement work, even if you’re more likely to go for understated pieces.

Wearing fur is now a fashion faux pas, but not faux fur


This is one instance of the “faux” having more value than the “real” version, especially now that fashion no longer is in its own bubble when it comes to social issues. The past year was monumental in the number of entities that have renounced the use of fur, which will probably lead to the rise of the alternative that is cruelty-free but not any less glamorous.

We crave the drama


Besides the puffy shoulders, other things are going to be more dramatic this year. Honestly, we have not had enough of the exaggerated details such as ruffles and oversized silhouettes, and we’re all for making that grand entrance.

The ‘90s Nostalgia


The ‘80s had the floor, with countless pop culture references and even fashion trends making a comeback. In 2019 though, it will be on its way out, especially now that the ‘90s is almost hitting the 30-year rule. We’ve already had a taste of it in the last year, but expect to see more trends finding their way in 2019 (and yes, that covers even the cringeworthy ones).

Utility will be a finer trend


Function does not necessarily mean boring or ugly is a statement we’ve already established in the past, but this year will legitimize the claim. Expect to see more boiler suits, utility pants, and khaki jackets to hit the racks in the coming months, this time with a more refined appearance.

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