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15 Versace (Versace Jeans) Apparels and Accessories You Do Not Want to Miss in 2018

15 Extremely Gorgeous And Lovely Women’s Versace Jeans (Bags, Clothing, Shoes)

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

We always want to look our best. Finding what to wear everyday is a daily chore that sometimes gives us struggle on mixing and matching our outfits. Understandably so, as we want to consider many things to look our best. For one, we always need to dress up appropriately into the occasion and we spend a good amount of time for this task alone. Next concern: style, details and comfort; all important considerations when it comes to fashion. We may sometimes compromise one aspect, but it doesn’t feel right. Right?

So how can we have all these in one outfit? We start with the base piece of our wardrobe. Our base can be a pair of jeans, a skirt, and a dress. Once we figure out what our base should be then it would be easier to accessorize. Our wardrobe must consist of flexible or versatile pieces which will make mixing and matching such a piece of cake, even when you’re off to different occasions and styling during different seasons.

Just like these items from Versace Jeans, a casual clothing line of the designer label that makes one feel like one of those Hollywood celebrities whose photos are usually taken by the paparazzis.  Even though they look made up, these celebrities are usually just out and about and do not actually put in your usual 2-hour dressing and dolling up time.

Now you can say goodbye to the long hours of mixing, matching and trying out ensembles that make you feel utterly comfortable while you look so dashingly effortless. Even if you’re out just grabbing a cup of cappuccino, you’ll surely feel like a true celebrity with these awesome Versace Jeans pieces.

  1. Versace Jeans Ruffled Tiger Print Playsuit

VERSACE JEANS ruffled tiger print playsuit

Price: US$479.00
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If you’re looking for an everyday wear, Versace’s ruffled tiger print playsuit is a must have piece in your closet. This classy short playsuit can be easily styled with sandals or ankle boots if you want to go for a casual approach. It’s also a great way to accentuate your shape during summer and if you’re worried about the cold weather, its long sleeves can keep your arms warm. You can also layer with a sweater or a cardigan to give you a very chic style.

  1. Versace Jeans Sheer T-shirt

VERSACE JEANS sheer T-shirt

Price: US$179.00
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T-shirts are an essential part of our wardrobe. Everybody wears them because of the comfort they provide. While this black sheer tee from Versace is super trendy and can make anyone fabulous, it stays true to what we love about tees—it is oh-so-comfy! Complete your outfit with a skirt, a pair of sandals, and a black handbag to give yourself a very stylish look.

  1. Versace Jeans Antique-effect Logo Tote

VERSACE JEANS antique-effect logo tote

Price: US$225.00
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A tote is the most handy bag you can ever have. Every woman should have at least one tote in their possession because of its many uses. This rose pink and black antique tote from Versace is without a doubt a classy piece that can also used as an everyday handbag. Go strolling with this bag in jeans and a shirt, or in dress and flats. This bag’s versatility is endless.

  1. Versace Jeans Studded Lace-up Sneakers

VERSACE JEANS studded lace-up sneakers

Price: US$191.00
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You can never go wrong with wearing a pair of white sneakers. It is a trend that will last a lifetime! You won’t have trouble pairing them with vintage tees or pretty dresses. They are suitable for travels and they can work with any color of your outfits. This studded lace-up sneakers from Versace is just perfect for you. This white kicks can give you the look you want to achieve from summery to flirty or sporty or if you want to be just cute and adorable.

  1. Versace Jeans Pleated Dress

VERSACE JEANS pleated dress

Price: US$536.00
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Wow the crowd in this black pleated dress from Versace. Its design and fit can give you an elegant appearance without doing much. Match its silver pleated skirt with metallic heels to elongate your shape and accessorize with dangling earrings and a black leather clutch bag to complete the look. If you want to achieve a summer vibe, all you have to do is strap on a pair of sandals. Surely this dress will give you a winning style any time of day.

  1. Versace Jeans Logo Quilted Tote

VERSACE JEANS logo quilted tote

Price: US$208.00
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Go malling in a casual hoodie and denim shorts with this peach Versace logo quilted tote. While the look might seem casual, this tote will match any outfit and style you choose to wear. Everyone who passes by will surely stare and take a second look at this classy yet casual bag.

  1. Versace Jeans Drawstring Waist Denim Dress

VERSACE JEANS drawstring waist denim dress

Price: US$444.00
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The best thing about denim dresses is that you can style and wear them in any kind of season. Just like this Versace blue drawstring denim dress, a versatile piece that your closet needs to have. It is the perfect outfit to wear on a chill day out with friends or a whole day of errands. Complete your fashionable yet comfortable look with a pair of sandals and a black handbag. You can always  refresh your look with this dress by mixing and matching.

  1. Versace Jeans Studded Hooded Sweatshirt

VERSACE JEANS studded hooded sweatshirt

Price: US$271.00
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Hoodies are basic pieces that can make you look sporty or plainly casual, depending on your mood. It is a high time for the sporty look in fashion, both in the rise of track pants and hoodies styled by A-list celebs themselves. Be part of that trend with this black cotton studded hooded sweatshirt from Versace Jeans, and add your personal styling as you mix and match.

  1. Versace Jeans Tiger Print T-shirt

VERSACE JEANS tiger print T-shirt

Price: US$156.00
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Simply casual and laid back, this tiger printed shirt channels an effortless look that is still high fashionable. Its cotton material provides you the comfort you need, while its style gives you the freedom to style it however way you want. You can tuck it in, add a bling or even layer with more colorful pieces. Paired nicely with jeans, a handbag, and strap on sandals, this tee can easily make you look stylish the and still feel cozy.

  1. Versace Jeans Washed Denim Shorts

VERSACE JEANS washed denim shorts

Price: US$225.00
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Wearing denim shorts is a fashionable way to achieve a casual look during summer days. They are cute, comfy and can be easily styled. Be spot on with your styling through this blue cotton washed denim shorts from Versace paired with tees, crop tops or button down shirts. This piece look=s stunning with just about any shoes and accessories. If you are trying to achieve a fashionably laid back vibe, you won’t have to look very far, because these denim shorts got you covered.

  1. Versace Jeans All-over Print Shirt

VERSACE JEANS all-over print shirt

Price: US$395.00
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This multicolored all-over print shirt has a long line style that gives you a classy way to dress up. This shirt’s cool paint blotch pattern has the perfect combination of colors that will inspire you to be creative and reinvent your outfits. If you want a chic street style look, you can pair this with leather pants, ankle boots and a cute little handbag, and you’ll look trendy as ever.

  1. Versace Jeans Contrast Tassel Tote

Versace Jeans Contrast Tassel Tote

Price: US$175.00
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This white contrast tassle tote from Versace will give you a very chic and on-the-go appearance. By styling accordingly to match your outfit, you can go casual or look like a hundred bucks with this tote bag. We love how this piece looks with a sleeveless top, a pair of jeans and black pumps. Its material and delicate design will help you achieve any look you are going for.

  1. Versace Jeans Buckle-embellished Booties

VERSACE JEANS buckle-embellished booties

Price: US$256.00
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You can easily take this black leather buckle-embellished booties from Versace from day to night. Wear this pair with leggings or tight fitted jeans to really show off the beauty of these leather booties. Don’t forget to complete your look with a clutch bag, and people will surely take a second look as you strut your stuff with these killer booties.

  1. Versace Jeans Studded Clutch Bag

VERSACE JEANS studded clutch bag

Price: US$171.00
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If you’re looking for the perfect bag for a party or any formal occasion, this white studded clutch bag from Versace is the answer. It goes perfectly with your favorite little black dress and heels, an ensemble that will make you look so elegantly beautiful.

  1. Versace Jeans Logo Plaque Leggings

VERSACE JEANS logo plaque leggings

Price: US$202.00
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Whether it’s a quick walk around your neighborhood or just a quick bite at your favorite fastfood, this black logo plaque leggings can be your go-to bottoms that are easy to put on when you only have a few minutes to get dressed. Throw in a simple tee and sandals into the mix, and you’d absolutely look like you actually made an effort to look casually stylish. Not only that—they are so comfy and they provide the perfect coverage, so you wouldn’t have a problem if your top is too short.

We all know that Versace is synonymous to luxury. Its high end class, elegance and style have been around for long that the label is sometimes only associated with glamming up and looking fab for a red carpet occasion or social event. But with these pieces of  clothing from Versace Jeans, we all now know that they provide the kind of luxury that any woman can enjoy everyday. And we, women all know the importance of feeling comfortable and cozy in the clothes that we wear. After all, fashion isn’t all about the glitz and glam, it’s also about us looking fashionable while we style like our normal and good old selves.

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