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Reebok Zoku Runner Shoes Review

Reebok Zoku Runner Sneakers Review

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Reebok Zoku Runner Sneakers Review
Reebok Zoku Runner Shoes Review
Today, running shoes are among the hottest items in the fashion and retail industry and Reebok’s Zoku Runner sneakers do not disappoint. If you want a pair that will not only feel good but also look amazing on your feet, this is the pair for you. Although you have to be extremely careful when wearing them—particularly when working out or playing sports—this is only a small challenge to take for a pair that is as fashionable and trendy as they are extremely comfortable.
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Running shoes have certainly evolved over the years. They used to be created for the sole purpose of providing comfort and agility to the wearer when he/she is running or exercising. Today, they’ve become one of the most fashionable shoes in all of sneaker culture and high fashion combined. As sportswear became the toast of the fashion elite, running shoes were upgraded from mere trainers to stylish sneakers. Reebok is one brand whose capitalized on this change with their Zoku Runner sneakers.

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Release date: March 2, 2017
Retail Price: $115

Sportswear brands like Reebok are cashing in on the current trend of athleisure and luxury sportswear. As a result, their newest releases are becoming more and more high class and fashionable than their previous normal offers. On March 2, 2017, Reebok debuted one of their most luxurious new shoes, the Zoku Runner sneakers. They sell at $115 a pair and are worth every cent.


Reebok ventured into a new territory when they created their Zoku Runner sneakers. This was one of the first times the German sportswear label incorporated knit onto their footwear. The result is a sleeker and ultimately more comfortable pair for runners. Because the knit material embraces the wearer’s feet, the streamlined silhouette also makes for more lightweight shoes. Not to mention the sophisticated look this pair evokes, even at first glance. The monochromatic iterations are especially more refined and entirely elegant.


Although the knit material has become a go-to fabric for many sportswear brands who are getting into the high fashion game, the overall durability of it remains a big question. Reebok’s Zoku Runners are said to be easily damaged after a few uses, mostly because of the soft and sensitive knitted upper. Furthermore, knit material is quite difficult to wash and maintain, which poses for more challenged for the owner.

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