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Reebok Women’s Harman Run Review

Reebok Women's Harman Run Sneakers Review

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Reebok Women's Harman Run Sneakers Review
Reebok Women’s Harman Run Review
The sports world is getting a feminine makeover and Rebook is helping change the game with their new Women’s Harman Run sneakers. Packed with as much punch, posh, pizzazz, the new shoes prove that sports can be as stylish an endeavor as any other in the fashion industry. Fashion no longer discriminates, and athletes are starting to become style icons themselves. With the help of Reebok’s new shoes, the line between fashion and sports will continue to blur until it completely disappears.
Value for Money

Women are now running the world and a myriad of fashion and luxury retail brands are helping them do it, especially in the world of sports. Decades ago, most of the sportswear brands or even high fashion brands that offered sportswear only focused on their male customers. Now, as female athletes break records and win championships, female customers are given their own athletic gear. Reebok is one of the best labels to have done so with their Harman Run Women’s sneakers.

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Release date: March 2015

The Harman Run line started exclusively for men, but since March of 2015, the American sportswear brand has been offering the model for women as well. Crafted specifically for the female foot, the shoe’s designs are a lot more feminine and sleeker. Each pair costs around $60, making it a popular buy for women of different financial means. And since supermodel Gigi Hadid was spotted sporting the pair, it’s possible the shoe will get even more fame.


Reebok’s Harman Run sneakers for women prove that style and comfort need not be separate. A new style with metallic leather, including the silver variety supermodel Gigi Hadid wore on the street, offers a show-stopping gear for an everyday run. Whether in blush pink or silver, the shoes are unapologetically feminine as they are sporty and durable. Additionally, its ortholite insoles will give one’s feet total comfort for hours. Whether one chooses the classic matte or metallic finishes, the shoe has become as fashionable on the street as they are functional when exercising.


Apart from its metallic editions, Reebok’s Harman Run sneakers for women provide no new design nor feature that will help it stand out against other running shoes from different brands. The sportswear business is getting competitive by the minute and if a label doesn’t offer anything completely new and exciting, they might find themselves out of the game. Although it can’t be denied that Reebok’s Harman Run line is a classic, it’s time to step it up a bit in the fashion design department.

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