L’Oréal And Isabel Marant’s ‘French Girl’ Makeup Collection Coming Soon

L’Oréal And Isabel Marant's 'French Girl' Makeup Collection Coming Soon

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Isabel Marant charmed her way to our hearts with her chic Parisian girl style—one that did not solely depend on trends, but on what feels good. Simply put, effortlessly chic.

Such refined elegance without being over-the-top can be also seen in the designer’s runways. And with its partnership with L’Oréal for a capsule collection, our minds can’t help but wonder how elegant that would be, especially as two stellar French labels joined forces to bring out what we’ve always dreamed of.

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After weeks of speculation, there’s no more guessing and wondering, as we let you in on the latest news on the L’Oréal x Isabel Marant makeup collection. Take a peek with us and try to expect those ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ until the end.

The collection

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Isabel Marant and L’Oréal packed the capsule collection with highly affordable, but utterly gorgeous lipsticks with a total of seven differently astonishing shades. Three reds, two nudes, and two plums complete the lipstick set, all flattering to all kinds of skin tones. But the greatest surprise isn’t that yet—the ‘SMILE’ lipsticks are oh-so-affordable that people will surely go crazy trying to get a hold of not one, not two, but all of the seven shades in the collection.

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Aside from the lip products, the Isabel Marant capsule collection with the hands-on collaboration of Val Garland, L’Oréal’s Global Make-up Director contains products for the brows, the lashes, and the lids, as well. The ‘WANTED’ mascara is a 2-in-1 piece that can be both used on brows and lashes, while the ‘SMOKE’ eyeshadow is duo palette for a proper smokey eye look. For the cheeks, The ‘Shine’ highlighter is bound to give you a glow that feels like it comes from within, while the ‘AMAZE’ gloss can both be used to add sheen to your lips and eyelids.

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From day to night

Isabel Marant herself expressed her excitement over the released of her very first venture to the make-up world, and she couldn’t have it other way than the great partnership she has with L’Oréal Paris for this specific project. It’s such an on-the-go collection, reflective of the personal and brand style of Isabel Marant, which speaks a lot about the commitment of the designer brand to its ‘ready-to-wear’ aesthetic.

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But that chic ready-to-wear vibe isn’t the only style going on in the make-up collection. Adding the element of smokey look into the products, the capsule collection is meant to have you all set from office to evening events, a perfect day-to-night companion for a gorgeous look every minute and every hour.

French girl chic

Of course, what most anticipated about the collection is all true—it has a chic and minimalistic vibe, from the products themselves down to the packaging. The name of each product and the brand’s logo are simply printed across in white block letters against a black background. It all captures Isabel Marant’s style down to the core and we can’t help but swoon over it. Indeed, it is a French girl chic collection that no one else can simple capture.

Isabel Marant x L'Oréal

What’s more lovable about the products is that they are designed to be applied with just the fingertips—no need for fancy brushes or sponges. They are simply incredible and easy to work with, on top of being surprisingly affordable. Can we just all hold hands and cry out of gratitude right now?

There’s still a few more days before the official pre-launch of the collection online, which will happen on the 19th of September. Just a week after that, on the 27th, it will hit all Isabel Marant shops and retail shops and stores where L’Oréal products can be found.

Are you excited too? We bet you are! Buy here

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