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YSE LogoIf you are a small-busted lady shopping for lingerie, you would find that the options available would mostly make your natural cups appear fuller and perkier. It can be a pain when you want nothing of the enhancement but be happy and work with your features to feel alluring underneath. What’s more frustrating is that unpadded choices are often plain and wanting of more charm. Such a hassle, right?

Thankfully, Ysé has set out to change that. Its ultra-feminine and comfortable undergarments conform to your shape and not the other way around, so you can feel perfectly content and sexy with the way your body is. No more hours and hours of hunting for a brand that can provide the lingerie that you need, finally!

The women behind Ysé

Bérengère Lehembre and Clara Blocman

The predicament that small-busted women have with the existing collections of lingerie can only be understood by other women who are proud of what they have as well. The creators of Ysé, Bérengère Lehembre and Clara Blocman had the same concern—but knew they could turn things around for other women by creating beautiful lingerie themselves.

Like many others, the duo is used to seeing lingerie brands hire models with ample bosoms to advertise their products. Without taking away the fact that they are very beautiful, the idea that attractiveness only comes in bigger cups is already very outdated. For the two and for many others, beauty comes in all forms and sizes, in all cups and shapes.

Proud with their A and B cups, Bérengère and Clara felt the need to let the world know that they and other women like them are already very alluring and seductive in their own bodies. The duo did it by making delicate pieces without padding, to encourage many to feel the same way. Since their foundation, the two designers have worked with a stylist to create lingerie that speaks to them. They have learned about what their target market wants, and along the way their brand grew with them as well.

Non-padded grace and comfort

Ysé Lingerie

Source: Eleusis Megara

Because of their petite forms, it can be easy to mistake thinner, less bustier women to not have any difficulties in getting the right lingerie. The reality is far from that, though. Petite women, such as the ladies targeted by Ysé, rarely get the attention they deserve from other lingerie companies as their focus is on full busted customers, or those who want to add volume to their figures. But Ysé’s customers are content and gorgeous with what they have, and feel padding to be unnecessary when choosing their undergarments.

Ysé offers comfort and grace in its non-padded selection. It utilizes innovative fit architecture that is subtle in soothing out the details of the female form, so it looks natural as much as possible. The company also recognizes that women with A and B cups also like what is more available to bigger cups: lovely lingerie. This is why the collections are in different colors and have simple, clean lines that are elegant instead of boring. The undergarments prominently feature a foam half-basket and the materials are high quality.

The Ysé woman

Ysé Lingerie 2

While A cup or B cup is already a given for the Ysé woman, Clara and Bérengère have a few more ideas on how someone who uses their lingerie would be.

An Ysé woman is a bold and elegant woman who knows how to play into her features to make herself feel beautiful. To her, feeling beautiful means being comfortable in one’s skin and completely being at ease with what is natural. The lingerie she wears underneath adds to her confidence and elegance but it is not the foundation. In tune with the times, she knows that beauty comes in many forms and she possesses an utmost respect for what is natural. Understandably, she prefers the smoothness of an unpadded brassiere because it is not restricting to the breasts and because a bosom without foam is much more comfortable and feminine.

The lady founders of the brand imagine the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis, Lou Doillon and Caroline de Maigret to be how a woman embracing their lingerie would look like. They also admire these women for the confidence and comfort they exude from within  themselves.

As a company just starting out, Ysé introduced the world to the their creations by setting up pop-up stores for three years. It finally settled down in its very own space in Marais, a historic neighborhood in Paris, to showcase their first lingerie boudoir. Creations are also available through its e-commerce site that comes in both French and English. The site has a sizing guide and a Men’s Room section which gives fitting advice.

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