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Yasmine Eslami LogoWho would not want to feel and look beautiful and sexy? It is definitely one of every woman’s dream. We can only wish to eat all the food we want without getting fat. So, we take care of our health, skin and diet to look our best. And of course, we take the time to pick the right clothes for our own body type and personal style. And basic clothing starts with the right set of undergarments to provide us with the proper support and lift that we need.

We may not be wearing the sexiest dress, but the right underwear will definitely do the trick to provide that extra needed boost. The perfect underwear will perfectly enhance and accentuate our natural figure and make us look way even better in our clothes. And when it comes to looking and feeling sexy, Yasmine Eslami has just the perfect lingerie sets for every woman. For women who want sensual underclothes without too much frills and embellishments —just good-old-plain, no-fuss sexy underthings, but made with the finest fabrics available there is.

Training from some of the best fashion houses

Yasmine Eslami

Yasmine Eslami was raised in Paris and trained by Studio Bercot. She used to work in London with Vivienne Westwood under the designer’s Red Label line in the 90’s. This is where she actually learned about the art of corsetry as a designer. She definitely learned from one of the industry’s best.

Yasmine returned to Paris after 10 years as a fashion stylist for magazines. In 2010, She opened her eponymous line of lingerie. She has then been appointed as Eres’ artistic director of swimwear and beachwear. Her job experience has led her to succeed in the lingerie fashion industry. Being able to work with a highly respected designer such as Vivienne Westwood, as well as work for the fashion house Eres, is a real indication of her talent as a designer. No wonder that she eventually opened her own eponymous label of lingerie.

Signature style and pieces

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Every piece of lingerie from Yasmine Eslami is known for its modern yet simple style, sleek and sheer fabrics, sexy and sensual designs without the addition of too much frills. The brand is also known for body skimming lingerie that conform to the natural curve of a woman’s body and the bras are devoid of padding but instead are made from only the best Italian crepe, high-quality German mesh tulle, Swiss cotton and French lace.

In 2015, Yasmine Eslami expanded its designs to swimwear. Afterwards, it then launched men’s underwear, unisex shirts, and its very own online site in 2016. It has a boutique in Paris, located at 1st arrondissement, while it also makes its pieces available at its own e-commerce site. But other well-known department stores and sites also feature its lovely lingerie collections, including Net-a-PorterBarneys New York, and Le Bon Marche.

 Finding inspiration in almost everything

Designer Yasmine Eslami

One of the most outstanding feature of every Yasmine Eslami design would be the inspiration the founder gets from thinking about the person who would be wearing a particular style. All inspirations were drawn from a lot of things—it could be a photograph, a movie or a book. But more importantly, the label’s designs are something any woman herself would be willingly wear comfortably, after all, one top priority is to make it a fun and enjoyable piece for every woman.

One of the most prominent feature of every Yasmine Eslami lingerie would be the lack of padding on bras and panties. Sheer and light fabrics such as tulles and laces in various cuts and colors were used in every collections. Still, these pieces still offer a high level of support and are real flattering for the exquisite female body. Every Yasmine Eslami lingerie is indeed a celebration of the natural form of a woman’s body.

A modern and sensual woman who can confidently feel good about her body and herself without the unnecessary embellishments, will truly appreciate and love the bran’s collection. Just sheer, fun, light fabrics and solid structures can be found in every Yasmine Eslami piece—definitely made for the woman who embraces her femininity and is not afraid to show it. No frills. No fuss.

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