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Married, dating, single, old, young—every woman of any age and any relationship status needs to have a collection of lingerie pieces in her closet. Why? It isn’t all about showing your special someone that lustrous lacy outfit, nor just about earning compliments—it is about feeling beautiful when you wear a stylish set, and about being comfortable with a perfectly sized pair of underwear. It is all about your comfort, your style, how you look at yourself and what the lingerie sparks inside you that matter. And if there’s a brand that totally understands that, it is Triumph.

With more than 130 years on its belt, Triumph had made generations of women happy with their bodies as the brand has found the sweet spot in balancing all elements to make the perfect lingerie. It wasn’t like that right away, as the brand underwent an entire journey to be the well-known lingerie label that it is today.

130-year long history

Triumph clothing collection at the international exhibition of the fashion industry, Collection Premiere Moscow
Triumph clothing collection at the international exhibition of the fashion industry, Collection Premiere Moscow

Like many other lingerie brands, Triumph started as a corset company somewhere in Germany, created by Johann Gottfried and Michael Braun. It was a small and intimate company in a barn, composed of a total of just six employees and six sewing machines. That setup changed at the turn of the century as the brand, with its new name then, “Triumph” started to be recognized, which prompted it to expand all its production and setup.

By 1970s, Triumph already created another brand, Sloggi, which focuses on cotton underwear. Ten years later, another brand was launched, the BeeDees brand, to focus on younger ages until about 25 years old. By the time the brand reached its 100th year, it already has grown into a 19,000-man international company. Such success didn’t lead to complacency though, as the brand continued to expand, even taking over HOM, a men’s under brand in France.

After a total of 130 years, the brand have found long-term partners in known luxury brands and stores, including Selfridges, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams. It’s global presence has even more flourished, letting it become one of the most famous luxury lingerie brands in the world.

Breakthrough collections and pieces

What made Triumph power through all the years of hardships and difficulties in the fashion realm was its commitment and dedication to produce the best linger for women. The brand values its users’ experience of the lingerie pieces, while it also adds an aesthetic that would best fit the form and silhouette of a lingerie.

Floral is a premium collection that stood out because of its incorporation of embroidered designs in muted shades, as well as floral theme on its pieces. It sells at a higher price point that most of the brand’s pieces because of its luxurious look and an overall theme of elegance.

A breakthrough design of the brand has been a game-changer in the lingerie industry was called the “Minimizer Bra”. Made to give a super comfortable wearing experience, the minimizer bra, from its name, can reduce the wearer’s cup size by one. After the success of the minimizer bra, other innovative designs followed suit, including the “Soft Secret” with its incognito underwires for a smooth wear, the “Triaction Free Motion” that’s designed for fitness buffs, and the “Iconic Essence” with a lace back that’s too pretty to hide beneath your clothes.

Other special projects

Triumph LingerieTriumph has fully immersed itself into projects that discover advanced features and innovative designs to feature in their pieces, most of which add a lot of new value to the existing trends in the lingerie world. These include the concept of “Magic Wire”, wherein a bra’s support does not come from the traditional metal wires, rather, from a flexible undercup feature. Another successful concepts are the “Magic Boost”, a more modern take on push-up bras and the “3D POWERTEC® sports bra” that answers the high demand for intimate pieces for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Other than new features that they come up with, Triumph is also known to be an advocate of spreading knowledge on the importance of wearing the right bra size. The brand started the “Find the One” campaign in 2015 to help women all over the world get the perfectly designed and sized bra for them. It also serves as a guide for clueless men on what to get their spouses or significant others, so they won’t feel too intimidated buying a gift for her.

Triumph into the future

Triumph presents new Collection "Essense" Lingerie
Triumph presents new Collection “Essense” Lingerie

While over the years the peak of Triumph’s fame hasn’t been carried over to the younger generations, the brand still strives to reinvent and redesign its pieces to match the needs and wants of the young female of today. Fashion-led lines have been release by the brand as well, in its aim to make an impact to the hip and chic part of the lingerie-wearing population.

In 2013 Triumph has expanded to the USA and Mexico market, and continuously working on multiplying its global presence. While doing so, it retains its core essence of comfort, comfortable structures and beautiful silhouettes while also targeting to always come up with highly fashionable pieces. This way, Triumph would no longer be just the brand that your grandma and mother wore, but the cool and fab brand with awesome lingerie pieces that you’d love to wear.

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