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Passionata Logo 2No fashion hack or mixing and matching can ever make your clothes fit and look better than wearing the right underwear beneath them. If you’re going to splurge on fashion, let it be lingerie—the difference it makes is better and more evident than another cute top or the most booty-enhancing pair of pants.

You can’t go wrong with a brand whose name involves the word passion. Passionata has a lot of things going for them just by its name, which already associates itself to good traits. For the brand, it can mean passion for lingerie as it does passion for life. It’s a no-brainer how nice lingerie can instantly uplift your spirits, and that’s what the brand tries to achieve with their own products while also trying to be accessible to women of all backgrounds.

Reviving the love for lingerie


Passionata was formed on the cusp of the burning-bra movement, which reached its peak in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when women’s underwear were rejected and considered restrictive and superficial. There was no other time when lingerie had little to no value to a significant amount of women.

This French brand is part of the few that came to the rescue of lingerie. By starting up at such a crucial time, it initiated the mindset shift that returned people’s attention towards lingerie again. What made the brand hit it off to a good start was its “forever 30” mantra that instantly appealed to its growing market. Women were drawn to the brand’s youthful pops of color and extremely feminine design.

At present, Passionata has almost 30 years of honing women’s mindset about lingerie. It boasts of being a family-owned business, but it also operates under Chantelle lingerie. Its parent company has existed for way longer and so the brand benefits from its traditions in craftsmanship and manufacturing.

The Passionista woman

Passionata 2

Passionista is the word invented for the kind of women that Passionata wants to attract and who their lingerie are made for. The common traits among Passionistas are the immense love for life, sharp mind and body. A Passionista woman knows how to appreciate the little things in life like a piece of bra and thong and to enjoy the sensations it brings to wear them out and know it’s a secret hidden underneath your clothes.

A Passionista woman has the guts to flaunt her sharp edges or curves depending on what type of body she has and just want women to have the same kind of freedom and comfort. Passionata helps these women express their femininity through their lingerie that can be a hidden source of confidence. The Israeli model Bar Refaeli sets an ideal example of this as the face of the brand and its ultimate muse, representing Passionistas in every release of their new pieces.

Exquisite offerings

As in its name, the brand’s lingerie offerings are “made with passion” using traditional soft and delicate fabrics and flirty details and appliqués. Guipure lace, satin ribbons, detailed straps, and embroideries are sometimes alternated or complemented with the more creative and extra suspender-belts, seductive cut-outs, and technology-enabled structures of bras.

The brand provides a wide range of products from bras to bottoms to bodysuits and nightwear. Their bra options alone are made for different functions. They have the usual underwire, no wire, strapless, and push-up for the common types women go for. They also make bras for specific necklines and types of tops like the Plunge bra and T-shirt bra.

Passionata takes it to the next level though with some creations that add a little extra on the looks and support. The Spacer bra a soft and light bra that’s invisible under any kind of top. It enhances your natural shape sans the foam or cups, so comfort is guaranteed on this one. Another stunner, The Demi bra, does the complete opposite. It invented the “Up Effect” which just means it lifts your bust to reveal a generous amount of cleavage. It also enhances your natural shape but in an overt way so as to be easily noticeable and not the other way around.

The same variety goes for bottoms and other lingerie like chemises, corsets, and bustier. There are so many optional design and functional elements to choose from and these usually do more than accentuate one part of your body but the look of your overall figure.

There’s more to love about the brand

If there’s any more reason to love the brand, maybe you’ll fall head over heels for the beautiful cause it takes part of: “La Flamme Marie Claire”. It helps give young girls everywhere have an education. Though it’s their contribution as part of Chantelle, it’s just yet another reason that supporting the brand somehow goes towards something good.

Even with almost three decades of existence, the brand still continues to bring a refreshing attitude about the way we perceive lingerie either for fashion, beauty, seduction, or practical reasons.

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