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Myla LogoLingerie is often marketed as bringing out the sensuality of its wearer. After all, it accentuates details one would not see ordinarily in broad daylight. Despite this, wearing of things that have less material than usual depend mostly on the woman who’s unafraid to don them on, who’s willing to play out her best features, and who’s unabashed to revel in her beauty whether there is someone to see her in such a delicate light or she’s celebrating on her own.

Myla understands this completely, creating lingerie that women can feel confident and beautiful in, so that her best self can come out. Their matching sets are appealing even to those who do not put much thought into their undergarments. With the sophisticated make of lace and lovely colors that hide just a tad of the body to create an air of mystery as well as tease, Myla is worth the investment. And with its rebranding, we’re bound to see more to fall in love with.

Specializing in luxe lingerie since 1999

Myla London Lingerie

Compared to most established lingerie brands, Myla is relatively younger. After all, it was only 1999 when it was founded right at the heart of Notting Hill in London. And it did not start out as a big shop too, it was a small, quaint boutique that soon drew the attention of celebrities and fashionistas worldwide.

As with other luxury brands, Myla wanted to make things authentic, which is why it paid great attention to the tradition of manufacturing undergarments. Its collections are made with intricate embroidery and carefully cut lace, done in one of the oldest looms in Calais, France, and the nightwear are finished at an Italian atelier. This resulted in lingerie that women all over fell in love with, which were at times provocative but were always sensuous. The sumptuous collections have earned the brand accolades, among them a Lingerie Brand of the Year award from UK Lingerie Awards in 2012.

At some point in its history, the brand was led by the creative minds of Tamsin Artus and Minako Suzuki-Lowe. At Myla, they decided on things together. The two chanced upon lingerie designing inadvertently. Tamsin thought that she would focus on other garments while majoring in fashion at the university, while Minako took a while to realize that she could despite drawing pin-up girls and generally very curvaceous women. Eventually, they became drawn to the intricate details of corsetry that cannot be rushed or sketched freestyle because the function should be well thought of. Their creative minds had to work more than a year in advance to design the collections, especially since lingerie is a feat of engineering as much as it is of design.

Together with the  whole team behind the brand, the founders took inspiration in fashion trends to keep designs timely, and then transformed these into something more sophisticated and sensual to make them feel more like luxury.

Always designed for women

For other brands, lingerie have been crafted with men in mind. But for Myla, it has always been about the wearer, a modern, discerning woman. Such a client only deserved pieces that are beautifully designed, made with topnotch craftsmanship, and fit perfectly.

Myla’s collections vary from brassieres to babydoll nightwear, matching sets and silk bottoms. But what stood out for the brand is its work with lace. In a collection that featured metallic threads, one can appreciate the intricate work done with the lace despite the more eye-catching specks of gold and silver. The folds, the cuts and the overall construction all maximize the sensual effect of the lingerie.

Myla also liked to play with a palette, believing that customers would want to invest on luxe pieces that give pops of color. Although the signature colors include blush pink, rich black and deep berry, Myla is unafraid to try bright colors at times. In some of its collections, it has even made bolder choices by including loud prints, Swarovski crystals, feathers and ribbons. But in spite of its attempts to stand out, it can still do romantic florals beautifully.

Despite the variety, the pieces’ common denominator is that they are all glamourous, as well as contemporary. The lingerie Myla creates also have just the right amount of edge to them to make them fitting for a modern woman.

Awaiting the all new Myla

Myla London Lingerie 3

The recent years saw women becoming more and more willing to invest in lingerie, as they are no longer viewed as pieces that should be kept secret. They are becoming an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, gorgeously designed to give them confidence. Myla’s pieces have accomplished that in the past, but with it currently in the process of developing a new look, the brand can possibly accomplish even more.

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