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Maison Close Logo 2Maison Close is a brand that even lingerie-obsessed collectors will think twice about. It’s definitely not for everyone but it tries to welcome anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in branching out to erotic lingerie, and in so doing, subscribes to a new world with an entirely modern philosophy on sexiness and seduction.

It’s a fairly new brand established in 2006 by Monsieur Le Français, who had the inclination to create collections that highlight women’s sensual figures while providing a sense of comfort. So then, erotica and lingerie were combined to achieve both goals. And it quickly rose up to claim its success, as in 2013, it won Boudoir Brand of the Year in the UK.

Luxury and erotica

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Maison Close has built a brand image based around sensuality, erotica, and fetishism through their lingerie pieces. In a mostly body positive approach, the brand presents their creations with a hint of couture quality as well. It puts a lot of value in the refinement of elegance and style while still maintaining an air of mystery and sexiness, whether in the subtle teases of their sheer fabrics and cutout bodysuits and other ready-to-wear or the erotic accessories like masks and handcuffs.

The brand encourages and boosts out-of-your-comfort-zone levels of confidence with their avant-garde designs that leave you no other choice than to just feel like your most sensual self in them. Some play along lines of flirty and feminine, while others don’t hold back and expose you quite literally—but all are done in a fashionable manner, refined by small details.

Maison Close packages come in a purple box adorned with fancy gold branding and decoration, so even with a slightly more daring vibe than the usual lingerie, women are still given that luxe couture experience.

Ligne personelles

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Photo: @MaisonClose.France

The brand’s collections are categorized into two, one of which is Ligne Personelles, where the more modest collections fall under. These can be described as “second-skin” collections because that’s what they feel like. Also, some of them are just less fetish- or boudoir-inclined in terms of the designs.

These collections make use of lace, satin, nylon, and mesh sometimes in their stretchable variations, and removable suspenders. The pieces alternate between nudes and other darker colors that appear in more daring pieces like black, ivory, navy blue, gold, and of course, red. The nudes and neutrals are the major thing that really puts these collections under Ligne Personelles because the bra styles are still as audacious like the push-up, triangle cups, and actual naked breasts supported by one-fourth cups.

Ligne confidentielles

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Photo: @MaisonClose.France

Ligne Confidentielles is the other category under which the more daring collections are put into. These collections feature the same fabrics, same colors, and same bra shapes, only it packs up more seduction in every piece. This is where avant-garde looks really come out. They show through the many seductive cutouts and revealing designs.

Liaison Fatale epitomizes the characteristics of a Ligne Confidentielle collection. It features a lot of sheer mesh panels, multi-strapping, almost bondage-like in appearance, removable suspenders, collars, and harness, all in a panther black color that blends in with night settings. It also plays around with sheer and opaque fabrics and the lines created by the straps to double the seductive impulsion.

The latest addition to the Maison Close’s lineup of collections is Belle de Jour, which goes with the current trends of highlighting more body shapes and developing body positive messages through brands and in pop culture. Belle de Jour is a sexy shapewear collection that offers a wider range of size options for women with fuller figures. The goal of this collection is to glorify women’s bodies no matter the size—because it still goes along with the brand’s erotic themes, even for the added sizes. There are seamless briefs, high-waist shorts and thongs, and bras with removable harnesses. These features are both for the sexy quality of the lingerie and the comfort of the wearer.

Even with its avant-garde and fetish-induced designs, Maison Close has still attracted some of the most famous international stars, stylists and photographers. Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna are among the women who the brand has appealed to.

Maison Close can be considered a forward-thinking brand. It challenges and shifts our way of thinking about erotica and lingerie, even more than most people already do, especially those outside of France where everyone’s open about the idea of lingerie. With their body positive and open-minded approach, there’s so much that Maison Close can do beyond their line of business and there’s no stopping their growth when they continue on with the woke attitude.

Maison Close Lingerie

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