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Lou Lingerie LogoThe French may boast of its many lingerie companies, but not a lot of them can say that Brigitte Bardot has modeled their undergarments. Remembered for that and more, Lou has been around during most of the last century, bringing to life luxurious lingerie distinguished for their impeccable work with lace and great fit. The brand has grown to produce more articles, ranging from lounge clothes to swimwear. Despite being around for more than half a century now, Lou Paris is more relevant than ever for reinventing its exquisitely made pieces to suit the tastes of the times.

A brand that came out of love

Lou Lingerie

Lou all began during a chance encounter between two people who would soon share a life (and a business) together. In 1946, Andre Faller met the love of his life, Lucienne, while aboard the European luxury train Oriental Express. Then a gymnast, Lucienne had another passion that consumed all her thoughts and efforts: designing and creating dresses and lingerie. The meeting of Andre and Lucienne—or Lou, as he lovingly called her—proved to be fortunate because the former helped his muse lay the foundation for her dreams and the latter produced memorable lingerie that became iconic in France and elsewhere. The two married and settled in Grenoble to build their business, as well as to be around mountains which they both loved. Decades later, the company was relocated to Paris, hence its new name, Lou Paris.

The two bore no children and instead focused their energies on the company that served as their offspring instead. Lucienne was innovative, unafraid to try different colors and textiles but also backed up with a technical knowledge on how well fabrics would work together. Due to this mastery, Lou emerged as one of the top lingerie brands in France. Along the way, the duo developed a friendship with French actress Brigitte Bardot who modeled for Lou as well as Karting, another clothing company that the Fallers owned.

Striving for perfection

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The attitude of the brand since its inception in the 1940s has not changed until today, as it is still recognized for its beauty, liveliness and masterful manufacture of undergarments. The brand became a leading name in the industry for the quality and variety of material, its ready-to-wear selection that looks and feels otherwise, and the embrace of emerging trends in lingerie making.

The dependable Lou that women go to for elegant undergarments was innovative right in the beginning. Striving for perfection, as goes what once was its slogan, Lou is noted as the first to create a brassiere that had lateral straps, underwires, as well as Lycra lace. The ingenuity of Lou also extends to the designs, as the brand is the first to use print in the 1970s and is among the proponents of releasing undergarments as a set. Every added feature is a result of Lou thinking ahead of what a woman may need and want to have with her intimates.

While Lou maintains the vision of its original designer Lucienne Faller, the brand is more than willing to try out contemporary looks to keep it appealing to younger customers. It takes after latest visual trends while occasionally adapting them on classic pieces, offering something new every season. The creations are never more than what is necessary though, maintaining a balance between pizzazz and fit. The pieces are always chic and the techniques to achieve them are consistently cutting edge.

A peek into the collections

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Lingerie buyers can count on Lou to have something that will appeal to their particular preferences. Even though the selection is varied, there are a few characteristics that bind them together: Lou creations are French-inspired, sophisticated, well-structured, supportive, feminine and sexy.

If you’re new to the brand, you can start with the dependable but gorgeous permanent collections Piccadilly, Light Sensation, and Lou Line. If decorative sets are your thing, Lou has no shortage of pretty undergarments, some of which are even printed on the inside. New Look and Lou Code have couture detailing that would not fail to captivate, while La Petite Fiancee and Intrigante have delicate embroidery as well as a vintage vibe with its use of tulle and polka dots. For a pop of color, Espieglerie and Garconne will satisfy. Meanwhile, the Music Hall collection feels so swanky with its intricate details and beautiful fit that it can be part of a bridal ensemble. Lou wants more women in on the fun, as they are also offering sizes up to 2XL unlike other rivals besides having a variety in its styles and silhouettes.

Lucienne passed away in 2004 and Andre in 2008. The husband and wife team left thousands of euros to employees of both Lou and Karting, as well as a significant part of their fortune to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. The Fallers may have long been gone, but their legacy lives on, with Lou remaining as one of the most popular French lingerie brands and still reaping awards, including the 2009 French Marie Claire Impact award for the lingerie division.

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