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Refined, sexy, powerful—these three adjectives aren’t just put together for nothing. These are three words that describe a woman who knows how to pick the right lingerie for herself. With the countless of lingerie options that have emerged in the past couple of years, it’s easy to fall into the mistake of choosing tasteless bargain-bucket underwear that doesn’t elevate the real essence of a woman. Thank goodness there are brands like I.D. Sarrierri, a sophisticated lingerie brand that captures what lingerie should be—classy, alluring and tastefully sensual.

An internationally acclaimed brand

I.D. Sarrieri Lingerie
I.D. Sarrieri Spring/Summer 2015

I.D. Sarrierri was founded by a designer named Iulia Dobrin back in 1992. Through the undeniable craftsmanship and admirable detailing embodied by the intimate pieces released by the label, soon enough it became a famous international lingerie brand.

But how did I.D. Sarrierri do it?

The success and fame that the brand is experiencing today all boils down to this: textile magic. The label has a way with the material it uses (mostly lace) that’s able to somehow create a masterpiece with the female body serving as its canvas. For nearly 20 years, I.D. Sarrierri inched its way up to fame through the subtle sexiness added to the elegant and understated lingerie it creates. In fact, the pieces from the brand are often like “transitional garments,” which goes back and forth the line between undergarments and ready-to-wear pieces. The creativity behind I.D. Sarrierri lingerie isn’t meant to be hidden behind clothing—they should be celebrated and shown off, often with a black-tie outfit or as an alternative to daily clothing.

The brand has also crossed-over the beachwear line, using their “magic” to create luxurious, sophisticated, and glamorous pieces to the travelers of today who are always ready to go to a tropical paradise somewhere. By capturing what the market needs, and still incorporating class and refined taste to its pieces, I.D. Sarrierri embodied what a true luxury lingerie brand is. A more solid proof of that is the award bestowed on the brand in 2016, as it won the TLA’s Best Luxury Brand award.

Signature style

I.D. Sarrieri Lingerie 2

The true signature I.D. Sarrierri style can only be attained through the use of only the most precious and the best fabrics on the market, often Chantilly laces, silk mousseline, silk satin, and embroidered laces from exclusive sources. In these materials, the expertise and creativity of the brand come to life, often using tasteful accessories like Swarovski crystals.

Embroidery is also hard to miss in I.D. Sarrierri’s pieces, especially with the intricate floral and other ornate designs embroidered in soft and delicate materials. Often, the materials are understated to let the embroidery shine. These pieces are often cut by hands and delicately arranged and appliquéd to bring out beautiful patterns that make each piece incredibly alluring. But it isn’t an easy job to do—skilled laborers spend an incredible amount of time putting a piece together.

Aside from the materials and embroidery added to I.D. Sarrierri lingerie, the silhouette of each piece is undeniably romantic, as they focus on the beautiful curves of a woman’s body, bringing out a sense of sensuality that captures the beauty of a classy lady.

I.D. Sarrierri on the spotlight

I.D. Sarrieri Lingerie 3

With the charm of I.D. Sarrieri pieces both allowing it to claim spot in both high fashion and ready-to-wear worlds, it has earned its spot in the limelight. The bralettes, panties, and bodysuits of the brand have captured a lot of gazes in the past years as they are paraded down the runway. Sometimes they sparkle, oftentimes they allure, and all the time they wow the crowd—no wonder I.D. Sarrieri has a renowned name that resounds all over the world.

The refined quality and sensual appeal of I.D. Sarrieri was easily noticed by the top international fashion magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Twenty 6 Magazine, among many others. It has amassed a huge following among celebrities as well, including big names in music, film, and of course, fashion industry.

Spotted wearing an I.D. Sarrieri demi-cup lace bra with its matching brief in London was the popstar Lady Gaga, who chose a design from the brand’s SS14 collection. Other known stars that are fans of the label include Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry. With the A-list fans of the brand, as well as its renowned name worldwide, it sells highly in worldwide luxury fashion chains like Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges, and Bon Marche.

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