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Fleur of England LogoWomen always wanted to look good and feel great. We keep trying out new things to discover something unique and special that will complement our personalities. This involves our endless search of lingerie in which we have specific requirements and specific desires. We want to feel more powerful, sexy, and graceful – all at the same. The power of a comfortable yet fancy fabric underneath our skin will make us feel good about ourselves.

This is what Fleur, the owner of Fleur of England had in mind when she introduced her line in the market place. And indeed, the label was able to continuously uphold that vision with pieces that bring out the best in women.

A woman who worked for her dreams

The concept of the lingerie brand came from the owner’s childhood dream to wear something feminine and delicate with fancy fabrics and gentle materials. In order to realize her dream, she enrolled at the university where she discovered her passion to create wonderful lingerie that will look beautiful, sensual and romantic on every woman.

It was in her mid-twenties that she was able to acquire the technical skills needed to start her own brand and company. She even had to borrow money from the bank to push through with her aspirations. All those hardwork paid off, when finally, FleurT was born. The brand gained popularity because of the fine choices of lingerie, silk and lace as min materials for the pieces. Later on, the brand became famously known as Fleur of England.

All lingerie manufactured under the label is personally designed by Fleur, herself. She usually starts with a vision and then translates it to her sketches. Her creativity perfectly combines every detail, color, embroidery, material to complete a design of a unique Fleur lingerie piece.

A team working together for great pieces

While Fleur does the design sketches one her own at the brand’s Bristol office, she has a technical team to help her out in the next steps in the lingerie-making process. The Fleur of England team is composed of excellent personnel who work hand in hand with the designer to create every stunning and exquisite lingerie piece. With the team’s collective effort, Fleur’s designs are easily translated into finished products ready for fitting and of course–marketing.

The brand takes pride in its manufacturing process, especially that it all takes place in the UK. Aside from it being a great homage to the name of the brand, it also means that with a closer manufacture, ensuring thorough and technical process is easier for the team. This way a consistent production of high quality fabrics and material is guaranteed.

A few of the label’s outstanding collections include Bridal Boutique, Summer Edit, Soft Focus, Empowering Lingerie, Luxury Lounge Edit and Self Love Edit. The collections are specific to women’s important moments, from a memorable summer getaway to a momentous occasion of being a bride. But aside from this, the collections reflect the brand’s belief that self-love and empowerment through a perfect pair of lingerie can make women feel good and celebrate their femininity.

Still the same to the core, today and beyond

Recently, the brand launched its newest collection, Signature Collection, which carries a lot of captivating colors and has been inspired by Fleur of England’s heritage. The concept of this modern collection focuses on giving women lingerie pieces designed elegantly but comfortably. Because who wouldn’t want that, right?

The pieces under the collection reflect the brand’s commitment to give women a feeling of modern luxury and sensuality. Just like the usual designs of the brand, the Signature Collection is based on the trademark Fleur’s romantic yet sexy style, which will no doubt empower a modern woman. Though the materials are usually made of silk and lace, the brand also tried to captivate both charm and playfulness in its designs.

Fleur of England continues to keep up with the endless change of women’s lingerie preferences, while they remain rooted in the core principles of the brand and the inspiring vision of its founder. Grounded to its vision of giving women intimate piece to celebrate their womanhood, Fleur of England will surely continue to soar high in the world of lingerie, bringing with it the classy, elegant, and creative pieces that women will surely long to own.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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