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Fifi Chachnil LogoThe male gaze can get so exhausting at times, especially for women who are constantly at the receiving end of it, most times unwillingly. Wearing nice lingerie is one of the best ways women can get away with something indulgent for themselves without letting others in on that little secret. Turning to the market though, it’s quite hard to forget those intentions when the lingerie pieces themselves look nothing like they’re made for the pure enjoyment of the female wearer.

Fifi Chachnil draws energy and inspiration from the female figure and women’s innate femininity to fire up its lingerie designs, which in turn give out natural satisfaction when women wear their products.

Penchant for costumes turned lingerie designs

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Delphine Véron, or more commonly known as Fifi Chachnil, has a penchant for artistic expression. Starting out as a costume designer, she had a deep affinity for uniforms like the ones used for skating or by majorettes. After an inspired trip to LA, she comes back with an idea relating to “extroverted nudity,” which soon led her to designing lingerie using the same fabrics and concept as in costumes.

The main inspiration for her collections since the beginning is the feminine expression during the ‘40s and ‘50s when women’s sculpted figures were frequently presented and celebrated. Pin-up models showcased round hips and a tiny waist.

Designing lingerie is more of a challenge than expected because the 16 sizes for women are not enough to fit all types of women’s bodies, let alone women’s preferences around the world differ from region to region and from country to country. Still, Fifi Chachnil’s main purpose in the creation of their lingerie is to make women happy first in themselves, and then the men in their lives who love and respect them second.

Fifi lingerie classics

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Fifi Chachnil’s lingerie designs always start from the story they want to tell with the piece or the collection. Then the fabrics are carefully selected to carry out the telling of that story. Lace, frills, satiny fabrics, chambray, and tulle among others are frequent materials used for the lingerie pieces. Often they’re also in a variety of candy colors to increase their appeal and promote the playful aspect. This way they’re sensual but not too sexual.

The first collection launched, Chachnil, showcased ruffled bloomers and cowgirl and tiger prints inspired by skating outfits. Since then, the classic styles called “Joyeuse,” “Minette,” and “Bloomer” have become hallmarks of every collection since the first one. The Babyloo, which translates to playsuit, is also a piece that’s never missing in a collection. Usually it matches the lingerie that you can wear underneath it, which will delight those obsessed with matching sets. Some women wear the Babyloo outdoors as a top with pants or skirts over it.

Overall, Fifi’s lingerie is not like the kind that you see mass-produced in stores. In fact, they aim to produce less while they improve the design and quality.

The full Parisian Fifi Chachnil experience

Fifi Chachnil

Fifi’s shows for seasonal releases are not just shows, but full-blown experiences in themselves. This is where Fifi Chachnil, the designer, channels all of her inspirations and interests at one time. There’s the music and choreography that resemble musical theater settings and situations—by creating scenes that model the pieces in an unconventional way. The playful and humorous side to the House also comes out in shows when models get to be in character and enjoy themselves as they model the pieces and not just walk with blank, straight faces.

Another interesting fact: Fifi’s shows are always done against a quintessential Parisian background like the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, for example.

Fifi beyond lingerie

Source: @fifichachnil.official

Apart from the lingerie, Fifi Chachnil creates other ready-to-wear clothing that completes outdoor-appropriate outfits. The House is known for their cozy angora sweaters but they make dresses, blouses, rompers, and skirts that fit best when worn with their lingerie. During the summer, the House offers an individualistic approach to their swimwear. And recently, they branched out to children’s apparel with Mini Fifi.

There’s still a touch to Parisian lingerie brands that can’t be matched by others. Fifi Chachnil has the perfect balance between a love for feminine energy and figures, costume-inspired designs bordering on avant-garde, and practical comfort to achieve je ne sais quoi.

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