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Empreinte LogoAbsolute confidence—this is what all ambitious women out there want to exude.  It comes from experience, passion and dream to become the best person you can be. It may take a lot of time, a lot of set backs and a lot of experiences to have finally become your best confident self. But the thing here is that it might be a liberating feeling that you have reached that point in your life where you are confidently just yourself. Yes, absolutely! It would be freedom from everything that limits you to get what you want and be who you want to be.

We know, this may sound a little surreal and hard, but this is real. However, this may take a lot of effort, learnings and failures to come to that point. But it’s all worth it.

For women reinventing themselves

But how come a woman who exudes absolute confidence could reach that point in her life where confidence radiates effortlessly? Plain and simple—when she starts taking care of herself. Getting back to the basics: she would do her nails, try out different shades of make-up, cut her hair, experimenting on her fashion styles, come up with a night routine, sticking up to her diet, exercise, and yes—looking for lingerie brand that will boost her up with a huge amount of confidence inside out.

And if you are that woman, who are in the road of reinventing herself, Empreinte will absolutely be a good companion to your journey. A lingerie brand that gives women instant confidence since 1946.

The journey of Empreinte

Empreinte was established in Brest, France by Jean Le Her. The brand was known for creating lingerie pieces for women who have larger bust sizes. This goes from medium to large in cups C, D, E, F and G. Its aim is to produce tight fitting bras for these type of women and make them enjoy and fall in love with their bodies. Each piece is made to combine femininity, comfort and seduction which will encourage women to celebrate their curves with confidence.

The brand did not start with bras and underwear as it initially offered girdles to women in Europe. Soon after, they expanded into bras sized A-C. Since there are a lot of lingerie brands offering these sizes, they tried offerring bras in larger cups. These bras are delicately designed and well-thought of to make them wearable, durable and fit the body well.

Best bras for you

What sets an Empreinte bras from other lingerie brands?

First, let us start with the material used. The brand offers lingerie with minimal stretching’s as they choose the materials well. The cups are made of tulle, lace, or microfiber which are good fabric with minimal elasticity. These fabrics will last longer and will fit the body better.

Second, since the brand is dedicated to provide bras in minimum elasticity, the back’s fabric will only stretch up to 100% to support busts well. The brand describes this feature ‘liveliness’ as it reverts back to its normal size without sacrificing shape.

Third, the back straps are made to balance the busts and create a beautiful middle line at the back, which the brand calls ‘chimney’ back. Fourth, since large breasts are fully dependent on the cups as well as straps, an Empreinte bra will give you the full supporting straps in a lesser percentage of elasticity. This will enable your breasts to look perfectly fitted and supported by just mere straps. This minimum elasticity will definitely give your lingerie longer life.

Lastly, the underwire. Since most of us women would like to create the best bustline for our precious breasts, Empreinte has a full and closed underwires for every bra. The aim is to make your breasts more slender and fuller with just a magic of an underwire. You will absolutely look your best in a bodycon or any tightfitting top with Empreinte bra underneath.

Yes, woman, whatever phase you are in, whether you’re just starting to reinvent yourself or wanted to improve a lot more, an Empreinte piece would definitely help you with your journey.

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