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Eberjey LogoLingerie products often emphasize what they can do to enhance attractiveness, less on the feelings when wearing tiny pieces of fabric as intimate as them. Eberjey’s approach is the opposite, focusing instead on the closeness of the lingerie to the skin, the joy in wearing clothing that the body can feel home in, and the priceless confidence from loving what is seen on the mirror. To Eberjey, a lingerie can make a woman feel beautiful after it elicits joy, confidence and love in them. Besides the sensuousness of the material and the beauty of the designs, the company operating under this belief makes its feel-good creations preferred by women all over.

Derived from joy

Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito

Photo: Ali Mejia (left) and Mariela Rovito (right)

Eberjey is a lingerie created by women, for women. Founded in 1996, Eberjey has been an endeavor by Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, who once worked together at Wunderman, a global advertising agency headquartered in New York City. They noticed that the lingerie available on the market often belonged to the extremes of the spectrum: on one corner, it is all about the outward sexiness of the material, on the other, comfort is the priority but form is compromised.  The two colleagues wanted to strike the balance between sexy and comfort, as well as market lingerie to mean more than just the skin-deep benefits; it goes beyond just the wow factor. Eberjey being born was the duo’s attempt to answer these concerns.

The name was taken from the Nigerian word for joy, which is what the founders want customers to feel when wearing their flattering and feel-good creations. When it was just beginning, the company designed for those who did not have emphasized curves, unlike lingerie models often seen in advertisements. Later on, they took on the boy shorts that became a wardrobe staple for women everywhere. The successful pieces led to the conceptualization of more items for the store. Soon, Eberjey was not only adding pajamas, loungewear, thongs, camis and swimwear to its repertoire, but it was also collecting awards such as Lounge & Nightwear Brand of the Year for 2015 by UK Lingerie Awards, Best Lingerie Store as named by Miami New Times, and Top Minority Business Award by the Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Wearing lingerie is knowing yourself

Eberjey Lingerie

To Eberjey, wearing lingerie is knowing yourself. The material that is literally close to heart can help one figure out what makes them confident in their own skin. It is comfort at one’s second most bare, and there is no need for anything else besides you and the lingerie you are wearing. You can be honest as much as possible about the sensations that each and every piece of clothing gives, and about the form that feels true to yourself.

To do this with the brand’s offerings, Eberjey puts great importance on the fit. For the brand, it would be useless to have a great and comfy design if the material itself would not conform properly and beautifully into the body of the wearer. Regardless of the style, whether it is a breezy ultra-feminine variant or the more boyish option, a good fit can make anyone feel alluring and cozy. One can move around freely if the fabric is smooth on the figure, too.

Eberjey’s recent collection with designer Rebecca Taylor exemplifies this. Even though the articles feature romantic and delicate floral prints, the pieces also zero in on the soft as well as easy silhouettes that make them look great when worn. The matching underwear and the sleepwear look lovely, but they are also inviting as one can imagine they would look good and be free to move about with them on.

Enjoyed by many, wanted by even more


Eberjey is a goodness that just can’t be kept a secret. Once enjoyed just by a handful of people, the brand’s claim of having just the right amount of sexy and comfort as well as the wonderful feelings it can evoke have spread like wildfire through exposure on magazines, blogs and even TV shows. Thankfully, Eberjey isn’t difficult to find. Besides its headquarters in Miami, the lingerie can also be found in upscale department stores and over a thousand specialty stores worldwide. If you’d rather do the purchase online, you can also shop through their company website which offers shipping to all US states as well as worldwide.

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