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Lingerie LogoWhen it comes to lingerie, there’s no place much better to go to than Paris. Now you can visit a solo Carine Gilson boutique in the city, a now known brand in the beautiful city and the whole world, but it remains a pride of Brussels. You can sense a hint of the place’s influence in the designs as the brand takes some inspiration from its distinct style of Art Deco.

Handcraftsmanship is the main method the brand won’t let go of. As with DIY projects, there’s something more sentimental and unique about things made by our own hands and not put together by machines or the like. This ineffable special quality is what makes Carine Gilson’s lingerie different and unlike DIY projects—they always come out of the atelier perfect and ready to wear because of their artisans’ incredible skill.

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Slow and steady ascent to success

Carine Gilson

Backed by the founder Carine Gilson’s Fine Arts education at the highly-esteemed Antwerp Academy, as well as her gumption to buy a small lingerie workshop and start her own brand at just 23 years old, Maison Carine Gilson began the way most millennial-owned small businesses do now…only, the deed was done in 1990.

We know how untrue overnight successes are. Nothing that rose too quickly stayed in the limelight for long, especially in our current fast-paced world saturated with technology. And those that really thrived–rode the wave of trends and survived–are the ones who took the time to build out a strong foundation. That slow and steady pace moving upward was the same route Carine Gilson took to attain the kind of revered name it carries now.

A tangible example of this is the branching out to solo boutiques starting in Paris only in 2004, 14 years after the brand was established. Though the lingerie were sold on different multi-label boutiques around the world, a specific and self-owned one by the company itself is a huge feat. The Paris boutique was soon followed by establishments in Brussels, London, and Taipei, spreading to major parts of the world.

In 2015, Carine Gilson celebrated its 25th anniversary. The celebration included the setting up of a Jubilee campaign, a collection that featured the best of the brand’s signatures, like the delicate colors on silk and lace, accompanied by birds of paradise motifs. The lingerie and nightwear pieces of the collection have been perfectly captured in ethereal photography; every aspect reflecting the whimsical vibe of the brand.

Haute couture lingerie

Photo: @CarineGilsonOfficial

There’s an air of exclusivity to Carine Gilson’s creations because of their couture approach to the lingerie. Their modern handcrafted quality ensures that each piece is handled with deep personal attention to detail, from the most beautiful fabrics to every stitch that goes through them. As a unifying feature, complex seams and near-invisible stitches bring the pieces to life with their intricate yet effortless execution.

The overall designs and construction are classic to say the least, but on a closer look, some clever application of design and practicality are joined together. Such pieces are all made in the small workshop in Brussels, but what comes out of there are the irresistible actual robes, slip dresses, nightgowns, and pajama sets that you scour through on boutiques or the ones that arrive at your doorstep every lingerie splurge.

Silk & lace

Carine Gilson Lingerie 2

Women today enjoy more comfort in the modern lingerie; hence the brand ensures not to miss out on using only the softest fabrics. In terms of design, the brand visualizes new creations on contemporary women, ones who are independent and feminine in their own way.

Carine Gilson only works with Lyon silk and Chantilly lace. These two materials are the favorites and basics found in almost every Carine Gilson piece because they’re what the founder considers to be the most elegant of fabrics. Also, they exude the luxurious femininity Carine Gilson is associated with, mainly because of their lightness and fluidity.

But the silk and lace reflect more than the brand’s appreciation for beauty. The latest collection, Cruise 2018, embodies all of the brand’s values and design philosophy. With the theme “a sketch of paradise,” Rosa lace stitching forming flowers and birds decorate the shiny silk. This collection offers brighter and more vivid color options but also still includes the traditional nudes and subtle pinks.

Irresistible pieces loved by many

The most famous models and Hollywood celebrities have worn the brand’s pieces over the period of their existence: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Carla Bruni, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Mostly they are featured on magazine editorials but occasionally, they make it to movie posters like in the classic movie, 13 Going On 30 worn by Jennifer Garner.

Consumerism and mass production have made many things mundane, but Carine Gilson only attracts those who like a little more story and uniqueness in what they own. The brand’s distinct style isn’t confined in lingerie pieces only, they also offer swimwear and cocktail dresses, providing complete outfits for the lifestyle of a contemporary woman. For today’s ladies, choosing a brand that captures one’s style and beliefs is lifestyle choice in itself… and Carine Gilson surely doesn’t disappoint.

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