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Bordelle LogoModern women love to experiment. They are all about trying out new things, travelling to different places,  tasting different cuisines, and of course—discovering their unique sense of sensuality. These bold, confident and assertive women know how to express themselves in group, and are proud to celebrate their femininity at all times. Modern women are the women fit for Bordelle.

Empowering women through lingerie

Bordelle, now known as a lingerie brand that has elegantly naughty pieces, was founded by London-based Alexandra Popa back in 2009. The brand was a fruit of founder’s inspiration and desire to come up with intimate pieces that will bridge the gap between seduction and ready-to-wear. With its conception during modern times, the main vibe reflected in Bordelle’s pieces are all about refined fierceness in choosing one’s intimate wear.

Alexandra Popa has a degree in Master of Economics and Management and has established a small design studio in London. She financed her brand solely from her own money and a portion from a family loan, truly owning her Bordelle are hers alone. As a contemporary woman in charge of her femininity and sexuality, Popa wanted to come up with a concept design for intimate wear that will translate bondage aesthetic into refined luxury pieces. It has since then opened wider opportunities to empower women through lingerie. With either young women exploring their sexuality or women who want to keep things spicy in the bedroom, Bordelle indeed has a solid customer base that it kept satisfied for the past 9 years.

Bordelle dream team

Through the years, the brand was able to establish a niche in lingerie-making, where it performs its distinctive craftsmanship to play around the themes of seduction and domination. Such task isn’t a one man-job though—Popa has loyal technical team who reviews, scrutinizes and evaluates her designs based on their quality, functionality, and fitting during the piloting stage of her brand.

All vision and ideas come from Popa herself, yet her lack of technical expertise in the field of lingerie-making gives way for the creativity of her team to turn those vision into marketable lingerie pieces. Through the collective efforts of the founder and her technical team, the brand was able to produce extraordinary pieces that made the brand known and increased its sales along the way.

Bordelle’s collections offer pieces that are characterized by bodycon silhouettes and are designed with metal hardware creatively blended with different types of fabrics. But the brand also lets its customers decide on their lingerie’s style, with their customized pieces that gives a choice of structured bras and bodices that may be picked by the client based on how the pieces match their desires and preferences. But whichever you would prefer, collection pieces or customized lingerie, you’re assured that you’ll be getting the true Bordelle mark of sensuality and femininity.

Values that carried the brand upwards

In order to be consistent with the vision of the brand, the Bordelle team ensures that all designs and patterns are made and processed in their own studio in West London. The brand is committed to provide pieces that underwent fair and sustainable production, hence, their assignment of dedicated and highly ethical team throughout the manufacturing process. Through constant hardwork, the brand was able expand to unconventional bridal collection and other swimwear collections, a far long way from its humble beginnings when it launched at Selfridges London.

Bordelle today and its muses

As of today, the Bordelle collection can be seen at selected department stores, fashion concept stores and other lingerie boutique worldwide.  The brand truly marked its way in the world of lingerie because of its provocative features, high sense of sensuality, and unique aesthetic translated int ready to wear pieces.

It also has an impressive range of muses, women who also love what the brand stand for. Included in the list are  MadonnaFKA Twigs, Catherine Deneuve, and Charlotte Rampling. A few of them stood by the brand from the very beginning, continually working with Bordelle on commissions.

If you are a modern woman who knows how to choose your lingerie well, you’ll instantly recognize the breath of freedom and the beautiful expression carried by each lingerie piece. Especially when you are looking for a specific design and a bold aesthetic that you would love to pair with your strong character and adventurous outlook, all you need is any Bordelle piece that is definitely worth the try.

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