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One of the biggest influencers of fashion is music. A lot of fashion inspirations in the past or even now are based on the musical genres people came to like. As soon as great band or a music personality arose in a specific period, their fashion sense and style will follow. It usually starts with a music genre and will immediately be popularized by fashion. Indeed, the music industry has played a crucial role in determining what’s in and what’s not. In fact, a wave of fashion movements including the 70s punk, 90s grunge, and the 2000s grime were based on the never-ending musical influences happened in the past.

It is without a doubt that other renowned fashion designers, like Vivienne Westwood who mainstreamed punk in the fashion industry, are greatly inspired by music. Other brands such as Gucci, Vetements, and Nike also get inspiration from music and translate them into their collections.

Even jewelry brands based their collections on music. One great example of such is The Great Frog. The glam of a rock ‘n’ roll look is highly reflected by pieces from The Great Frog, a London based jewelry brand founded in 1972.

Rockin’ it all with TGF

The Great Frog Boutique in London

The Great Frog Boutique in London

10 Ganton Street,
Contact: +44 20 7439 9357

New York

72 Orchard Street,
New York, 10002
Contact: (646) 370 5727

Los Angeles

7955 Melrose Avenue,
LA, California, 90046
Contact: (323) 879 9100

First off, the skull ring, which is an iconic item for the rock ‘n’ roll, came to be because of The Great Frog (TGF). With flagship store in London’s Carnaby Street, TGF is a brand offers a rock ‘n’ roll alternative to mainstream jewelry. It is highly popular among rockers, punk, bikers and heavy metal.

This British based brand has been producing iconic jewelries for almost 45 years now. The pieces are intricately designed and handcrafted to provide clients with excellent jewelry collection. Owner and designer Reino Lehtonen-Riley himself consistently innovates and comes up with relevant jewelry pieces to complement the label’s collections.

The Great Frog is also expanding its collaborations with renowned brands like Vans, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Motörhead. Such partnerships highlights not only the unique appeal of TGF items, but the ability of the brand to package its signature style and merge it with the artistry and creativity of other brands.

Patrons and endorsers

The Great Frog Jewelry

Pieces from the label have become must-have pieces for rockers and artists alike who have bold and strong personalities expressing themselves through music and fashion. It is with no doubt that the jewelry brand dominates both the music and movie industries in terms of adorning celebrities with cool jewelry, as there are a lot of A-listers who evidently adore and admire TGF pieces.

Famous artists like Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, and Alice Cooper have been spotted sporting The Great Frog jewelry. Likewise, there are TGF pieces that were even popularized by iconic rockers, like Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and other famous rock bands like Metallica.

But how does a TGF piece is conceptualized and produced? What process does it follow to be able to come up with iconic jewelry pieces?

The makings of a TGF piece

The Great Frog Workshop - The Making
Source: The Great Frog Behind the Scenes

Every TGF piece is made in London and being hand crafted by local jewelers. All jewelry pieces of the brand are made locally and distributed in Soho Store, New York and Los Angeles Stores. The production methods follow strict process to ensure quality and design, as the TGF owner himself provides the initial design. The design will then be hand carved and whittled into wax. In order to produce the jewelry, a mold will be made using a solid .925 sterling silver. After forming the jewelry, it will be polished by hand on the flagship store in London. Afterwards, TGF stores will be ready to received them for display and selling.

The durability and quality of every piece from TGF are assured, not only because of the strict production process, but the quality of materials used for the pieces, such as the .925 sterling silver. Every jewelry is also hallmarked in London Goldsmiths Company Assay Office.

More to come from TGF

The Great Frog Jewelry 2

Since TGF is one of the most celebrated jewelry brands among rockers and artists, the brand will grab the opportunity to expand its line to clothing and apparel. The line will mainly focus on the production of leather pieces in rock star and biker styles, still very in tune with the original concept and vibe of the brand.

With the sleek and cool look of TGF pieces, it is just important that outfit of the wearer is as appropriate and stylish as the TGF accessories adorning him/her. And who else would know completely well what can complement their jewelries, but the TGF team itself? With the upcoming expansion of the brand and its continued production of some of the best jewelries on the planet, we’re sure that the future bodes well for the brand and everything it does.

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