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Most of the time, we associate jewelry with luxury. After all, precious gems are hard to find, and take plenty of effort before they can show their true beauty, giving grounds for their costliness. But occasionally, jewelry also come to signify feelings, particularly of love and adoration. On joyous occasions such as engagements or weddings, jewelry become symbols of intimacy and union. Such milestones only deserve gems that are dazzling and enduring, just like the emotions they symbolize.

For decades, Simon G. has been celebrating big moments with exquisitely made jewelry that have lasting build. The skillful way by which Simon G. handles metals and gemstones has won the man recognition, awards and respect from peers and gemologists. Most importantly, his clients end up happy and satisfied. 

When attention to detail is every brand’s mark of uniqueness, it’s hard to measure how much of that meticulous attitude plays into the making of your jewelry. Simon G. is no exception in mentioning that as the brand’s triumph, but blended with the amount of passion they have, the products themselves show the steady craftsmanship that give their pieces such innate beauty.

With over 34 years of working as a team, Simon G. has risen to the ranks of an empire if we’re talking about its credibility in the jewelry industry, but it’s maintained to be a humble company that cares about everyone from the core members of the family that run it down to every last person in their customer base.

The jeweler behind the name

Simon Ghanimian
Photo: © Simon G.

Let’s answer one thing ahead: the “G” in Simon G. stands for Ghanimian.

Simon Ghanimian is a child of Beirut, where he and his family lived before he emigrated. Simon Ghanimian was raised with values that leave no room for mediocrity. He came to America as a foreigner, hopeful for a college education that will train him in the field of engineering, but with only $200, the “American Dream” wasn’t as reachable even with the number of opportunities in the country. He could create jewelry, but back then it was a hobby he did not think could become his lifeline. 

Simon had in him embedded a parental advice that he cannot go hungry if he can create something with his own hands. This, coupled with an invitation from a relative in a diamond district, would redirect him to his first love. There, he realized that what he needed to be is not an engineer, as what was originally intended, but a jeweler. He was dazzled by his first hand exposure to the process of perfecting diamonds. Instead of saving for college, he started putting aside money so he could make his own jewelry.

Through a relative working in New York’s diamond district, Simon worked as a setter of gems on jewelry and soon, what started as a necessity to afford school turned into a hobby that turned still into passion. Simon made the “American Dream” work when he, at one point, did door-to-door selling to get his own designs out there. Soon enough, he traveled to Los Angeles, where he was set on opening his own business.

Making a name in the jewelry industry

Simon Ghanimian was shortened to Simon G. as per the LA city clerk’s advice because Simon was told his name is too long for the company. Soon, Simon G. took off, and he began his ascent with his beautiful and durable creations. Today, he has sold jewelry in more than 900 sites worldwide and received accolades such as his recent 2015 Jewelers’ Choice Award.

The brand operates with three things in mind: to create jewelry as passionately as you would if it’s for yourself, make them with a lasting quality that can surpass one lifetime, and to grow in humility as if the brand is not as big as it has become.

Simon G. has since made the brand a very family-oriented company as he now works with his two sons, whose passion about making jewelry is as fiery as Simon’s himself. Not only is it family-oriented for this obvious reason, but there’s a family dynamic within its internal team. The brand doesn’t cease to put a spotlight on the people behind the jewelry because they are featured on the brand’s website for appreciation.

How a Simon G. jewelry is made

Simon G. Diamond Ring

A jewelry maker of Simon G.’s reputation cannot afford to miss any details. There is an obsession about making everything right every step of the way to deliver the promise of creating long-lasting pieces.

It all begins with sketching a design by hand which is transferred to a computer when the desired appearance is attained. Once it becomes a CAD model so that it can be seen in 3D, every aspect, from the stones to the settings, is inspected.

The steps that follow are even more labor-intensive. With Simon G., metals are alloyed by Simon himself, working with either 18k platinum and palladium or or platinum and iridium. This is especially ideal when working in intricate bead work and engraving as the pieces combined and the original shine and color will last longer. After turning the prototype into a metal base, jewelers shape, file, and put in the holes where gems are placed. The micro-set diamonds are set by hand too, scrutinized by experts who work with pavé settings, matching the diamonds in color and sets the stones under a microscope for extra careful accuracy. The stones are fastened together by four prongs so that they do not fall out.

After that, every finished product has to go through ten (yes, TEN!) quality control inspections. This meticulousness, besides the timeless designs and the built of each piece, is what lets Simon G. outshine the others.


The latest ad campaign of Simon G. couldn’t be closer to their own ethos: commitment. It’s an all-encompassing word that relates to a lot of the brand’s inner-workings and relations, and the foundation for everything that they do and create.

There’s the obvious connection of the word to the brand’s collections of engagement rings and wedding bands as they promote commitment to love. But the term is expanded to also mean commitment to joy and style, other aspects of their customers’ life, which their jewelry can somehow fit into as well.

The brand takes advantage of this ad campaign to pledge commitment to the direct relationship with their customers. At a crucial time like the present, the brand associates itself with inclusivity through their commitment to unity. Their new ad campaign photos include that of two people belonging in different races, a cause that is very timely to support by the brand and their wise audience.

Inspired individuality

Simon G.’s love for creating jewelry is not a selfish one. It’s a shared passion that they would like to enjoy with their customers, thus the offering of a customized jewelry. The brand starts with the customer’s idea and helps him or her make it happen through a wide variety of custom features.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and you get to choose what or where you want your jewelry to be inspired by. Ultimately, the aim of this collaborative work is to make the jewelry relate deeply and uniquely to your story.

Outshining its competitors

Source: Simon-G-Jewelry

Simon G. offers similar collections that cover all categories: engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. Each piece is made with a possible story in mind, and Simon G. knows how important these milestones are, which is why they make every item with beauty and durability in mind. This allows for easy mixing and matching, especially for engagement rings and wedding bands that will symbolize the most special love in your life. Whether for marriage or another occasion, it’s an easy choice to turn to Simon G. where you know the creator of the jewelry is as exhilarated about making it as you are about getting one for yourself or your loved one. You would be pleased to know too that for Simon G.’s repute for exceptional design that has received many accolades, the selection is reasonably priced. 

There is also a variety in choices. While Simon G.’s pieces in rose gold as well as multi-toned metals are arguably the most famous among clients, the entire collection appeals to a wide range of tastes. The jewelry vary from old world and quaint to modern and innovative, but the common denominator among them is the exceptional craftsmanship put into combining metals and gemstones. Unlike other jewelry makers, Simon G.’s claim of enduring beauty and class isn’t just lip service. The choice of metals alloyed together is deliberate to make them comfortable to wear and last long enough to be passed on as heirloom.

There are few equal or better ways to celebrate an important event than by getting a lovely jewelry piece to eventually remind you of the beauty and joy felt in the moment. With his knowledge and eye for art, Simon G can certainly help you mark your life’s events with equally unforgettable jewels.


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