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A fruit that grows from a tree can be planted and become its own tree, someday bearing fruits that can also become trees in the future. Such can be a beautiful analogy for fashion expertise.

Fashion enthusiasts and hopefuls can learn by being a part of various institutions. As their experiences grow, the knowledge accumulates, and their confidence builds, they have more capacity to make it on their own. And this was exactly the journey of Michela Panero before she was able to start her own luxury jewelry brand, Rosantica.

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ROSANTICA Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl hoop earrings
Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl hoop earrings


ROSANTICA Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl earrings
Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl earrings


ROSANTICA Innocenza gold-tone clip earrings
Innocenza gold-tone clip earrings


ROSANTICA Innocenza gold-tone bracelet
Innocenza gold-tone bracelet


ROSANTICA Carramato quartz and onyx clip earrings
Carramato quartz and onyx clip earrings


ROSANTICA Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl hairclip
Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl hairclip


ROSANTICA Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl necklace
Ingranaggio gold-tone pearl necklace


ROSANTICA Carrarmato beaded earrings
Carrarmato beaded earrings


Vento gold-tone beaded necklace
Vento gold-tone beaded necklace


ROSANTICA Stella gold-tone earrings
Stella gold-tone earrings


ROSANTICA Prato Fiorito gold-tone beaded necklace
Prato Fiorito gold-tone beaded necklace


ROSANTICA Dakota gold-tone beaded belt
Dakota gold-tone beaded belt


A peek into Michela’s artistic journey

Rosantica Jewelry

Michela was born in Italy, but she grew up in Brazil. She then explored her artistic side in New York, absorbing whatever she can to see where a creative career will take her, leading her to eventually launch a brand. She now lives in Milan, but before she got to enjoy the beauty of the rich cultural scene in Milan and her flourishing jewelry brand, she has worked with various known luxury fashion maisons in Milan. She was at the center of Milan’s fashion industry, yet that wasn’t her entire artistic calling.

She eventually found that deeper sense of fulfilment when she finally had her own brand. Rosantica is Michela’s main “love creature”, the place where she can fully pour out her creativity and love for fashion. It has been the main outlet and expression of her passion since its launch in 2010, and her joy for being able to do so is manifested in the gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and earrings of the brand.

A mix of influences

Rosantica Bridal Jewelry
Credit: gemologue by Liza Urla

Aside from the founder’s background in fashion, her love for stones and her constant research about jewelry propelled the brand and its growth for its first few years. Travels, nature, and interaction with people of varying cultures and backgrounds have a great influence on the pieces of Rosantica as well, giving inspiration to some colorful background to the designing process of the jewelry.

A mix of cultural influences can be seen in the creations of Rosantica as well, with Michela adapting both American culture when she stayed for 11 years in the States, and the Brazilian customs when she lived there for 8 years. In many of the brand’s pieces, American impressionism and the colorful Brazil can be found.

A special atelier that produces special pieces

Rosantica Jewelry 2

Michela’s commitment to the brand and her hands-on supervision remained even years after the brand’s establishment. Rosantica remained focused on the quality of all pieces it produces and ensured that it maintained its traditional Italian workshop. All of the jewelry that come out of the brand’s atelier are 100% handmade and unique.

A remarkable collection from the brand was its Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, a line with fabulously crafted pieces that give off the perfect combination of bold and beautiful. In this collection, Rosantica showed off its expertise in making oversized jewelry that are statement pieces on their own, immediately earning the favor and love of fans all over the world.

One standout piece from all collections is a beaded necklace wherein beads are clustered to achieve an endearing and sensational. In this piece, the hint of gold perfectly matches the silhouette and the vibrancy of the pearls. Rosantica designed this necklace with more length, quite an advantage to the wearer for the multiple ways it can be worn: as a shorter necklace, a headband, and a belt.

Rosantica is indeed a special brand, as it transcends not only seasons and trends, but also cultures. But above that, Rosantica should be celebrated for its authenticity, its love for bringing back traditional jewelry elements and adding a dash of contemporary styles.

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