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The rise of modern jewelry designs has opened doors of opportunity for creative designers left and right to take over and steer the jewelry industry into a new path that pursues contemporary looks. We do know and respect the timeless charm and exquisite beauty of heirloom pieces—accessories we can never let go of—but new and updated designs give a refreshing take on jewelry that we can’t help but get excited for.

The fashion community has reaped a lot of good things with this development, yet the foremost that we want to celebrate is this: more jewelry options for enthusiasts, collectors and fashionistas. We have brilliant contemporary jewelry brands to thank for this. And that includes Raphaele Canot.

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Contemporary goodness in jewelry pieces

Raphaele Canot opened people’s eyes to a whole range of spiced up pieces with hints of flirtatious and playful details. It is a brand that doesn’t just follow the convention, rather made its mark by being different, yet absolutely lovable even for those with a penchant for antiques and vintage pieces. A proof to this is the steady ascent of the brand ever since its launch back in 2014.

But how does Raphaele Canot manage to do it?

The brand strives to hit that perfect mix of the contemporary with heritage designs, aside from perfectly blending the Parisian sophistication with the relaxed feel of Notting Hill (more on these as you read along). Such combination isn’t easily achievable, yet Raphaele Canot thrives in this challenge because of its ingenious and well-skilled founder, Raphaele Canot.

Modern-day Audrey Hepburn

Jewelry Designer - Raphaele Canot
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Raphaele Canot may not directly attribute her jewelry industry success to her Intellectual Property education from Paris, but it was an important instrument that brought her to where she is right now. It was through her course that she was able to work at Cartier as an intern, wherein she discovered and somehow cultivated her creative flair. After 11 long years in the luxury label, she was given a break as a Creative Director in De Beers and then finally had her chance to launch her own jewelry collection afterwards.

The fun way all Raphaele Canot pieces look captures the personal style of its founder, once dubbed as the modern-day Aubrey Hepburn. She is a chic Parisian through and through, yet her transfer to Notting Hill gave her a peek to the beautiful world of relaxed styles and laid back vibe.

In May of 2014, she was able to launch her first ever collection for her eponymous brand at Dover Street Market, and just a few months later, magazines and various websites are all her but praise her work. By December at that same year, her brand introduced another collection, one that has proven its huge impact and became an iconic symbol for the brand: the OMG line.

Pieces that launched with a bang

Raphaele Canot Jewelry

In the true fun and flirty way of the brand, Raphaele Canot released the naughty—but sweet!—OMG ring that people grew very fondly of. What’s the deal with it? It depicts lusciously red lips widely opened to form the circumference of the ring. But the magic is, Raphaele Canot still managed to make this piece look classy, even when it sure would gain stared and maybe smirks here and there. It is cheeky, but quite elegant.

The label’s pieces are only finished after going through the different expert hands that complete them as alluring pieces that can also go with a day wear. Jewelries with pavéd styles are usually made in Asia, specifically Thailand. Why that far, you might ask? Simply because no other workshop can capture the mastery of Raphaele Canot. Meanwhile, the enamel work for some pieces are outsourced to a Parisian atelier, for the same reasons of ensuring only the best quality for the jewelry pieces.

Other lovable designs from the jewelry brand are the “Set Free” diamonds and “Skinny Deco” pieces. The Set free diamonds created noise as the label introduced a metal-free design for the coveted gem, which meant the diamond itself is pierced to finalize the rings and earrings. Meanwhile, the Skinny Deco bangles, earrings and eternity rings are easily recognizable with their signature contrast effect, made by the red enamel on gold.

With these gorgeous pieces ranging between £500 and £1,000, anyone can find the piece that fits his/her style and budget, too. And even with the relatively short time that the label has been creating jewelry, it has already released numerous collections that gives a variety of options that are all stunning and charming in their unique way.

There’s still a lot to discover about the brand, and surely, there are still a lot of fun and creative ways that it can amuse the jewelry-loving crowd. If you’re a hunt for Raphaele Canot’s contemporary jewelry pieces, they are available in Dover Street Market in these three cities: New York, London and Tokyo. Many luxury fashion sites offer their jewelry, too, including Matchesfashion.com, Elyse Walker, Barneys New York, and Tiina the Store. Go visit their stores or any of these websites, and if you haven’t seen any of their pieces, you’re in for a whole lot of fun when you finally see one.

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