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ORRA LogoFor thousands of years, jewelry has played a significant part in people’s lives. It has been a symbol for social class, a marker for personal status, an artistic display and it may also be a representation of a social group or religious affiliations. For these reasons, jewelry becomes an integral part of our culture and history. In our time today, jewelry becomes an integral part of our look. Anyone who loves fashion knows the importance of jewelry in their everyday look, that is why jewelers from all over the world arise and became know for their crafts. However if there is one company whose sparkling lineage when it comes to producing high quality jewelry keeps on shining it would be ORRA.

A trusted brand from India, a country known for its rich culture and colorful heritage, ORRA continues to excel in the field of jewelry making. Since the company’s establishment in 1888, ORRA has definitely come a long way. It’s innovative brilliance and masterful skills in manufacturing and sculpting diamonds into the finest jewelry made them one of the best. Their expertise in design and innovation is honed by centuries of experience in jewelry making.

ORRA really knows how to make us even more special in our every day lives with their amazing collections. Let us look into the brand’s beautiful and extremely rare collections.


THE ORRA Bridal Jewellery

Jewelry highlights a woman’s personality and beauty. It brings out her best features and makes her feel loved especially on the most important day oh her life, her wedding. ORRA understands this by offering its exquisite bridal collection. Each jewelry pieces is created and designed by master craftsman using only the finest Belgian diamonds in every neck pieces, bangles, ear studs and rings.


A collection of beautifully enchanting jewelry of matching earrings, necklace, pendant, ring and bangles created only for HER. The design for this collection is extraordinary and was inspired by nature. Each master piece is made of only the finest materials and intricately designed with gorgeous diamonds. Truly, every woman who loves to look stylish in her daily life deserves this collection.


Love is easily expressed by words and simple gestures. During Valentine’s day, we always want it to make it extra special with candlelight dinners, rose and chocolates. But why settle for these when we can top it by surprising our loved ones with ORRA’S Hearts of Perfection, a range of diamond collection that will surely melt your partner’s heart. Not only that, these diamonds were made extra special through the diamonds in this collection showing beautiful pattern of Heart and Arrows. Here’s the awesome part—the pattern can only be seen under a special magnifying glass.  A special jewelry indeed, for such a special day.


A unique collection created for every woman, all the pieces in this line are remarkably crafted with intricate designs. The 22kt Gold showcases ORRA’s bridal collection, as well as its traditional bangles collection, both influenced by traditional Indian art. The Kundan line in this collection, also known as Jadau, embodies India’s oldest form of jewelry, a true beauty to behold filled with culture and deep history.


Platinum is one of the most exquisite metal famed for its versatility, rarity, and elegant appeal. With platinum, a diamond’s beauty radiates. Combining platinum, precious gem stones and diamonds in jewelry is one of ORRA’s legacy that is exuded beautifully in this collection. Every line in this collection reflects precise craftsmanship, resonates romance, exudes beauty and highlights perfection.


This collection not only represents beauty but also showcase religious significance. Fashioned with precious stones like pearls, rubies, emeralds and Belgian diamonds combined with traditional stones like coral, tiger stones, rudraksha and the Holy Navratnas, this line is truly an embodiment of faith and beauty.


ORRA also has a collection of coins and bars stamped with the brand’s name. These collectibles do not only symbolizes the glamour and luxury of owning stamped coins and bars, but also captures the real and irresistible beauty of pure gold.

Today, ORRA has become one of the fines jewelry brands worldwide. ORRA’s collections will not only render you in awe, but captivate you with the craftsmanship and remarkable design that goes within each piece, too. The brand’s perfect combination of traditional and contemporary motifs greatly influenced by its Indian heritage, adding to the essence of each jewelry piece. Indeed, each iconic ORRA piece is masterfully crafted, all for its beloved customers.

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