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The dynamics of all businesses around the world have changed throughout the years that we now have whole new generation of people leading a team, a division, or even a whole company. Age and decades-long of experience aren’t the only bases for success, especially at a time when CEOs of companies become younger and younger as years go by. The same is true with the luxury jewelry brand Natasha Schweitzer, known to have 20-something founders that are definitely kicking ass, despite their young age.

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NATASHA SCHWEITZER Aether Element 9-karat gold necklace
Aether Element 9-karat gold necklace


NATASHA SCHWEITZER 9-karat gold pearl earrings
9-karat gold pearl earrings


NATASHA SCHWEITZER Stevie 14-karat gold-plated earrings
Stevie 14-karat gold-plated earrings


NATASHA SCHWEITZER Lindsey 14-karat gold-plated hoop earrings
Lindsey 14-karat gold-plated hoop earrings


NATASHA SCHWEITZER 14-karat gold-plated necklace
14-karat gold-plated necklace


NATASHA SCHWEITZER 14-karat gold-plated earrings
14-karat gold-plated earrings


NATASHA SCHWEITZER Stella 9-karat gold pearl earring
Stella 9-karat gold pearl earring


NATASHA SCHWEITZER Bubble 14-karat gold-plated earrings
Bubble 14-karat gold-plated earrings


NATASHA SCHWEITZER Mini Marion 9-karat gold pearl earrings
Mini Marion 9-karat gold pearl earrings


Started with “a woman in a man’s world”

The creativity runs in the blood for the Schweitzers, as the love for creating jewelry pieces in the family started with the matriarch, Marion Schweitzer, when she was just 16 years old. It wasn’t an easy path for her back then, as the world of gemology and goldsmith were dominated by men—leaving the teenager to suffer for an entire year just to be given a small break. But being “a woman in a man’s world” taught Marion life lessons that she used to catapult herself to jewelry fame… and she succeeded.

Marion became one of the most sought for jewelry designers in Australia eventually, and it pushed her to pursue further skill-development and business progress in Europe. There, she built her family and had two daughter who eventually found their calling at the same industry as their mother’s. Yet thankfully, Natasha and Alexandra didn’t have to go through the same hardships their mother did, as both the players and audience in the jewelry industry were fully-accepting of the cutting-edge designs the ladies offered.

The company became the rekindled passion for jewelry-making of Marion, now reaching an international market. The brand is now recognized through their standout pieces, each exuding the uniqueness and refined qualities of a true Natasha Schweitzer jewelry.

Simple designs and modern silhouettes

Natasha Schweitzer Jewelry

Despite the advantages of having a renowned jeweller as a mother, the two didn’t have to make such effort in letting Natasha Schweitzer be its own brand. More focused on forward-thinking designs, the brand takes simple shapes and combine them with modern silhouettes to come up with exceptional accessories. This style is from both the free-form perspective of the duo sisters, as then target bringing out a relaxed feel and neat aesthetics from their polished pieces.

For Natasha herself, the key to achieving the design goals of the brand is not overthinking the process. It is always a personal inspiration—what she would wear herself—and continue the designing from whatever’s in her head. A notable theme in Natasha Schweitzer’s pieces is the constant use of shapes, which are usually combined and stacked with one another to have a more impact, fashion-wise.

Bridal line

Natasha Schweitzer Bridal Jewelry

Just four years after the launching of the brand in 2014, it has received overwhelming amount of request for bridal designs that have been quite reflected in many of the brands earlier pieces. Natasha admits that from the very beginning, she and Alexandra have already thought of bride-wearers of their pieces. Even among the first few designed she made was for a bride, which was easily understandable, with the uniqueness of each piece perfect for making the occasion of marriage really special.

Now, the brand has a lot going on in terms of weddings and bridal pieces. Custom-made engagement and wedding rings are what mostly couples go for, but the brands takes their line to another level by having pieces that can be worn by the bridesmaids, family members, and even friends and guests of the couple. Among all the pieces in the collection, the round brilliant stones prove to be the most-loved engagement rings; while those with colored stones seem to be more popular among brides.

While it’s easy to just offer the common stone and band engagement rings, Natasha Schweitzer stands by its principle of providing unconventional pieces to make every jewelry special; hence they pick rare stones and not commonly used designs. The floating diamond is one of the best examples for this, as it is a thought-provoking piece that would intrigue anyone. In this way, creativity is still expressed, while the classic elements of traditional wedding jewelry, such as diamond, are still preserved.


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