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A little sparkle never hurt anybody! Be it on the wrist, around the neck, or dangling from the ears, sparkle can come a long way when making an impression. Through the years, a number of luxury brands have given people their own glimmers of sparkle and shine. Some of them are accessories to pair the fashion they produce each season, while others are show-stopping pieces that are impactful in their own right. Historically, people are drawn to sparkle, hence, a lot wear the most luxurious items known to man. Today, almost all brands in the luxury business sell jewelry, but none are quite like the selections from Mouawad.

Among everything, Mouawad believes in the power of sparkle. Their pieces are some of the blingiest one can see from any luxury label of its kind. Their heavy focus on diamonds make them a favorite among the elite, whether it’s the aristocracies in Europe, the dynasties in Asia, or the A-list celebrities in Hollywood. Even their timepieces are diamond-encrusted, incorporating their signature shine on their functional items as well. No other brand in the business has such dedication to sparkle as Mouawad, and this is why they’ve become a premier horology and jewelry brand in the luxury retail industry.

A family name and business


Similarly to other luxury brands, Mouawad started as a family business back in 1908. It was founded by David Mouawad, who learned the tricks of his trade (watchmaking and goldsmith) when he lived in New York City and Mexico for twenty years. In 1891, he settled in Beirut, Lebanon where eventually opened his first shop in 1908. He passed away in 1951 and the business was inherited by his son, Fayez soon after. He expanded the business into the Middle East, capitalizing on the rich oil tycoons and their wives in the area. It was at this time when name Mouawad became increasingly popular among the world’s elite.

When Robert Mouawad, Fayez’s son, took over the business, he transferred the company to Europe. In the 1970’s, Mouawad’s new headquarters became in Geneva, Switzerland, an area known for its jewelers and watchmakers. With this transfer, Robert expanded the brand into other markets, particularly those of Europe’s and Asia’s, building their reputation as a premier watchmaker as well. By the 1990’s, the company became known for their glamorous and sparkling pieces, especially among the upper class. While they weren’t exactly advertising giants like the fashion labels of the time, the brand held their own and continued to rise despite such.


Source: muhdzulfadli
Source: muhdzulfadli

Among their show-stopping pieces, none are as majestic and opulent as their Masterpieces collection. Designed to be those items that are passed down from generation to generation, these jewels rival those of royalty. With thousands of finely-cut-diamonds and other vibrant precious stones, the amount of sparkle these pieces emanate knows no bounds. One of their prime items is the “Grand Esmeralda” set, a necklace-and-earring combination made with the most breathtaking emeralds man has ever found. The “Snow White Princess,” on the other hand, is a diamond watch fit for royalty. Icy and white, the piece looks straight out of a fairytale!

La Grand Ellipse

Mouawad La Grand Ellipse

Mouawad’s watches are as iconic and beloved as their extravagant jewelry, and their Grand Ellipse collection is proof of that. It’s a series of diamond-encrusted timepieces made with the finest metals for that unmistakable shimmer. Their “Galaxy” men’s line, for example, is made up of watches all decked out in diamonds, from the strap to the face. While the “Chrono Mono Poussoir” is a black-and-gold piece of leather and gold that gives off a classic look. Their ladies’ selection is just as beautiful, made up of gold and diamonds to fit a lady’s taste to perfection. They’re like crowns on their wrists, shimmering from every angle.

Fantasies with Victoria’s Secret

Mouawad Victoria's Secrets

Mouawad is no stranger to collaborations, but arguably their most famous one is with American underwear giant, Victoria’s Secret. Known for their annual fashion show spectacles, Victoria’s secret has sought the label’s help in putting more sparkle on their runway angels. These supermodels have worn Mouawad’s exquisite jewelry, all the while wearing the sexiest lingerie made. Since 2001, Mouawad has been making Victoria’s Secret’s iconic million-dollar bras, diamond-encrusted underwear that is worn by the company’s most famous muses on the televised runway event. The likes of Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, and Miranda Kerr have all worn the fantasy bras, dripping with Mouawad jewels from cup to cup.

Royal Fantasy Bra at the backstage of 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Royal Fantasy Bra at the backstage of 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Major red carpet moments

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Hollywood is one of Mouawad’s faithful clients. A number of Tinsel Town’s biggest names have worn their pieces on the red carpet, giving more awareness to the brand. Their show-stopping sparkles have helped these women become style icons in their own right as they shimmer against the flashes of the photographers. One of their most memorable moments was back in 2013 when actress and nominee Amy Adams wore the label’s dangling diamond earrings with her puffy Oscar De La Renta dress. She looked like a princess from head to toe. Another was in 2016 when pop star Demi Lovato wore million-dollar pieces from the brand, both on the red carpet on stage. No other star shone quite like her during that night.

When it comes to sparkle, no brand is quite like Mouawad. It’s intrinsically part of their identity to come up with the shiniest and most shimmering pieces for the world’s elite. Whether it’s a necklace, a watch, or even a bra, if diamonds can be part of it, then diamonds there will be.

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