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Gone were the days when luxury jewelry isn’t that common for most people. Most can only buy them during big events and important holidays, as they come in unbelievably high tag price. Not only the prices was intimidating back then, the high-end shops in big buildings, tight security, and prying sales people were, too. Thankfully, brands like Monica Vinader found out ways to provide jewelry that is both classy and accessible, gorgeous and affordable.

Not only that—the brand targeted to bring out the individuality of every wearer of their pieces, with the contemporary look and fashionable designs of their jewelry. Monica Vinader utilized gold-plated silver to lower their price point and gave more thought to the silhouette and details. The result? A brand that a wide majority of jewelry users can come to for daily accessorizing.

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MONICA VINADER Mini Marie gold vermeil pendant
Mini Marie gold vermeil pendant


MONICA VINADER Fiji Mini gold vermeil diamond hoop earrings
Fiji Mini gold vermeil diamond hoop earrings


MONICA VINADER Riva Wave Cross gold vermeil diamond ring
Riva Wave Cross gold vermeil diamond ring


MONICA VINADER Linear rose gold vermeil and metallic woven bracelet
Linear rose gold vermeil and metallic woven bracelet


MONICA VINADER Fiji rose gold vermeil diamond earrings
Fiji rose gold vermeil diamond earrings


MONICA VINADER Nura rose gold vermeil diamond earrings
Nura rose gold vermeil diamond earrings


MONICA VINADER Nura rosegold vermeil diamond earrings
Nura rosegold vermeil diamond earrings


MONICA VINADER Nura rose gold vermeil earrings
Nura rose gold vermeil earrings


MONICA VINADER Nura Mini Nugget rose gold vermeil turquoise bracelet
Nura Mini Nugget rose gold vermeil turquoise bracelet


Humble beginnings

Jewelry Designer - Monica Vinader
Jewelry Designer – Monica Vinader

The label was named after its CEO and founder, Monica Vinader, who already had interest in business back when she was young. Although the concept of the label was the brainchild of both Monica and her sister, Gabriela, but Monica took charge of majority of work for the establishment of the brand.

The two women hailed from Spain, with their parents doing business on antiques, which sharpened Monica’s eye for great pieces with stunning design. She finished studying arts in London, then absorbed all that she can about the basics of jewelry-making and business. She then launched her own brand, starting humbly within a 3-in-1 space: small office, workshop and showroom for the brand. But despite this, Monica ensured that the collections the brand released were of topnotch quality, as she is hands-on in the designing process together with her team.

Monica, with her glamorous, artistic and extroverted self now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, while her sister, Gabriela, took reins as the COO.

The painstaking process

Monica Vinader Jewelry

For Monica Vinader, the jewelry-making process begins in another country: India. There, the stones are cut in various unique shape to emphasize their individual beauty; while the jewelry is crafted in various ateliers around the world, including Italy, China, Philippines and Thailand. It can be pretty challenging for the brand though, as their gold plated silver pieces aren’t exactly that known in the jewelry-making industry. It is easier to get a gold worker that can perfectly bring the design to life, while silver requires a different level and style of expertise, which is less likely to be found right away. Dealing with stones aren’t that easy too—stone-cutters would rather cut rare gems than semi-precious stones, yet the brand deals with it from a different perspective: valuing even the seemingly less precious materials.

And after all the convincing, mins-setting, trial and errors, the brand finally got into the right momentum in making and releasing jewelry. In fact they have sold a lot of their best pieces that include the Rose Gold Diamond Hoop Ring, Yellow Gold Esencia Chain Bracelet, Gold Fiji Friendship Bracelet, Rose Gold Havana Friendship Bracelet, and Yellow Gold Small Siren Pendant.

A great deal of success

Monica Vinader Jewelry 2

With the growing collection of the brand, it has also expanded and reached out to different areas around the globe, including Hong Kong, Mayfair, Canary Wharf and Chelsea, where the brand put up its stores. What the brand boasts about these stores are the non-intimidating ambience, far from the stiff and old-fashioned jewelry-selling back in the day.

Such confidence in their pieces and their style is one of the reasons why by 2014, the brand reached £14 million of turnover. Aside from that, biggest retail groups and departments stores, including Harrods and Selfridges carry pieces of the brand. But outside sales, one of the greatest milestones of the brand was when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, adorned her ears with diamond pieces from Monica Vinader. Aside from the royalty, the brand also gained admiration from A-list celebrities, including Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Emma Watson.

By 2016, Monica Vinader started entering the American market, choosing a very strategic area, to open a boutique. Some stores in China, Korea and Dubai have been placed, too. But despite these enormous achievements, the brand still has a long way to go up the pedestal. First concrete step in the mind of the founder: reaching £50 million turnover in 2019.

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