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A jewelry can make or break an outfit. So if you’re a woman who highly values your overall look and the proper ensemble of different fashion pieces that you wear, you know how important jewelry is to one’s style. With that goal in mind, every woman needs to have jewelry pieces that can be worn daily, but would still make an impact. The secret to finding those pieces lies on finding the right balance between trends and style, which is often hard to do, especially for the inexperienced.

Here’s where brands like Mizuki serve their bigger purpose—providing women the statement pieces they really need to exude elegance and grace. And with Mizuki, you are assured that what you’re getting is among the finest of jewelry, laden with gorgeous details and classy designs.

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MIZUKI 14-karat gold pearl hoop earrings
14-karat gold pearl hoop earrings


MIZUKI 14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace
14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace


MIZUKI 14-karat gold, pearl and diamond earrings
14-karat gold, pearl and diamond earrings


MIZUKI 14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace 2
14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace


MIZUKI 14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace 3
14-karat gold, pearl and diamond necklace


MIZUKI 14-karat gold pearl earrings
14-karat gold pearl earrings


MIZUKI 14-karat white gold pearl earring
14-karat white gold pearl earring


MIZUKI Leather, 14-karat gold and pearl choker
Leather, 14-karat gold and pearl choker


MIZUKI 14-karat gold black pearl earrings
14-karat gold black pearl earrings


MIZUKI 14-karat gold, pure pearl and diamond earrings
14-karat gold, pure pearl and diamond earrings


MIZUKI 14-karat gold pearl choker
14-karat gold pearl choker


MIZUKI 14-karat gold pearl necklace
14-karat gold pearl necklace


Simple beginnings leading to a fun, creative journey

Mizuki Goltz
Jewelry Designer – Mizuki Goltz

A sculpture degree holder, Mizuki Goltz already had such love for neat lines and geometric shapes upon graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts. Jewelry-making became a hobby for her afterwards—she would come up with simple accessories made from wire and adorned with pearls. With her love for the craft blooming, she decided to finally unleash her creativity and intertwine it with her love for fashion by launching the Mizuki brand back in 1996.

The brand started simple: it was just Mizuki and her fellow artist, Alan Goltz who took care of the first collection for the brand, also named after her. What they started eventualy led to Mizuki’s evolution to a brand that can exactly capture the style and needs of its clientele. The brand eventually became popular for the experiments it makes and the unusual pairs it tries out—who would have thought leather could work with pearls?

But despite the shifts and constant experiments, what’s constant about Mizuki’s pieces is the air of tranquillity and refinement they carry, mainly attributed to the Eastern roots of its founder and designer. With this as a baseline, the brand still has a lot of creative ways in modifying the usual materials used by most brands—adding diamond embellishments and gold lacquer is the label’s usual go-to modification plan, and they definitely add a breath of fresh air to the designs.

Aside from all these things, the brand believes that how one wears the jewelry pieces matters. Hence, it introduced various innovations in the way their customers would wear the pieces, and example of which is the earcuff design of the brand, featuring a pearl that’s wedged in on the outer eater.

Pearls, pearls, and more pearls

Mizuki Jewelry

Mizuki’s pieces are easily recognizable for the pearls that usually adorn the pieces, but they aren’t all the pristine, smooth, and shiny pearls you might think of—the brand loves the rawness of natural pearls. Baroque pearls have become the brand’s favorite, especially as their rough beauty perfectly complements the neat and modern lines reflected in the brand’s jewelry. Aside from that, the large size of the pearls and the structural silhouettes are the perfect elements to make statement pieces with unique lustre, color and shape.

A hint of casualness can be detected in the brand’s pieces, too, since it loves using simple gold wire and leather cord as bracelets, which is in line with the brand’s goal of giving women their daily jewelry. But it’s important to note that a touch of a casual look in these pieces doesn’t ruin the overall style of the jewelry, which are still totally classy and worthy of a second glance.

A unique perspective

Mizuki Pearl Jewelry

Despite pearls having a connotation of being in most traditional jewelry, Mizuki uses the pearls in different light. With the modern designs of the brand, one might think they may feel cold and impersonal, but the pearls added to them add the feminine and warm glow in each of them. The brand isn’t all about finding the perfect pearls, it is about choosing the most natural-looking pearls (even the tumbled-looking ones). These pearls are even sourced all the way from China which all are cultivated in farms and not from oysters.

Such unique take on the use of pearls made Mizuki a well-known brand, and its founder, a celebrated designer too. Just last 2017, Mizuki was awarded with the 2017 Pearls of The Year recognition by the Town and Country. On the other hand, a year before that, its founder and main designer was hailed as the winner of the coveted Pearl Design award and the Pearl Design award, as well.

But aside from these acknowledgements, more well-known people and media recognize and wear the brand’s pieces, and even the biggest retailers in the world have the brand’s collection on their displays. Deeming its achievements as inspiration and driving force, Mizuki aims to continue its positive course towards success, especially in capturing the perfect designs wanted by its fans and regular clientele.

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