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People used to consider the fashion industry an exclusive, out-of-reach space that only celebrities, famous personalities and high-class members of the society partake into. It was sort of limited in terms of inclusivity—with major magazines and designers leading and stirring how and which trends trickled down to the masses. However, the times have changed.

Thanks to new digital platforms and channels, not only opportunities have increased for more people to participate and mold the industry, but also, doors have opened to more young designers to share their styles and offer more variety to both audience and consumer alike. One brand has been making buzz in the jewelry world with its fresh perspective and unique creations—LeiVanKash.

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Finding passion and going for it

Leila Kashanipour - Jewelry Designer

Established in 2011, the brand was spearheaded by Leila Kashanipour two years after she graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009. Like any young adult, many can relate to when she initially wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue.

After being told and advised that she’s good with her hands and details, she took up a course in jewelry making, fell in love with it, and finished with a BA in Jewelry Design. Having worked for and learned the business ropes from brands such as Stephen Webster and Suzanne Syz, she founded the company to share her distinct style and authentic craftsmanship.

Taking inspiration from culture and heritage


LeiVanKash crafted its way to success because of the extraordinary jewelries it produces which stem from the roots and inspirations of its founder. Mostly Persian patterns and motifs embellish the brand’s handiworks, combined with modern ideas and concepts which truly make for iconic and statement addition to the wearer’s closet and of course, overall look.

In fact, one of its recent collection was called Duos which means “two worlds,” as it symbolizes the fusion of Iranian culture’s rich and beautiful tradition with contemporary cuts and minimalist architecture of London, the founder’s current place of residence. What comes with the mixing of different cultures is the integration of various materials, such as black ruthenium with faux pearls, and 22kt yellow gold with blue Goldstone, Lapis Lazuli, among others.

Making striking designs with love

LeiVanKash Jewelry

The great thing about LeiVanKash jewelries is that most of them are designed and made by hand by the founder. This means there is authenticity, uniqueness, real talent, and craftsmanship that go into every piece. What’s more, the brand also likes to connect and be intimate with its clientele, which mostly compose of women ages 18 to 60 years old, through private pop ups.

LeiVanKash’s creativity and distinctive approach to jewelries made it noticeable by many famous personalities and international media. Famed wearers include Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung, Eva Longoria, Olivia Palermo, Rita Ora, and Cara Delevingne. BBC and Reuters have also previously featured the brand, while media publications such as Forbes, Vogue, and The Financial Times wrote stories to tell the world about it. Currently, the jewelry line is sold at Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Luisa Via Roma. Selected retailers across China, the Middle East, and Europe are also carrying the brand.

All for fresh and dynamic look

LeiVanKash Jewelry 2

All of LeiVanKash jewelries are designed to be mixed and matched. Just like the motivations in each piece and collection, the eye-catching designs and unusual combinations of prints and metals are going to bring a new and exciting spin to any wearer’s ensemble.

LeiVanKash is only one of the many young and upcoming designers that make the fashion industry more inclusive and as dynamic it can be. Beyond that, it highlights the existence of opulent cultures and traditions that shape not only individuals, but also the whole world. Today, the focus is no longer with a few. Today, people are more receptive to new ideas and designers are more accessible and free to explore and grow with less difficulty compared to a decade or so before. Isn’t that just utterly exciting?

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