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It’s really amazing how people’s lives suddenly change, so it’s fair to say that life is really like a rollercoaster. This much can be said about Jennie Kwon, the founder and main designer of Jennie Kwon’s designs who had quite a fast (but fun) career change that led her to becoming an owner of a famous jewelry brand—Jennie Kwon Designs.

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Violinist turned lawyer turned jewelry designer

Jennie Kwon Designs Jewelry 4Jennie Kwon was a professional classical violinist years before she entered the jewelry-making business. Her education, both undergraduate and graduate studies, were spent in the music conservatory, which led her to play in prestigious and huge venues, such as the Carnegie Hall. But a time came that her love for music wasn’t enough to let her fulfill a deep desire to serve as a voice for those who cannot speak up and stand up for themselves,  and so she studied law and became a lawyer at a firm. However, a new issue arose for the creative lady—she thought all the creativity in her system had been drained out when she pursued law and she had a feeling that it wasn’t really the right path for her.

The time to re-evaluate her career came when she had to take a maternity leave when she got pregnant with twins. During that time, she revisited her creative roots and enrolled at the local college to study a metalsmithing course which lasted for only three weeks. After the course, she knew right away that it was the right thing for her to pursue.

Despite having zero connections and experience with known jewelry makers and brands, Jennie had the passion to start her own brand. She did everything on her own—taking her sketches to a jewelry district to have them make the jewelry, creating a website to showcase her collection, and finally launching the brand we now know as the Jennie Kwon Designs.

Signature style

Luxury pieces from the brand have a minimalist style, yet appropriately bedecked with beautiful stones and gems. They are all handmade from the home studio of Jennie Kwon, using 14k gold, gemstones and diamonds for express the designer’s passion for neat aesthetics that reflect her love for nature and art as well. The constant LA vibe and surroundings constantly inspires the designs of the brand, lways ensuring that a hint of edginess are part of the dainty package.

Jennie Kwon Designs isn’t afraid to try out new things as well, as long as all elements involving the jewelry-making process are all balanced to perfection. Before, onyx and diamonds have been the constant materials in the label’s pieces, but now, it’s all about colourful gems, including sapphires, opals, emeralds, and smokey red stones, too.

Gorgeous pieces

Refined jewelry from the brand are too beautiful that even its basic items are irresistible. Of course, they are mostly meant for layering, but still the craftsmanship put into them are apparent in their quality. For other pieces, one of the standouts is the Lexie ring, a popular design that has a nice story behind it. It was designed with Jennie’s friend, as it was supposed to be a custom-made piece for her alone. Yet, in a true millennial fashion, it gained a lot of fans when Jennie posted it on social media, which prompted the designer to add it to her brand’s official collection.

Another breakthrough venture of the brand is its recent release of its bridal collection, which left a lot of future brides swooning over dainty, romantic and elegant rings bands and necklaces—all adorned with sparkling diamond and enveloped with a modern luxury vibe and subtle elegance. Champagne, rose cut, and grey diamonds make the pieces look absolutely gorgeous, but beyond these lovely diamonds, the detailing on the pieces show the creativity and expertise of the designer.

Young and passionate for more

Jennie Kwon knows how crazy her journey to jewelry-fame had been, and it definitely was a fortunate experience for her. The fast speed in which her jewelry career took off was unbelievable, yet it didn’t happen because of magic. The young former violinist and lawyer admittedly put a lot of hard work and determination as she walked towards her newfound calling. It wasn’t just her creative talent that brought her brand to success, but her sweat, blood, and tears, too.

And the brand doesn’t stop there. It continues to aim for extended reach to every modern woman who want to exude silent luxury through her jewelry. With what the brand has shown in the past years, plus the following it gained not only in LA and the United States, but around the world through social media, it is well on its way to further success.

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