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The year 1951 marks the beginning of the House of Frey Wille, which also means it’s been that long since it has graced the world with their fire enamel jewelry. The technique is how their famous colorful thick bangles come to fruition and become arm candy on women’s wrists.

The patterned design that appears on them and on almost every Frey Wille product, whether jewelry or other accessory, is the brand’s way of integrating fine decorative art; something that no other brand is as dedicated to do. These have become hallmarks of the brand’s unique edge against others in the market and the organic way they’ve piqued at women’s interests and desires.

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Power of the sphinx

The silhouette of a winged sphinx is the brand’s designated logo. It symbolizes many things that the brand tries to emulate: the strength and finesse of a lion, the freedom of an eagle, and people’s wisdom. Overall, it’s a symbol of power and creativity for everyone that works for the brand to draw passion and motivation from. It drives every small task in the company’s daily workflow and also gives inspiration for almost all their collections.

It’s especially given a frequent mention in the Las Parfums collection, new fragrances the brand has expanded to in 2014. Four scents were named Sphinx Magique, Sphinx Innocent, Sphinx Rose, and Sphinx Mystique, all carrying a scent of haute luxury.

Passion for art

Frey Wille Jewelry

You will find no other brand that’s more passionate about art than Frey Wille. Creating collections is a long-term endeavor that takes years. It starts off with a thorough research of art history, selection of motifs and hand-drawn sketches as a way of conceptualizing and that alone sometimes takes at least two years to refine the general idea as well as the specifics.

Frey Wille is a brand that has a deep enthusiasm for pure art including its history and people, and for as long as it has existed, it’s been dedicated to proudly showcase admiration for those interests. According to Dr. Friedrich Wille, the owner, “artistic authenticity” is the brand’s greatest achievement. Not only does their creative pieces pay homage to artists and their work, they are “building bridges between cultures” through the marrying of art into their jewelry.

The first tribute collection is for Claude Monet, the widely-known Impressionist artist. In 1995, the Claude Monet Foundation reached out to Frey Wille to create a collection in honor of the artist, which eventually became the first and starter of many more tribute collections for other artists. It was immediately followed by Hommage à Gustav Klimt, who’s an Austrian artist considered to be the “pope of decorative art”, and then Hommage à Hundertwasser, which included timepieces.

As for the future of art-infused Frey Wille pieces, we can expect the brand to move towards contemporary art.

Fire enameling technique

Frey Wille Jewelry - Fire enameling Technique

Fire enameling is a technique that comes all the way back from the founder, Michaela Frey. This is what the brand is known as experts of and they truly are because since the beginning, it’s been the pride of the brand and their highly-protected trade secret until now.

The process takes at least a hundred steps to complete. Several coats of enamel are applied before it is set over fire. What comes out is brilliant, glowing, and vivid colors on an enamel plate that last a lifetime. This is also used for their gold pieces which gives them the brand’s signature “golden glow”.

Where Frey Wille is headed

At present, there are over 100 Frey Wille boutiques in the world where their products are exclusively sold. The brand has recently added a bunch of new products in their lineup besides jewelry and timepieces. It now carries scarves, bags, belts, and even fine pens, but all these are still emblazoned with their trademark colorful pattern done by fire enameling.

All pieces are made by expert hands of Frey Wille’s artisans. The brand has only a small factory to rely on for production but it’s humbly and proudly a Vienna-based, family-owned business. The limited number of their pieces is matched by durability and exquisite quality that can’t be found elsewhere. Beyond the unique aesthetic, what the brand tries to impart in their jewelry and accessories is the joy of life and appreciation for the little things that make it worthwhile. That’s what the brand has come to be known for then, what it’s known for now, and it continues to guide the brand’s forward and upward trajectory in the industry.

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