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When looking at Fernando Jorge’s work for the first time, one can get the impression that they are marked with effortless sensuality. They are fluid and possess a beautiful palette without going overboard, sensual and modern. The jeweler achieves this by smoothly infusing his Brazilian inspired jewelry with a touch of London. Through this, he has created a lasting impression that make him and his work wanted by retailers and collectors around the world.

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Mini Disco 18-karat gold diamond earrings


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Stream Lines 18-karat gold earrings


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Disco big 18-karat gold diamond ring


Stream Lines 18-karat gold ring
Stream Lines 18-karat gold ring


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Sprout 18-karat rose gold, amethyst and diamond ring


A brief story behind the jeweler

Fernando Jorge - Jewelry Designer

As a young boy, Fernando Jorge had his elders support him and his creative side. His grandmother, who was an artist herself, was particularly inspiring for the young Fernando. He collected beautiful things, and had a love for drawing, which is why he initially thought he should study engineering. But something just didn’t click between him and engineering, so he shifted into product design.

It turns out that it was the right decision because it was during his internship that he found what he wanted to do: jewelry. For a time, he spent making illustrations for goldsmiths and overseeing the process from the design to production, which he fell in love with, at a large jewelry manufacturer in São Paulo. He decided he wanted to further his knowledge and set off for London to get a master’s degree in jewelry design from Central Saint Martins. There, he met his mentor Simon Fraser who made him think out of the box and remove preconceptions about design in his head.

Success came easy to Jorge, but that is not undeserved because of the hard work he had to put into producing gems that would excite jewelry lovers around the world. Right after getting his degree in 2010, he launched his eponymous jewelry line which received critical acclaim. He may have been honed by his London education but for this collection, he looked back to his native Brazil for inspiration. In 2013, he was launched exclusively by Barneys New York. In the following years, he received recognition such as the best piece in colored gemstones during the Couture Show 2014 in Las Vegas, being among Business of Fashion’s 500 people shaping global fashion in 2014 and 2015, and being nominated as the Best Emerging Accessories Designer of the Year during the British Fashion Awards in 2015.

Today, Jorge maintains a studio in London which he runs together with his sister. He still splits his time between the UK and Brazil to oversee the production.

The significance of jewelry

Fernando Jorge Jewelry

Jorge is driven to understand the significance of jewelry to people. Being mesmerized by beautiful pieces and wanting to wear them are impulses that have existed even to the earliest of humans. Even though people hunted to survive, they kept parts of animals to decorate their bodies. The pieces worn have become rarer and more refined by tools in time, but the desire to wear something attractive is a similarity that connects us to our ancestors, although it is a connection that to Jorge can’t be explained quite fully.

What he can piece together is that this penchant for captivating things is driven by pure attraction. It serves as a guidance for his jewelry, whether it may be with opal, lapis, or diamonds. The attraction is what made him take inspiration after human bodies as well, specifically of the female form that produce creations appealing to so many women. His view has been shaped by his Brazilian upbringing and interpretation of sensuality, which is to be fully comfortable in relating to one’s own body regardless of shape. He treads carefully, trying to strike a balance so that his jewels would still be fresh without being vulgar.

No two pieces are the same

Fernando Jorge Jewelry 2

When people buy jewelry, what they are after is not the ability to blend in, but rather to buy something exclusive and therefore project it unto their own images. It’s as if to say that they are unique and like no one else. With Fernando Jorge, you’ll achieve that as all of his pieces may be considered limited edition because stones are never carved the same way.

Even though Jorge’s studio is in London, he goes all the way back to Brazil to source his stones, which is why his jewelry is all marked with “Made in Brazil”. He works closely with his craftsmen in a small workshop and supervises them in finding the rough materials right down to the cutting to achieve the end product he has in mind. The resulting jewels are refined yet has clues of trying to be experimental, organic yet elegant.

His collections, although easily identifiable as his through his techniques and finishes, is still eclectic considering his customer base that varies from women picking their first pieces to long-time jewelry collectors. Although many are influenced by his hometown, Jorge injects a London feel that is slightly inhibited and more androgynous. The colors and stone choices are also dictated by a theme, such as fleshy colors for those inspired by the human body, or pops of blue, green and purple when he wants to slightly deviate from the usual style a little. You can expect to get the best of both worlds with pieces crafted by Jorge.

The locally sourced and crafted jewels that sometimes have a British feel in them are stocked by online retailers such as Barneys, Net-a-Porter, and Matches Fashion, among others. One can also chance upon Fernando Jorge’s pieces in prestigious stores in London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Beirut.

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