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Bellarri Adleman was once quoted saying, “A true artist captures the eyes, the soul, and the heart.” If that is the case, then there is no doubt that she is one. Her collection of jewelry is proof enough as they became inseparable with luxury and elegance, and enthralled gem lovers all around the globe.

Bellarri has set a high standard in jewelry making because of Adleman’s ability to create exquisite cuts that are like no other, giving an impression that the metals and stones have always belonged together rather than polished to make a stunning piece. But more impressive is its universal appeal, transcending cultural differences so that fans all over can bask in the beauty of the refined produce of the earth.

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From wearing to creating

Bellarri Adleman - Jewelry Designer

Bellarri Adleman have not always been perfecting gemstones, even though she had access to it when she was younger. The artist, who had relatives involved in the business of loose gems, modeled for a significant amount of time, which took her from Ontario to Texas. Her now known eponymous brand was not her first endeavor in the jewelry industry, as she previously tried designing jewelry under big department stores’ private labels. In 1977 though, things changed: she believed it was time to start her own company.

Bellarri began dealing with loose gems, just like some of her relatives, before it progressed to producing fine jewelry. She actually thought at the start that selling loose colored stones was what she set out to do, until she was encouraged to bring finished pieces. Thankfully, the change felt natural. Adleman thought that handling raw materials first was a way into jewelry making.

The designs by the model turned goldsmith were beautiful, bold and unique, inspired by her personal preferences and fueled by her imagination. It was not long after that her company gained a loyal following, and then the attention of veterans in the industry. The label is now multi-awarded, including in its collection the distinction of a Town & Country Couture Design Award. However, it is worthy to note that Bellarri Adleman is not alone in producing jewelry worth the admiration of fans and envy of peers. She works together with her husband and their children, right in the deserts of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Bellarri customer

Bellarri Jewelry
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Bellarri’s creations have graced the red carpet more times than the designer herself who is already a fixture on them. Familiar faces from the silver screen as well as television, such as Kelly Clarkson, Kate Flannery, Mayim Bialik, Nikki Deloach and Sara Rue, were spotted wearing the brand’s multi-colored creations.

But you do not need to have your own TV show to enjoy a Bellarri piece. According to its designer, Bellarri’s clientele think independently and do not need anyone to buy for them. The Bellarri woman shows off the pieces not only because they are beautiful and unique, but also because they fit well into her lifestyle. The Bellarri man, on the other hand, wants to express himself confidently in jewelry just like his lady friends do, making his ensembles more interesting.

A collection of colors

Bellarri Jewelry 2

There are a few things that makes a Bellarri creation special. First is the exclusivity of the label, not only in terms of the price only the few can afford, but also of its unique cuts. The claim about not seeing anything similar to Bellarri creations is far from empty because the company actually patents its gemstone cuts. To keep it within the family and do the quality inspection more meticulously, Bellarri leaves the laser cutting in-house. Another notable tidbit is that Bellarri Adleman does the designs herself without brainstorming with a team. The designs are utterly dazzling because of her vivid imagination, with the curves and edges creating beautiful color blending.

The core of most Bellarri pieces is 18k gold, although occasionally they are set in silver. The stones featured are also varied, with Bellarri using garnet, peridot, amethyst, and citrine, besides the more common diamond. This may be because Bellarri herself is not swayed by the desire to fit in, and pretty much like herself, she expects her customers to own their individuality and wear less common, but still captivating gems. The pastiche of colors and different stones is best seen in the Mosaic Nouveau collection which features items for both men and women, from earrings and rings to bracelets and cuff links.

Another collection that is beloved by fans and a must-see for the rest is Bellarri’s Circle of Love collection. It has been much publicized, prominently displayed in stores as well as the store’s campaigns. The pieces feature circular designs, true to the collection’s name, with invisible set stones. It was named as such because circles used to represent love…and love is often expressed in circular jewelry such as rings. For women who love drop earrings, it will be worth to indulge yourself in the Gigi and Carmen collections, which are both feminine and delicate. The earrings included are complemented by bracelets and rings from the same collection.

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