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Don’t you just love how a crystal glassware finely and perfectly reflects and refracts the light? And that every special occasion and milestones in life is marked and celebrated by using our most treasured and well kept crystal glassware?

Crystal glassware, home decors and jewelries will always be linked to luxury and class. There is something fascinating with the play of lights when it hits a crystal glass surface. The sparkle, brilliance and elegance brought by a single crystal item is just plain amazing. There are times when just one grand crystal chandelier in itself can become the focal point of a room. Just like crystal decors and pieces bring splendid elegance to homes, jewelries add a stunning element of class into a person’s look. No wonder Bacarrat, a known crystal glassware manufacture, has also ventured into making jewelries since the 90s.

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Crystal clear over the years

Baccarat Jewelry

Baccarat Crystal dates back as far as 1764. It all started in the small village called Baccarat, located in the eastern region of France. Louis-Joseph de Laval-Montmorency, then Prince Bishop Cardinal, asked permission from King Loius XV of France to establish a glasswork production in the area to encourage industry in this little town. It was the beginning of where one of the world’s finest windowpanes, mirrors, stemware, paperweights and bottles were handcrafted by artisans from the village.

In 1815, Aime-Gabriel D’ Artigues bought Baccarat Crystal. D’ Artigues wasn’t new to the glassmaking business, as he was previously an owner of another glassworks company in Voneche, an area in northern France that later on became a part of Belgium. He re-established business and renamed his purchased company into Voneche-Baccarat. The company developed new techniques in the glass making industry for over 180 years. In 1822, he sold the company to new owners and was later on named as Compagnie des Cristalleries de Baccarat.

Glamorous pieces fit for the royals

Baccarat Jewelry 2

Baccarat has won numerous awards and major distinctions in the glassworks industry since 1823, all because of its exceptional pieces that are reflective of glamour and extravagance. It has been famous for crystal paperweights, as well as glass animal figures and perfume bottles—just some of the pieces that prove the label’s expertise.

Baccarat has always been part of the most elegant and luxurious world there is: finest hotels and restaurants, exclusive private residences, commercial spaces and public spaces, as well as yachts and jets. It is a brand that has established itself among the elite and royalty over the years. For example, the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, known for its jaw-dropping grandiosity and beauty, is adorned with the world’s largest chandelier made by Baccarat. Its crystal-lined balustrade that forms the grand staircase was made by the label, as well.

Aside from this, Baccarat’s famous clients are mostly members of the royalty and elite such as Jayajirao Maharajah of Gwalior, Czar Nicholas II and Portugal’s Queen Maria Pia of Savoy, among others. Clearly, the company’s clients already speak for for Baccarat’s superior quality, years of expertise, excellent craftsmanship, and ability to transcend styles of different era.

Elegant and exquisite jewelry pieces

Baccarat - Marie-Helene De Taillac

In 1993, Baccarat started to expand its collections and ventured into jewelry-making. The brand’s jewelries have been said to be the purest and finest in the world, handcrafted by artisans using extraordinary techniques and hundreds of years of expertise. A Baccarat piece of jewelry will always come out beautifully, made with only the best materials to frame it—with whether gold, silver or any other luxurious metal.

One of Baccarat’s most noteworthy jewelry collection was made in collaboration with French Jewelry Designer, Marie-Helene De Taillac. It is a collection that has been designed and crafted remarkably, inspired by Baccarat’s iconic chandeliers. The crystals were cut into an octagon shape and come in delicious candy colors—all perfectly irresistible and charming.

Indeed, any woman would be just too jubilant to have a Baccarat jewelry for herself. The pieces of jewelry from the brand are so much worth their price. Their elegance, exquisiteness and timelessness have proven the test of time, bringing the exquisite look of accessories to a higher level.

With hundreds of years up its sleeve in making crystal glasses, Baccarat surely knows how to play around with different cuts to bring the most shine and refraction of light into each piece. The top of the line jewelry collections from Baccarat are literally eye candies—pieces that will definitely bring that extra sparkle to anyone who wears them. When it comes to quality, design, color, and cuts of jewelry, you would never regret investing on with Baccarat’s endless possibilities.

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