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Arthur’s Jewelers is a local pride of Minnesota, evident in how it was named the “Most Outstanding Bridal Jewelry” by Minneapolis or St. Paul Magazine. It began in 1987 as a small business by Frank and Marilyn Nogai, but over time until the present, the whole Nogai family has been hands-on in operating the business and the store. In fact, in their Minneapolis location, one will find an accommodating family member at each counter a proof of the family’s love for their business and clientele.

But aside from the friendly face of a Nogai, people go to their stores for the wide selection of certified diamonds that reach high standards not many diamonds from other brands can reach. Arthur’s exceptional diamonds are rated through an official measurement that confirms their beauty, and the process doesn’t stop there. Their extensive list of designers enhance it with impeccable design, and the customers get to have a different shopping experience picking out the right diamond.

Shopping experience

Arthur's Jewelers

What good is a diamond if the owner felt intimidated or unsure about wearing it? These flashy stones may be saved for the most special of occasions but if that’s the case, they may end up collecting dust in the jewelry box forever.

Arthur’s Jewelers offers many perks for shopping with them, which will erase doubts and hesitations from getting yourself or your loved one a piece of their diamond. Some of the most interesting and beneficial ones are the 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and diamond upgrade, getting certified diamonds, price match guarantee, and the sparkle guarantee.

For the brand, the focus is not only about delivering the highest quality diamonds with proof of their immense beauty. Having its story and sentiment resonate with a customer personally, is important as well, so they’d be compelled to wear it every once in a while… and feel good about it.

Diamond education

Arthur's Jewelers Diamond Educated

The brand’s diamond education allows a technical way of viewing and measuring the diamonds’ brilliance by looking at every factor that affects its light performance: brilliance, scintillation, fire, brightness, and sparkle. Brilliance is the measurement of the white light reflected back through the diamond, fire means the same thing for colored light, and scintillation is the sparkle effect that happens when a diamond is moved and light sources change angles.

The label follows the requirements of GemEx Diamond Light Performance to measure out these factors. And almost all of Arthur’s diamonds are complemented with a certificate, which affirms the quality of the stones that officially passed the given requirements.

Because their diamonds go through this kind of testing, the brand makes sure the cut quality takes into consideration weight retention and beauty simultaneously. Then after the diamonds’ visual brilliance is confirmed, the customers get to choose which diamond suits their preference best.

Wide range of designers

Arthur's Jewelers - King of Diamonds

Arthur’s Jewelers employ an extensive collection of designers for their pieces, and each one brings something to the table: one field of expertise of the brand that makes the designs different from each other even when they all use the same stone and materials.

The stunning pieces from the label span the range of engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. This means majority of their creations would be part of people’s personal love stories and would become symbols of two people’s binding love for each other. And for a couple planning a life together, choosing Arthur’s Jewelers can be the first of the many good decisions they will make as lifelong partners.

Arthur’s Jewelers also features other luxury jewelry brands dedicated to bridal and wedding jewelry, like Chris Ploof Designs, Christopher Designs for their copyrighted Crisscut stones, Karl Lagerfeld, Dora for mens’ wedding rings, and even watch brands like Citizen Eco-Drive and Tacori for features that can be useful for diamond jewelry-making.

Power to the local community

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Photo: Ken Wolter 

Arthur’s Jewelers do not only provide great service to the local customers in their store locations, but also upholds the community by supporting charities and organizations in the area through direct giving. The communities they help include the fields of children’s health and well-being, like Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, as well as environmental organizations, and other human service organizations.

Arthur’s Jewelers is minuscule compared to fine jewelry houses that have existed for years and centuries but for such a small brand, they’ve found quite an edge in the unique experience of serving their customers. The smallness and accessibility draw people into the brand through connection. The fact that it’s been family-owned and -operated by the same family since the beginning sets its intentions pure to serve customers with high-quality diamonds and a shopping experience that’s a spectacle of its own.


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