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Halloween is such a fun holiday—not only for kids, but kids at heart as well. It’s time to be quirky and express one’s creative self; and it’s time to enjoy fun parties everywhere. And even if you hate dressing up for this spooky season, there’s always something about Halloween to cheer you up.


For makeup lovers out there, you might already know what we’re talking about, but we feel compelled to have this good news out at the peak of Halloween season itself—HALLOWEEN BEAUTY BUNDLES AND LIMITED EDITION SETS!


If you haven’t heard of these Halloween wonders, well we’re just in time to tell you about these awesome Halloween beauty specials from your favorite luxury beauty brands. Ready to get spooked in the most amazing way? Read on!

Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Bundle & Products

After her birthday collection, Kylie surprised her fans by releasing a whole Halloween-inspired makeup collection and you bet, it’s glamorous! Kylie Cosmetics dubbed the line of makeup the “3D collection” because of its packaging, but if we can name it ourselves we’ll call it the Halloween perfect glam package. We guess you’ll understand why.

Kylie-Cosmetics-Halloween-Bundle-Products Kylie-Cosmetics-Halloween-Bundle-Products-1

Grab any of these items from the collection and be part of the glamorous squad in any of your Halloween parties:

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uninvited

The Stunna Lip Paint is a well-loved product from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna because of its perfect formulation and gorgeous shades. One of the newest colors that the brand released is the “Uninvited,” a perfectly pigmented black lip product. Just in time to comfortably put it on, Halloween gives you a trial time to transition into your goth look. Soon enough, you’ll be comfortable adding it to you daily lip wear.


Wet n Wild Zombie Bride Bundle ($20.99)

Dressing up as a zombie is a common choice for people during Halloween. Wet n Wild sure knows how to make that an instant glam moment with their Wet n Wild Zombie Bride Bundle. Because if you’re gonna be a zombie, you have to go as the best-looking zombie. And who else is more beautiful and more radiant than a bride? Right? Riggghhhttt?



ASOS Halloween Makeup Kits

If you haven’t planned anything for Halloween yet, ASOS may be your savior—they have released a total of three Halloween makeup kits to help you get ready for a night of fun. The kits come with stuff you’ll be needing to achieve different looks. From adhesive gems, to skin-safe glitter, and face crayons, the kits have you covered for Halloween. But it contains stuff that you can use for the whole year as well: highlighter, primer, false lashes, lip gloss, and liquid eyeliner.


Here are ASOS’ Halloween Makeup Kits:

Kat Von D Halloween Bundles


Kat Von D’s products can be easily transitioned into Halloween products, so it wasn’t a surprise when the brand put together the best regular luxury makeup they offer to have bundles for the spooky holiday. The sets were names appropriately for the mix of colors and the resulting combination of the items included per set, containing eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and more stuff.


Get sophisticated Halloween looks with these Kat Von D Halloween Bundles:

Lush Halloween Collection

Lush got in on the Halloween fun by releasing some great fun and bubbly bath stuff to add some cute kind of spookiness in this season. We eyed some cute soap bars, cool bath bombs and shower products that you can hoard for continued cuteness during shower time!


Here are best products from the Lush Halloween Collection:

NYX Faces of DC Collection

Shout out to people who love to dress up as superheroes! NYX just made your makeup and comic-lover dreams come true! The brand came up with DC Comics-themed Halloween makeup collections that will let you transform into your favorite character.


Here are the awesome collections from the brand’s Halloween range:

And there you have it! We hope we’re just in time for your Halloween preps this year. But if not—well, we’re sure you can still make use of these awesome beauty products for the rest of the year. We know we’ll reach for them even after Halloween!


Image credits: Instagram (@kyliecosmetics), Harpers Bazaar, Fenty Beauty By Rihanna, Wet n Wild, ASOS, Kat Von D Beauty, Homecrux, @NyxCosmetics/Twitter, Pexels.

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