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Have you ever wondered why, even at the height of digital connectivity—when you can always check your time on your phone—you still see watches being sold in stores? Perhaps you might be thinking, what is a watch even for? Aside from the obvious, a watch, like any other fashion article, tells so much about the wearer. It’s an extension of one’s self. Like jewelry, wearing a watch can and do complete your look but with a bonus—functionality. As unique as you are, one manufacturer gracefully carved its place in the watch industry by offering one-of-a-kind pieces that make you, the wearer, feel truly special and exclusive.

A tradition of greatness

Stowa flieger pilot watch

Stowa traces its beginnings all the way back to 1927, with the name deriving from the founder Walter Storz, specifically, “STO” for Storz, and “WA” for Walter. The company was intially headquartered in Hornberg, Germany, before moving to its own building in Pforzheim 11 years after.

It was the launch of the Bauhaus watches (precursor to the Antea line today) in 1927, as well as the introduction of the Flieger (pilot) watches in 1940 that put Stowa on the map since its establishment up to the present day. Werner Storz, son of Walter, joined the company in 1960 and established sales overseas. However, Jörg Schauer, who joined in 1996, was the one instrumental in extending the brand’s portfolio and international reach since 2005.

More than just business

Stowa Antea KS
Stowa Antea KS. Photo: Worn and Wound

The watch manufacturer is known to forged genuine partnership with its stakeholders to ensure the highest of quality. Walter Storz was even one of the founding members of the Watch Industry Association in 1947. Ten years after, Stowa partnered with Pallas, a German watch cooperation that supplies dealers and retailers with the latest in watches, advertising, and service.

Stowa understands that to maintain quality, the company must have not only the best suppliers but also in-house development, production and maintenance of all components. Together with strong inspection and care, as well as sustainable practices such as training professionals, the brand guarantees nothing but excellence.

The most defining feature: customization

Stowa flieger pilot watch 2

Stowa prides itself for having its own manufactory in Black Forest, operated by highly skilled, expert watch makers and goldsmiths. Guided by the Hartmut Esslinger’s maxim form follows emotion, the brand was able to continuously merge classical with modern and futuristic designs.

The same maxim follows how Stowa delivers value to customers, aiming to “transfer a piece of watch culture to our customer’s wrists,” which tangible manifestation is offering personalization services with customers’ dedications.

Innovation that garners attention

Stowa flieger pilot watch Lume

Stowa watches are designed to last a long time, claiming that many of those manufactured from the past 85 years are still valuable today. If you are planning to pass down a treasured memento to the next generation, you can consider a Stowa watch for its robustness and maximum maintenance and service from the company.

You are in good hands as Stowa has amassed a number of awards throughout the years. In 2000, 2002, and 2018 the models Kleine Schauer, Edition 9 Schauer Chronograph, and Marine Blue Limited, won a Goldene Unruh each, respectively. By 2005, Stowa received the award for best watches of the world, and bagged the Japanese Watch Grand Prix twice in 2013 and 2015.

A lot of times, many products in the marketplace come and go. The secret to Stowa’s success is the sentimentality the company attaches to its well-crafted, expertly-made watches. As customers, not only are you going to love the slick design and quality, but also the ability it offers you to actually have a little bit of yourself in the watch. Making it personal, your Stowa watch becomes as valuable and unique as you are.

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