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In a world where plenty of watch enthusiasts marvel over meticulously made mechanical watches, Movado is an oddball. It actually advertised its most iconic piece as one back in the day, and yet, it is strangely alluring.The company best known for its “museum dial” may not be making rounds as much as other companies, but its pieces, especially the one that has garnered much controversy, are worth checking. Read on to learn more about how the brand began and where it stands today.

Movado Watch Reviews

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“The Museum Watch”

Movado Museum Watch
Movado Museum Watch. Photo: Yina Goh

Movado may have produced other quartz wristwatches through the years, but the brand has been synonymous with its decades-old line, the Museum Watch.

Looking at the Museum Watch, one can get the impression that the minimalist piece is modern-looking even to this day. Where other watches have packed theirs with features that work beautifully, Movado’s dial is bare. No numbers, no other etches, no decorations, besides the two hands that point the time and a gold dot where the number “12” should be. It was supposed to be reminiscent of the sundial, which is simple yet designed carefully to provide accurate time. And the dot? It was representative of how prominent the sun is at noon time.

We trace the beginning of this design all the way back to 1947, which was when American artist Nathan George Horwitt made the design. Horwitt was influenced by the modern design movement of artists who eventually came to establish the Bauhaus School. Horwitt was said to have commissioned Vacheron ConstantinLeCoultre Watches Inc. to produce three watches, one he kept for himself, one was sold to Brooklyn Museum, and the last in the possession of the Museum of Modern Art, also in New York. Its being sold to museums and perhaps its design being at par with other works of art was how the iconic timepiece been called as such. It also has the distinction of being the sole watch dial that is included in MoMA’s permanent collection. Movado first released watches with the design in 1948, although the years that have followed had the company and Horwitt being caught in a legal battle which was only settled in 1975.

The watch today maintains its reputation of being a museum favorite all over the world. Its pure design that is still appealing today has not only caught the eye of museum curators but also of enthusiasts worldwide, despite it being made in quartz and without all the pizzazz of other sports watches.

Prominent dot, different watches

Movado Edge Watches
Movado Edge Watches

Although the Museum Watch remains the most famous of them all, Movado has produced other gems retaining the iconic dot that has set the Horwitt version apart from the rest.

Movado previously partnered with Swiss designer Yves Béhar to produce the Movado Edge, a wristwatch with a design that takes the familiar dot to a new level of modern. The Edge reinterprets the original Museum Watch by having lines surrounding the hands, supposedly designed to imitate the rays of the sun. The dot, still on the 12 position is still noticeable from the rest but this time with a dip around it to give an effect that reminds one of an eclipse.

For women, Movado’s Esperanza line proved to be popular. Although first released in the 1980s, it has been re-released in the 1990s, in 2016 and then in 2017 as its striking design proved to be quite in demand among lady watch enthusiasts. The design is distinguished by the bracelet that has long and open vertical links. The 2017 release is available in stainless steel and rose gold featuring a 28 mm case, plus a mother-of-pearl dial that is a show-stealer.

Not one to fall behind the times, Movado has taken the dot up a notch by fusing the modern design with modern technology. Movado’s most awaited is its touchscreen smartwatch for Android Wear 2.0 that still has the charm of the Museum Watch but this time packed with features and apps that remind us how connected we are to each other today.

Grab one today

Movado watches are sold worldwide, but if you prefer the online route, you can go right on their website to find an authorized retailer. The company website itself does not sell the watches, but it can redirect you to a seller. If you need help deciding, a “watch advisor” can guide you through the designs or pick one out for you depending on your preferences or where you’ll specifically be using one. All authentic Movado watches have a warranty that lasts for two years beginning on the date of purchase.

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